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The TPI Morning Gazette: A Week Of Your GOP

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Chuck Todd to Carson on College Bias Policing: Doesn’t That Violate Free Speech?  (VIDEO)Posted by Steven Garnett Dimitriyadi on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chris Wallce interviews the zany Carson.“I’m a little confused.”
Posted by Mediaite on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Herewith, is yet another example of how conservative America has taken on the look of fascism. Not only do we have the mental deficient Ben Carson openly speaking about stifling liberal speech on college campuses we continue to see that ever-present “USA, USA, USA” chant when protests erupt at conservatve events.

Does legal protest constitute un-American activity? The question is rhetorical; NO it does not. The next question is also rhetorical. Do you see and hear progressive audiences chanting as such, and how often to we find protesters at liberal events physically abused and carted off like an animal?

American conservatism is taking on an aura that seriously reminds of the mid 1930’s to mid 1940s Europe.

Talking Points Memo
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