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Fox News Takes UP Defense of Baltimore 6!

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Fox New has the perfect opportunity to serve conservative America. 

Yet, another black man has been killed by police. Such acts of police barbarism are roll call for Fox New producers and the Baltimore case will more than satiate Fox News viewers. While slightly off the mark for standard Fox News cop support the case is nonetheless as despicable as they come. The Baltimore case is uncommonly diverse; 3 black cops and 3 white cops. A dynamic not often available to Fox New producers and one that will without question stretch the ingenuity of conservatives who continue thousands in defense of cops who kill black people.  

The death of Freddie Gray was totally avoidable with simple administration of ‘good policing’ coupled with avoidance of “impetus to arrest. Apparently, the pocket knife found on Gray was a legal tool and was actually reported to have not been a “switchblade” knife. While there is no proof the six charged cops actually perpetrated cop to citizen directing beating abuse, there maybe evidence alleged killing was due to overwhelming negligence and indifference.

Police working urban regions are showing a great deal of impetus in physically abusing and, or, killing suspects. Unfortunately, our inner cities have far more black residents than white residents, thus we are seeing disparate (abusive) policing and the episodes are increasing exponentially.

While we have seen a coupe of episodes of wanton cop killing perpetrated against whites, the number is meager when compared to black abuse and or deaths. There is no need to post links o the more notable killings in black communities. Let’s focus for a moment on situations that would without question have resulted in death if the arrest (or take down) was in the black community.
Exhibit: Knife wielding pickup drive (woman)

I posit there is no possibility the woman in the pickup would have avoided death had she been an African-American.  

Of course, there was a well publicized killing of a young white man by a black cop in early 2015. But, such killings are the exception, not the rule.

I digress…

Fox News has in the past taken supportive positions regarding most “black killings by cop.” Regardless of circumstance and flawed rationale for the killing, Fox News has carried a supportive banner like no other media (print or electronic).  

Fox News Zimmerman murder of Trayvon Martin (Non-cop killing but one exonerated via the Florida Judicial System). 

Mike Brown Killer Cop (Darren Wilson) “badly beaten.”


Fox News milked the “badly beaten lie throughout the Wilson Grand Jury Hearing.

Fox New reporter James Rosen sits on the front row at a White House Briefing and takes up the defense of the South Carolina cop who shot James Scott in the back 5 times and once to the ear. The killing was so egregious the killer cop, Slager, was arrested and charged with murder within hours.  What is it about Fox News and its viewers warrants such efforts to defend or exonerate when face with such overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Lest we forget Slager was video taped planting evidence.

It is important Fox News and its viewers have the perfect symbiotic relationship.  Fox Producers call the shots on story and coverage within the model ordained by Ruppert Murdoch via Roder Ailes.  The show hosts and reporters perform as per their job descriptions ( and remuneration packages) and within the realm of their political and social views (Thus Sheppard Smith;s reserved reporting). And the third and most critical leg of the relationship: revenue friendly viewers who soak-up every utterance lie and bit of misinformation.  Should we call it the American Perfect Storm of Social Engineering

If You Only News
 BY  MAY 1, 2015


Fox News fans are reeling in light of the announcement by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, that six police officers face charges in the death of Freddie Gray.

Here is just a small sample from the Fox News Facebook page of the ridiculous reaction from the Sarah Palin-loving douchebags that cite the Constitution to hold onto their guns, but fail to hold “these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” as stated by the Declaration of Independence.
For a group that claims to be patriotic, constitution-loving Americans, they surely don’t apply the tenets of the Constitution to ALL citizens of the United States, and especially those of color.

First, the calls for all police to walk off the job because, you know, the one’s that kill innocent people should never be held accountable.

Then there is this one. Because of course, all people of color in the community are living the “free life” off all the “white people” who work TO pay taxes. Right. . . no racism to see here.


And of course, these police really didn’t do anything wrong. They are just being made an example of. Never mind the actual FACTS of the case that indicate this was an illegal arrest, no crime was committed by Freddie Gray, and that the “self-inflicted” wounds were nearly impossible to self-inflict.


Again, the constitution is completely lost on these people. Human beings are human beings and have unalienable rights — meaning — police or our government cannot arrest nor apprehend nor punish without just cause and due process.

Freddie Gray had rights. Never was he sentenced to death. However, he died during an illegal arrest.


These comments are indicative of the systemic problem our country faces. There are people living among us that have so little depth, they are unable to see the forest for the trees. Racism is alive and well in the United States, the adjectives have just changed. The tone of the dialogue remains the same.

Below are the charges the six officers face, as reported by NBC News.

Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. (Goodson was the driver of the van. He is 45 years old and has worked with the Baltimore Police Department since 1999.)
  • Second-degree depraved-heart murder (30 years)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Manslaughter by vehicle, gross negligence (10 years)
  • Manslaughter by vehicle, criminal negligence (three years)
  • Misconduct in office
Officer William Porter (Porter is 25 years old and has worked with the Baltimore Police Department since 2012.)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Misconduct in office
Lt. Brian Rice (Rice is 41 years old and has worked with the Baltimore Police Department since 1997.)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Misconduct in office
  • Misconduct in office
  • False imprisonment
Officer Edward Nero (Nero is 29 years old and has worked with the Baltimore Police Department since 2012.)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Misconduct in office
  • Misconduct in office
  • False imprisonment
Officer Garrett Miller (Miller is 26 years old and has worked with the Baltimore Police Department since 2012.)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Misconduct in office
  • Misconduct in office
  • False imprisonment
Sgt. Alicia White (White is 30 years old and has worked with the Baltimore Police Department since 2010.)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (10 years)
  • Assault/second degree (10 years)
  • Misconduct in office
These charges are a step in the right direction. We still have a lot of work to do, but at least justice is being pursued and that is more than can be said for many of the previous victims of police brutality.

Featured image: compilation via Wikimedia Commons 

END….If You Only News

The matter of a social challenge for people who contribute copiously to the defense funds of cops who kill black people (and the likes of Zimmermann), is 360 degree intriguing. How will the contributors deal with earmarking oey to the sox cops? Will the anxious to support the killing pf Freddie Gray contribute to all six cops finds. Of course, not there will be no aggregate fund, the contribution will be forced to declare their reward money. The matter that is so intriguing? Will the three black cops find their fund accounts flowing over the rim with US dollars as will the fund accounts for the white cops.

If the funds total equally, I will gleeful return to this post and update accordingly. If the funds develop as I have posited, simply remember where you read it first.

Here is the perfect example of Fox News fulfilling its mission with “THE SHADOW.” Remind of the “Deal or no Deal” Banker. Linked.

Conservative America is absolute folly 
  1. What a load of liberal jibberish!!!!!

  2. Here on the TPI poster the word “Liberal” is a honored badge of courage. “Jibberish” when left as a comment generally denotes angst from a person on the Right who doesn't find the info copesthetic with Fox News. coverage. Thanks for the read and come back soon “ya hear.”

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