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Chris Christie Joins the Circus!

In Chris Christie, Chris Christie Joins the Circus!, GOP nomination process, New Jersey credit downgrades. GOP, NJ Unemployment on June 30, 2015 at 11:58 AM

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Some memes are useful message laden visuals when developed with great care and veracity.

Chris Christie,, against all odds, spent a few minutes this morning declaring himself a candidate for the GOP 2016 nomination. Let’s start the Christie campaign with a meme from   Democratic Party.

How about a few links that support and provide validity to the meme?

Nine Credit Downgrades in New Jersey

N.J. credit rating cut record ninth time as Moody’s cites pension shortfall

TRENTON — Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded New Jersey’s debt rating, dealing the Garden State its record ninth ratings cut since Gov. Chris Christie took office.

Read more here

One of the Highest Unemployment Rates In The Region

NJ Dot COM 4/29/2015 (Interactive chart below

Federal jobs reports point to a rebounding labor market, though the unemployment rate remained at 5.5 percent in March. But the percentage of jobless residents out of work 27 weeks or more remains historically high. 

Nationally, about 30 percent of jobless residents have been unemployed at least 27 weeks. 

The situation is much worse in New Jersey. 

Of 302,000 unemployed residents in New Jersey in 2014, roughly 41 percent, or 125,000 people, have been out of work at least 27 weeks, according to federal labor data. Though down from a peak of about 51 percent in 2010, the data still mean New Jersey’s long-term jobless rate is among the highest in the nation.  

Only New Mexico and Washington, D.C., posted higher rates in 2014. North Dakota, Iowa and Alaska, on the other hand, had the lowest long-term unemployment rates in the country last year.

Read more here

Four Separate Agencies Investigating His Administration

Factivist via the Democratic National Committee

Christie, Chris (New Jersey): Christie and his Administration are currently being investigated by no less than four separate local, state and federal agencies: the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation’s inquiry into Bridgegate and surrounding events. The latest development is this morning’s New York Times piece on the second federal investigation that (shockingly) stems from Christie’s bullying leadership style.

Why would Chris Christie throw his name in the GOP circus of nomination aspirants?

We await many more Christie meme and will explore each as the visuals manifest.

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