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Pablo Picasso “The Women of Algiers,” Draws Censorship From Fox News Affiliate

In “The Women of Algiers (Version 0), Fox News, Fox News Business Model, Mediatie, Picasso masterpiece on May 15, 2015 at 12:18 AM

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At auction and sold for $179 million…….

A Picasso masterpiece and a Giacometti statue smashed world records Monday for the most expensive art sold at auction, fetching more than $179 million and $141 million respectively in New York. 
Pablo Picasso oil painting, “The Women of Algiers (Version 0),” sold for $179,365,000 after 11 and a half minutes of furious bidding from four to five prospective buyers at Christie’s, where two auction rooms were packed.
Art is art and a matter of individual expression that will appeal to the person as differently as one’s perspective and individual thought processes. As one who dabbles in oil painting, I attest to the fact some do not relish artist imagery of the naked body and some will appreciate your work, but will not compliment expression of the female breast.

Apparently, there is at least one local news affiliate in the United States that blurred full imagery of the The Women of Algiers (Version 0).”  Can you imagine the affiliate is a Fox News station? Would you believe he affiliate is in New York City? 

Let’s digress a moment.

Are there actually people (religious intolerance aside) who would turn away from:

Venice De Milo
And this:

The New York affiliate broadcast accordingly:

As stated, religious doctrine aside, have we grown to a level of purity and unreasonable self-perception, we can nor should appreciate the arts?  

Huffington Post also ran a piece about the New York affiliates brush with prude.

If you read here from ;time to time you know our position on the Fox News business model. A model that blatantly supports “news with flesh” as an obvious inducement to appeal to its major demographic viewer group.  If you have not follow our unwavering criticism of news with heavy does of leg and thigh shots, either follow below or key-in “Fox News Legs” into the Search Box to the upper left. 


A Facebook friend paid tribute to the Fox affiliate.

We are going to take the “blurred’ phenomenon to a gallery of our favorite Fox News images. The following are images from the Fox News flagship network. 

Recall Gretchen Carlson spoke about a policy against pants on the set at Fox News we must assume the policy only applied to women hosts, and leg models that talk. 


News Corpse

Now for the tsunami exhibit. The Fox News guest who appeared to accept direction off the set and literally raised her skirt on camera.

“..let’s go over and spend some time on the couch!”  

And look at what is waiting, cue cards at the ready.

While the Fox News affiliate management team chose to blur the historic Picasso renderings, The contrast with the “no pants” policy at the mother network is stark. As a non New Yorker, I wonder if that affiliate is housed in the same building as Fox New central?


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