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The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Trump Anvil And Right-Wng Quicksand

In Christie ID immigrants for scanning,, Scott Walker Canadian Wall, The Daily GOP Ignominious, The Trump Anvil, Trump Mexican wall on August 31, 2015 at 12:20 PM

It is again time to visit the insane manifestation of American conservatism via clear evidence the many on the Right is actually about big government. From borders on both the southern and northerner and borders to forced ID readers on human beings, the GOP has gone mad.

Chris Christie goes in front of a bunch of very high-end Baby Boomers and rails like a Third Reich security official about “your papers.” He actually stated he would support an immigrant ID system for tracking immigrants to the US as Fed Ex tracks its service packages.  
What you are about to see and hear is not from a conspiracy network, it is not an excerpt from a Twilight Zone-like show, nor is it not a figment of your imagination. It is as real as a the 24 hour clock and it is as dangerous as this….

Embedded image permalinkChristie if running on the fringe of insanity to facilitate the GOP campaign insertion of one of the nation’s most popular reality show celebrities. 

Yes, Donald Trump as he grabbed the attention of millions across the nation thus lowering the 2016 GOP nomination campaigns to nothing shy of a carnival show. The level of insanity has evolved to a point of this spectacle at the video Music Awards (a show I wouldn’t watch if I was paid $100.00 for the viewing). Trumpism gone way too far.
Catch Walker in an obvious quest for “Trump Attention” with a one-up wall along the US northern border (virtual 4.000 plus miles).

Scott Walkers full meet the press interview
Trump is as a movement leading psyche.

Mexico says it will not build or pay for border wall


I actually know of a couple of people who have recently intimate an affinity for Trumps madness. Rest assured, it is madness and endemic of a society so laden with realty TV it has moved into a danger zone.

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