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GOP 2016: Ben Carson..Feeding The Sycophants

In Ben Carson "Nut case", Ben Carson claims he’s ‘in great danger’, Carson on Voter Suppression, Department of Education,, Republican presidential candidate on October 24, 2015 at 9:43 AM


Let’s take a quick run through the latest sycophant feeding Ben Carson has offered his supporters. It should be noted, in Iowa, Carson has pulled ahead of the GOP’s top 2016 candidate: Donald Trump. Why do you think that is possible? Carson is lowering himself to out zany(ing) and out lying Trump.

It is important to keep in mind, Carson is giving potential voters what they want. Thus, his poll leading numbers speaks volumes about potential Caucus voters and polling respondents in Iowa.

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Voter Suppression not an example of conservative (GOP) racism?  If Carson is correct, why are conservative officials and politicians enacting laws and procedures that have adverse impact o black voters?

It is truly sad, but my thoughts are…“This is the is stuff they want to hear.”

Abolish Medicare and Medicaid and replace with “Savings Accounts?”  Seriously?

// I strongly feel potential voters who have Carson polling at the top of the pack are total nut cases (as is Carson), the following piece is astounding regarding potential social engineering of a nation.
Herewith is the perfect example of a person who has lost their capacity for rational thought, or the person has mastered the art of Trumpism (wanton lying for sake of short-term political ratings).
If you need one more piece of Carson’s reality, this one speaks to his level of delusion or the extent to which he will lie.

Ben Carson claims he’s ‘in great danger’ because a ‘secular progressive movement’ opposes him

Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson claimed he is in “great danger” — and in need of Secret Service protection — because a “secular progressive movement” opposes him, BuzzFeed reported Thursday….

We will stop at this point with a promise of more to come on “watching Carson devolve into laughing stock.” 


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