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TPI Morning Gazette: Confederate Flag, SCOTUS, Pope Francis, Jeb Bush, Trump

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Reports are going viral regarding George W. Bush charging $100,000 to speak to a group of wounded and disabled vets.

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Thursday, July 9, 2015

We should be so happy, Snopes reports Bush lowered hid fee from $250,000.  

The Flag

South Carolina State Rep. Jenny Horne: “I’m sorry. I have heard enough about heritage. I have a heritage. I am a lifelong South Carolinian. I am a descendant of Jefferson Davis, okay, but that does not matter…Remove this flag and do it today.”  Watch the complete South Carolina House debate here: 

Posted by C-SPAN on Thursday, July 9, 2015

BREAKING: South Carolina has permanently removed the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds.  Watch the full moment here:
Posted by msnbc on Friday, July 10, 2015

We at the TPI will not celebrate the lowering the Confederate Flag. The flag is a mere symbol and it took the racist slaying of nine innocent African-American prayer worshipers as impetus to remove the flag. 

SCOTUS…your generational stack highest court of the land. 

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SCALIA AND GANG WANT MORE MERCURY IN THE AIR WE BREATHE — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against an Environmental Protection Agency regulation limiting mercury and other toxic emissions from power plants, undermining the Obama administration’s drive to cut pollution from electricity generators. Corporate butt-kisser, Justice Antonin Scalia agreed with Republicans that the EPA’s attempts to limit carcinogens like mercury constitute a “war on coal.” When your children ask you some day why you didn’t do more to save our planet, show them a photo of Scalia and tell them he was a whore for the Money Lords and Oligarchs, preferring to do their bidding rather than save the people from the horrible pollutants that the EPA was tasked by Congress to remove from our air and water. Same for the other Gang of Five members of the SCOTUS. The link to the story is in my first comment.


All it takes is a solid shot of racism to ignite GOP voters.

THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THE GOP IS THE GOP While Trump’s numbers increase, he has taken a big chuck of voters away from…
Posted by Point Counter Point on Thursday, July 2, 2015

While Trump’s numbers increase, he has taken a big chuck of voters away from many Republicans that were leading in the polls. Marco Rubio who? Remember him? LOL he thought he was on his way to winning the republican ticket? LOL…rememeber Walker? LOL Walker who? The best thing that could have ever happened to Democrats is The Republican party. In comparison, Republicans consume 90% of all political news in the media. Democrats are not even campaigning. They haven’t even started and Republicans just on their own have put themselves way behind Hillary Clinton. The more they talk the better Hillary’s numbers look. At last count Hillary would beat Jeb by 10% and the rest by 15%.


Trump poll

FAA Doesn’t like ugly!  

Current Trump-specific codes include DONALD, TRUMP and UFIRD.
Posted by Talking Points Memo on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jeb  Bush works  to appeal to his major constituents: big business plutocrats industrialist. Americans need to work longer into life via more legislative change to allow more hours work per week (Without OT Pay). He also strongly feels the Social Security eligibility age should be raised to 68 or 70 years of age.  Do you think the Bush multi-millionaire cares one iota that actuarial tables show the African-American male lives few years beyond age 70. 

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Such BS.
Posted by Daily Kos on Thursday, July 9, 2015


The former steelyard worker says “NO” to Jeb Bush’s campaign ploy.  The Kochs and American Industrialist would love to rid the nation of Over-time pay; American workers must fightback with focused resistance. Do you recall before Eric Cantor espousing the elimination of over-time pay before he was his  unceremonious election  uprooting  from his comfy House Majority position. Cantor’s Koch brothers supportive lie was eliminate over-time pay so that parents can spend more time with the family. Bush has thrown out the fake family mantra with his less than empathetic approach to US labor and the working people of the nation.  

The following post has not been edited, modified nor adjusted regarding language and the author’s choice of linguistic construct.

EMILY's List's photo.

Lloyd Puchek shared EMILY’s List‘s photo.

In regards to longer working hours, I have the definition of it .

I am one year younger than Jeb Bush, I am age 61. I retired from a steel mill here in Indiana after 41 years of service. Within the last 10 years of my work there and at the time of retirement, I was working 7 day work weeks through an entire calendar year and the only time I actually had off was during my 5 weeks vacation.  

During the weekends I worked most of the time I worked a 16 shift to start the week of my next shift. I worked afternoons and midnight’s. I seen times where I worked back to back 16 hour shifts during the same work week. Try working a midnight to a day turn 16 hour shift . I did this on several occasions, I would drive home from the plant which was 23 miles one way, I would pull into my driveway and I couldn’t remember how I even got there. My dad held down two jobs as I was growing up. I didn’t see much of him. All those hours he worked took a real serious toll on his health.  

At age 72 he suffered a mild heart attack. He ended up with 30% heart damage. He ended up having a 6 by pass heart surgery. Eight years later he died in his basement when his heart stopped, he fell asleep in a chair in his basement as he was folding clean laundry. Everyone, this is what’s known as longer working hours. I worked a total of 224 hours in one month. My statistics are backed up by my pay role statements from my bank through direct deposit. I would love for Jeb Bush to make this statement to me face to face. I will give him the same definition of longer working hours. Longer working hours with parents means alienation of their children. This type of alienation is not a far fetched fantasy, it’s known as the clear fact of relationship between parents and their children. Does Jeb Bush really know what he is talking about? ABSOLUTELY NOT !


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