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White Houses Reacts To Cheney’s Demagoguery

In Cheney Iran Nuclear /deal, white House Slaps Cheney on September 8, 2015 at 6:21 PM

Over the weekend Chris Wallace sat with Dick Cheney and his complete;y un-credible daughter Lynne, for a bit of anti-Obama, anti-administration, anti Iran Nuclear deal propaganda. 
Problem, Wallace went outside of script and left Cheney with a tsunami butt-pucker.

That look of “No, you didn’t go there, Fox News.”
And, the accompanying butt-pucker.

After years of ignore the inane meandering drivel of Cheney (and daughter) with each notable international situation, the Obama Administration’s communication team released a point-on Cheney video. 

Actually US cable media deserves a good shot of the same from the White House.


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