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GOP 2016: Cruz Issues Threat

In, Ted Cruz’s threat to Murder Iran’s Ayatollah on September 28, 2015 at 11:20 PM

Ted Cruz is the poster-guy for GOP political insanity.  While Rience Priebus insist on going to television with comment about the “fine” line-up of GOP candidates for 2016, his comments offers the prospect his party is not about governance et al.

Juan Cole of Informed Comment recently published a piece about Cruz’s comments regarding “taking-out” the Iranian Supreme Leader. The comments was disgusting to the rational person, whirl simultaneously providing typical campaign fodder for the seething masses of conservative America.

Informed Comment

Things like Ted Cruz’s threat to Murder Iran’s Ayatollah are why Iranians don’t Trust US

Ted Cruz said Friday at the Value Voters Summit conference in Washington, D.C., “If you vote for me, under no circumstances will Iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. And if the ayatollah doesn’t understand that, we may have to help introduce him to his 72 virgins.”

Neoconservatives keep highlighting Ayatollah Khamenei’s negative statements about the United States and his continued suspicion of Washington’s motives and bonafides, as if those are reasons for which the nuclear deal is a bad idea. It is the other way around. If the UN Security Council can implement in a fair way the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for inspecting Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment activities so as to make impossible down the road any weaponization of the program, it will start the process of overcoming decades of American dirty tricks and dastardly plots against the Iranian people.

The US
1. destroyed the Iranian economy in 1951-1953 with a US-imposed global boycott of Iranian petroleum because Iran wanted a 50/50 split on profits from its oil and the British government and what is now BP wanted to continue to pay them just a small fee annually.
2. And when Iran was weak, roiled and divided because its economy had been destroyed, the US acting on behalf of the British government and BP sent CIA field officer Kermit Roosevelt into Tehran to liase with far right wing Iranian generals and to buy crowds and to overthrow the elected government of Iran. Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was put under house arrest and died a broken man a few years later. The US built his replacement, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, into a vicious capitalist dictator with a US-trained secret police and thousands of prisoners of conscience.
3. The US backed the Iraqi invasion of Iran, a naked act of aggression, from at least 1983 and put the US navy at the service of Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime in a covert naval war on Iranian vessels.


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