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Rand Paul Staffers Continue To Amaze!

In Camera Licking Paul staffer, Rand Paul, The southern avenger on May 15, 2015 at 8:02 PM

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There are people in the nation who actually think Rand Paul is “cool.”   
“Hey, the man traipse around in his blue jeans sport coat attire sporting RayBan Sunglasses as if he just stepped off the cover of GQ Magazine.”  
“He is a Libertarian; he will be the third coming of Cheech and Chong via legalizing Marijuana!”   
“Name another candidate who’s father espoused legalizing heroin.”  
Is there another GOP candidate who throws around the word “liberty” as much as Paul?  (As long as you are not a black person who wants to enjoy the legal right for private business owners to serve you in their establishments or unless you are a black person and enjoy the forced segregation of facilities based on race.) 
“He is loose with his rhetoric and cannot be pushed into an oratory corner.”  (Misinformation is his defense and chest shield while also serving as a tool to impart a false reality or situation.  In other words he is a serial liar and major opportunist. Watch as he tells a group of Medical students about his affinity to “misinformation.”

If you are a bigot or racist, you know deep down the DNA that manifest as young Paul was raised to adulthood.  

Make no mistake the blue jean adorned Rand Paul is not cool; he is in fact zany, disingenuous and frankly shifty.  He also attracts characters who frequently exhibit behavior quite outside the scope of normal human (adult) behavior.

Exhibit One

Jack Hunter ( Former staffer) Jack Hunter, who is Paul’s director of new media and credited writer with the senator on the 2011 book The Tea Party Goes to Washington, has called himself the “Southern Avenger” since 1999 and has expressed support for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, according to the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative online news site.
During better times with family
Exhibit Two


All said it is important to remember, the people who intimately work to win General Elections end-up in critical posts in the White House. If that isn’t frightening enough in the case of Rand Paul, think about past elections.
Imagine this…..

And Nicole Wallace incessant bickering with Sarah Palin.
Replete with John Sunnunu and the Etch-A-Sketch man and a cast of real characters.

Now think about Rand Paul and his camera licking party official New Hampshire serving the nation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


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