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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Milks Benghazi Committee Hearing And Wallows In A Pig Pen

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What you are about to read and view from Fox News is literally horrific. Horrific to the extent we don’t see such propaganda on RT News (Russian Times). The manipulation of images, video and the mother of one of the slain Americans should draw the ire of any sane American or any American who recognizes the following reality.

The Benghazi Select Committee is about conservative politicking, thus marching orders for Fox News managers (and on air operatives). There are few Fox News operatives who surpass Megyn Kelly as a bringing the bull.

First a re-cap and reminder (or two) of Kelly.

Speaking of the Russian Times:

Kelly’ and “White Santa; white Jesus.”  “By thew way, all you kids watching….” Mind you Kelly’s show is aired well after 9:00 PM EST.  Actually, on December 13 2013, the show aired at 10:00 PM.  How many Santa aged kids would be awake watching the Kelly File at that hour?  “white Santa” and a grinning group of guest..with an exception of the guy who seems to be facing “Oooops oh boy, my place in Fox News history.”

Kelly aside, let’s revisit US Embassy and Consulate history.


Embedded image permalink

If there is additional cause for alarm beyond the scope of the Benghazi tragedy and loss of life, the differentiation from previous administrations (and similar attacks) can be laid only to political expedience. The use of the mother in the Fox News video (below) is unconscionable. Context…Unconscionable for other networks; about par for Fox News.

If You Only News 
via Creative Commons License

Now let’s face it. Hillary Clinton sat on Capitol Hill for eleven hours and made fools of Trey Gowdy and his political circus over BENGHAZI! The Secretary was calm and collected and just the right amount of condescending. She had answers for all of their dumb questions, debunked all of the remaining myths — and some of the old ones again — all without getting frazzled once by the GOP’s relentless attacks. 

Let’s not forget that the committee is why it’s taken this long for Clinton to appear. While they keep crying that they’re waiting for some mysterious “documents” that don’t exist to appear, they’ve been putting off the former senator’s testimony for every bit of a year. 

There’s no doubt Clinton wiped the floor with the chairman and his pack of conspiracy theorist hacks. Every media outlet on the planet agrees…except of course Fox News. Rather than run the story of the hearing as it happened in the rel world with something like “Clinton really didn’t have anything to hide” or “Wow did she make them look stupid,” Fox used Megyn Kelly, a look of disgust and a wavering voice to change the narrative completely.  

The segment of the Kelly File was dubbed “shocking truths revealed.” Kelly, almost in tears in spots, demands over ominous photos of burning things that the American people get the truth about BENGHAZI! mere hours after the American people got 11 hours of truth about BENGHAZI! She pulls out pictures of the ambassador being dragged through the streets and repeats the same dimwitted garbage about videos, response time and State Department culpability.

Watch Megyn Kelly try to spin BENGHAZI into a win for conservatives hours after it was finally put to rest:

Featured image via screen capture


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