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COP Abuse Is Cop Abuse. CNN’s Harry Houck is A Pathetic Rationalizer

In " abusive school cop, CNN's chief rationalizer of police brutality, Harry Houck on October 27, 2015 at 4:32 PM

Harry Houck, CNN’s chief rationalizer of police brutality regardless of the incident.  A reality that denotes a PIG.
We understand that CNN has a business model that involves pitting sides of an issue on camera for maximum exploitation of our individual psyches and paradigms. During this season of COP brutality and militarization of police departments, CNN has cultural out a unique niche. Unlike Fox News with its total carte blanch of any police behavior and MSNBCs questioning of abusive police behavior, CNN gleefully plays both ends to the middle.

If you rationalize weekly occurrence of cop abuse I black communities, CNN as you covered. If you stand against growing abuse of black people when alternatives are available in order to subdue people, CNN has you covered. Ah, the perfect business model that facilitates CNN’s former claim of “neutral.” Yet CNN’s employment of a former cop who so blatantly finds justifying rationale for any cop abuse regardless of setting is both media manipulative and outright unprofessional of CNN. It is almost tantamount to Fox News dragging-out ultra racist Mark Fuhrman  to discuss matters of cop brutality in the black community when his use of the “N” Word still resonates. 
Harry Houck is putrid and unbecoming a national news outlet. This abused kid was wrong regarding her cell phone use in class and her refusal to put it way, but the abusive Cop had initiated physical abuse well prior to the high school kid striking back. I can not understand why CNN feels the need to hire trash like Houck.

Let’s watch and listen to Houck effuses absolute on-sense while he earns his right-wing “protect the cop at all cost” pay from CNN.


No matter the rationale, the cop was abusive in a manner unnecessary to resolve the infraction. Moreover, media is reporting this cop has been charged with heavy-handedness against other Africans-American in the community.

Update from a student who was in the classroom. 


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