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The Facebook Racist Claims He Is A Victim!

In FIred, Gerod Roth,, racist on October 6, 2015 at 9:06 AM


Yesterday we published this piece: The ugliness of white privilege.

A youngest of victims!

A little boy wonders over to the desk of one of his mother’s male so-workers and becomes the sick object of American racism. Interestingly, his mother may not have known the true colors (pun intended) Of her racist fellow employee. Just as many in the nation have little idea of concept of the true inner core of people with whom they interact ever single day. Yet, we have millions in this world (probably you also) who suffers a skin crawl when the slogan @BlackLivesMatter. 

Today the racist speaks out. He claims victim hood, also.
No matter his victim hood, it is impossible to overlook a clear case of “white privilege” in this ugliest form. The kid may have felt a moment of excitement at visiting with the male at his work station. Yet, he is met with the same ridicule scorn and victim hood commonly handed to African-Americans by those who are more covert in their racism.

Did the racist actually mentioned the word “victim also.”


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