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White Supremacist Wants Your Money

In don Black, money. Dylann roofs mentor, white supremacist on July 8, 2015 at 10:36 AM

Dylann Roof follows his teachings, goes out and kills in innocent pray worshipers, and his mentors now seek to earn money from questions about their influence over the murderous racist. Even, if Don Black’s appeal for money is legitimately to fight potential legal matters, how about the lack of fore thought in not caring about his mind altering influence on the feeble of mind and believers?

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White Supremacist Starts Legal Defense Fund After FBI Visit Regarding Dylann Roof

After the FBI recently paid a visit to Don Black, the former Klan leader and founder of the largest white supremacist web forum in the world, while seeking information regarding Dylann Roof’s associates, he set up a defense fund. “This could obviously become overly broad and become a First Amendment issue,” Black told the New York…


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