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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Facebook Political Argument Vis Fox News Talking Points; A Losing Conservative Exercise

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A little dated, but relevant

A few days back, I witnessed a Facebook point counter point regarding Donald Trump’s racist remarks. The conservative debater, quickly moved from Trump’s remarks to Trumps “alleged” business acumen “a multi-billionaire as president vs a community organizers, and various Fox News, GO talking points.

Here is the essence of the talking point barrage:

……More people living in poverty. More people on Government assistance. More people on Food Stamps. More people on Food Stamps. More people on disability. Fewer people working. Majority of jobs created the past few years have been part time. Median household income down. Nearly 8 trillion added to the National Debt.

Let’s see how Fox News propaganda and GOP mantra holdup.

More people living in poverty. 

USA Today 
Factcheck Mitt Romney poverty Obama

January 2015 following a Mitt Romney comment about the poverty rate as he contemplated a third (failed) attempt to win the US Presidency.

More people on Government assistance. 

Romney’s 47

More people on Food Stamps. 

Notice the lower ranking in the chart below. Do you notice a preponderance of “Red States?” Conservatives will throughout the Food Stamps argument (deliver most effectively by the GOP and Fox News) without digging a bit deeper to see the real picture. why are Red States historically over-the-top when it comes to lower income, federal aid recipients and specifically “food stamp” use? 

WallertHub performed a 2015 analysis of States to receive the most and least federal aid The study was most revealing and reflects back on Mitt Romney’s ill advised, but heartfelt, 47% comment of the 2012 campaign.



The idea of the American freeloader burst into the public consciousness when #47 percent started trending on Twitter. And while the notion is senselessly insulting to millions of hardworking Americans, it is true that some states receive a far higher return on their federal income tax contributions than others. 
Just how pronounced is this disparity, and to what extent does it alter our perception of state and local tax rates around the country? WalletHub sought to answer those questions by comparing the 50 states in terms of four key metrics. Our findings, as well as expert commentary and a detailed methodology, can be found below.


Source: WalletHub

The silliness regarding Obama as the Food Stamp King simply does not stand for intelligent scrutiny. But, then when the mantra is supported by machine gunfire reporting on Fox News this becomes the guiding strategy:

More people on disability.   

Disability claims syrocket: Here’s why

CNN Money: Disability claims not on stable ground

Fewer people working. 
Labor participation rate at a 37 year low. 

Exhibit A. Largely skewered by teens 
Exhibit B. Bloomberg..Why Participation Rate so low
Exhibit C. Fact Check Dot Org

Majority of jobs created the past few years have been part time. 

FalseCuccinelli  Since Obamacare became law, “most of our new jobs have been part-time jobs.”  Ken Cuccinelli on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 in a speech.

Home ownership down.  
How the Middle Class has fragmented under Obama

Owning a home. The home ownership rate has historically been around 64%, but it peaked at 69% during the housing boom and drifted back to about 67% by the time Obama took office in 2009. It has since fallen further, to around 64%. That’s OK from a historical perspective, but because it’s been going down, not up, a lot of former homeowners feel terribly displaced, while many other potential buyers can’t qualify for a mortgage.

White House efforts to prop-up severe losses in home ownership. Why is it impossible to recognize the impact of the Bush Great Recession on home ownership?  How has the GOP helped with declining home ownership?  Maybe, I missed critical GOP measures to help the American public with home ownership.

Median household income down. 

Of course, household income is down. Did the nation not dip into an economic abyss just shy of a second great depression. How much assistance in job creation form the GOP? Any thoughts about decline manufacturing (Gone overseas), declining union membership (from GOP attacks and public sector dismantling) and lest we forget about the prospect of even more dire declining income had Obama allowed the auto industry to fold.

Nearly 8 trillion added to the National Debt. 

By President with no words necessary from the TPI.

US Debt by President
Just for a bit of gravy on that GOP mantra. Vox Dot Com published a piece this morning that also sheds negative light on GOP governance and service to its constituents, linked here.

Video Link


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