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Internet Addiction? Well Maybe….With A Reason

In News Coverage on March 2, 2013 at 2:23 PM

If you are reading this, “you are an Internet dependent personality.” The question that should be answered, “Is our fixation with the Internet all that bad, or better yet is it a really serious problem at all?”  Human beings are social beings with the vast majority of the world’s billions as social animals. Factually, those who are so non-social they confine themselves alone for hours upon hours are considered psychic/socially outside the norm.  What is the first question asked by law enforcement officers and investigatory upon arrival at certain crime scene’s, “Was he/she a loner”? 
What was your and your friend’s reaction to others who self-imposed themselves in quiet isolation as you grew to adulthood? Yes, you considered them “weird”, “different”, or “a loner.”  Humans are social beings and the Internet provides a life-line for millions and for various reason as depicted in Tim’s Infographic below. The communication, interactive and business media also provides an outlet for those who are chronic anti-social.  
People who have aversion to the thought of an “internet addiction,” must also recognize the media affords opportunity to go places we cannot reach, to see things we would not see, to experience things not available to us in everyday life, to earn income unavailable otherwise, and the media offers, in some cases in more repressive societies  a life lien to another world.  I offer as an analogy for those in repressive societies the existential world of the incarcerated with opportunity (as a reward for being “good”) telephone privilege, television privileges, and the privilege to remain out of solitary confinement.  Yes, the media is vital for many reasons.  
Daily Infographic shows us how full-scale and all in-compassing the Internet has become.  Oh, and yes, Tim “goes to the proliferation of pornography viewing on the Internet”.  
As I stated the Internet has many useful applications. For me, and I suspect for you, the Internet offers opportunity for information and opinion well beyond the confines of sponsored television news coverage. Coverage influenced by viewership ratings and associated ranking against other networks.  Thus, a serious problem.  Fox News doctors video tape, MSNBC to  much less degree used doctored tape (recent McCain town-hall meeting), and CNN changing its choice of coverage (less climate and environment stories) and on-air personalities to pull itself up from third place (of the big three). Reports of CNN’s avoiding climate control coverage to “open the door” for Fox News viewers (who are moving away according to 2012 and to-date 2013 rating data) is a prime example of my point.  Another example of posturing for sponsorship revenues vs. quality news coverage, if true, is CNN’s plans to replace the competent and professional television journalist Soledad O’Brien with the competent and  “factually” leggy and model-like Robin Meade from HLN.  In fairness we state as does the view-able data, Fox News remains leader the pack of Cable News viewers. 
Are you an Internet addict , like me, or is Internet addiction a real phenomena?

Is Internet Addiction Real? [infographic]

MARCH 2, 2013 |  BY   

Today’s graphic poses the questions we’ve all asked ourselves in the past. Are we addicted to this series of tubes? With sites like Facebook, twitter, google, wikipedia and Reddit our day’s time can slip away in an instant. It certainly doesn’t help when your job requires social media activity or a dependence on cloud services like Google. Our daily lives revolve around the internet and I’d say that’s an addiction.

I have my bookmarks I go threw everyday. The same sites like my email, coupon or deal sites, maybe a quick search in the Craigslist ‘free’ section, a check of Daily Infographic, then I read through through google news and end up cycling through facebook and twitter the rest of the day. Do I feel weird when I haven’t had my internet ‘fix’ for the day? You bet ya. I can feel it inside myself that I need to check on the internet. Make sure its still there.

I wish it wasn’t something I had to do, but I guess I’m a functioning addict. I’m still social, make it to work and school and try to help out with my community. Don’t call me an addict, more of an internet connoisseur. [Via]

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