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Cliven Bundy, San Hannity, Rand Paul, And the Crew At Fox News….."We want our country back!"

In "We want our country back.", Blacks better off in slavery, Cliven Bundy. GOP, Jon Stewart, Sean Hannity, Tea Party on April 25, 2014 at 1:54 AM

Why didn’t they know?

And, this is the political party and social movement that wants us to hand the nation back.  

“We want our country back.”  

We now know exactly what the want. The fact not one GOP elected official nor talking head has going an camera to disavow their racist hero is telling. We shouldn’t forget we have not heard from Donald Trump nor Rush Limbaugh two GOP leaders who speak most in the racially charged demagoguery. Of course, we have notable no comments from the GOP’s most vile and mouthy: Michelle Bachmann who has also commented about slavery for the black family.  What about comment from the “BLACK” conservatives? No comment from Herman Cain,  Kevin Jackson, Allen West, Alan Keyes.  Are they allowed to speak out about Bundy? 

They can speak about abhorrence and as soon as the fall campaign go into full swing the GOP will start with their race baiting ads and their behind closed “contribute to us” sessions. Sessions like Mitt Romney;s 47% Boca Raton “caught on camera: act.  and. more of Paul Ryan’s “Inner city culture” racism. Ryan says he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Well, I retort in two ways. First, racism is a sickness of the brain not the bone, so Ryan for once may have told the truth. Second, how is Ryan’s “inner city culture” any different than Bundy’s less intellectual rants?

As we consider Sean Hannity’s all out support for Bundy, I suppose we should not be surprised the seditious Fox News host decided to lash-out at a more than competent and extremely cerebral comedian: Jon Stewart.

It has not been a good week for Sean Hannity, Fox News and the GOP!

Why didn’t they know?  


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