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CNN’s International Correspondent Says She Did Not Mis-Id Gay Pride Glag

In "terrorist of African decent.", CNN, CNNI/CNN, Lucy Pawle, Mediaite, SNAFU on July 1, 2015 at 12:31 PM

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I reported no such thing
The Pawle Twitter Feed is absolutely entertaining.

Well now, MS. Pawle and CNNI/CNN, yes you did report such a thing!

Pictured are the images broadcast on CNN yesterday which the broadcaster claimed were of an ISIS flag
Mediaite report and clip.

Why hasn’t CNN address the far less than professional reporting? The egregious ISIS Flag error exceeds John King’s “dark skinned suspects” associated with the Boston Marathon bombing. It also is a much more serious reporting SNAFU than Chris Cuomo’s victimized by CNN’s choice to refer to the French Gunman terrorist as “terrorist of African decent.” Cuomo in a report referred to the killer as “African-American.”  

CNN is fizzling into a “BREAKING NEWS” fiasco.

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