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The TPI Morning Gazette: Trump, Carson, Jobs, Fox News, Sarah Palin, Pay Inequality

In Carson,, Jobs, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, The TPI Morning Gazette: Trump on August 19, 2015 at 11:50 AM

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Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News’ enforcer Jesse Watters, goes off the rail in support of Donald Trump’s feel good talk about building a wall across the US Southern Border. We will avoid addressing issues regarding determination of who are candidates for masses relocation to southern of the border.

Even his Fox News colleagues look appalled…
Posted by Salon on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If you need an endorsement for running away from Donald Trump as if escaping the a case of Ebola Virus, the figurative Frankenstein Monster’s Bride has come forth.

I’m “So Happy” with TrumpPosted by Mediaite on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rick Perry joined CNN this week for another of his patented nonsensical ramblings. Not only did Perry speak disparagingly about the US economy. An economy that is most assuredly improving from the Bush Great Recession. Of more significance, Perry responded to a question about pay inequality with a response that is so easily refuted, one has to wonder about his mental acuity and the professional acuity of his handlers.

WSJ 2014

Rick Perry: “Women get equal pay.”Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It is OK to discriminate if you are a person who subscribes to GOP/RNC policy.

Yesterday we published a TPI Gazette with no mention of the ever-angst filled and ‘perpetual attack mode” Donald Trump. Or, “Mr. Trump as some many in US media refer to the from birth millionaire. We find it amazing that the same media hosts who frequently refer to Trum as “Mr.Trump: will int eh very next sentence refer to Jeb Bush as “Bush” or Jeb Bush. Are we so consumed with reality show entertainers and wealth worship we cannot practice consistent ways to addressing all GOP candidates. You certainly know you will never hear, “Mrs. Clinton” or Mr. Sanders.”

Trump: Luntz is a “clown” and a “low class slob.”Luntz: Trump is “addicted” to attention and a liability to the GOP.Posted by Talking Points Memo on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can you imagine any world leaders who is chopping at the bits to interact with Trump? 

When we read comment regarding conservative disillusionment with Pope Francis, we have little problems seeing through the false world of US conservatism.  The Right seems to hate the first Catholic Pope to publicly speak out about the rights of the less privileged, the poor and people who differ regarding race, sex and sexual orientation, and the Earth’s climate.

Editor’s Choice

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Some in GOP would seek to usurp of rewrite the US Constitution.

Trump says it attracts illegal immigrants using “anchor babies” to reap the benefits of US citizenship. That’s utter BS.


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