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Social Security…Recall FDRs Remarks

In Bernie Sanders, Jeff Carlson, RIGHT WING MIS-INFORMATION, Social Security, SS Trust Fund, The Party of Scrooge on April 22, 2015 at 9:46 AM

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Jeff Carlson

Friend of the TPI…Jeff Carlson

The Party of Scrooge - History of American Politics's photo.


We have been talking about who owns the Media. Six Corporations, all of them lean Right Wing, so we the people need to challenge the Lies about Social Security and it’s Future.

What Republicans are seeking is to steal the Funds Owed the  and hand them to Wall Street. Of Course Wall Street will legally lose your funds but all the Trust Money Funds will be paid to Wall Street making it the largest heist of funds ever in the History of this Planet.

It would mean the Death to millions of Americans that rely on the funds they worked all their lives for. Sad thing the Republicans who have no morals and are true Charlatans just do not care, it is about Winning and Greed.

People need to wake up to what this current GOP is doing because they have no Morals with Greed being the God they worship. America and the American people are just pawns for them to exploit!

From Bernie:

“Social Security can pay out every benefit to every eligible American for the next 18 years,” said Sanders. “But listen to this – if income inequality had stayed at the same level as it was in 1983, Social Security would have $1.1 trillion dollars more than it does today, and it would not just be solvent for the next 18 years, but for the next 38 years. In other words, it’s not just that income inequality is wrong onto itself, it has significantly hurt the lifetime of Social Security.

Link to a great Article:

Jeff — 2015

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