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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Duped Via Its Own Researchers, Managers, Producers And Writers

In 250K Syrians to US?, Fox News Duped, Sean Hannity, The Daily GOP Ignominious on October 27, 2015 at 8:57 PM

Anyone who follows US current events and new items is aware Fox News fulfills a critical role for conservative America. The network is the electronic media outlet for conservative viewers, and Fox managers fulfill their mission admirably. MSNBC formerly served in a similar manner for liberal and progressive American. Corporatism and revenue driven changes at the network have virtually eliminated progressive media from our television offerings. Television news has become a for of reality TV purveyors of entertainment, that seems to be headed to the graveyard of AM Radio: all conservative all the time.

As is the case with Right-wing talk radio, Fox News editors and writers are handicapped in their efforts to fill airtime.  They have no opportunity to slam the US economy. They don’t have ObamaCare to kick around.  The opportunity to provide on-air support for abusive cops only facilities a finite set of stories.  Current GOP presidential aspirants don’t seem to offer enough opportunities for right-wing propaganda at occupy 24/7 broadcasts.  Well, what does a Fox News managers, editors or writers do to fill the news cycles? They seek stories from sources that should only provide fodder and scripts for SNL or for comedy shows like Comedy Central.  No one knows the scenario better than 2012 candidate Mitt Romney and his Chrysler campaign oratory of a plant closure with jobs moved to China straight from the Drudge Report. 

Mediaite and other media are providing a recent example of the ever-present Fox News “oops.”  Sean Hannity’s writers and producers offered the on-air demagogue the perfect “scope”:  the US is bringing a quarter million Syrians refugees to the Untied States.  Before, I continue and segue to the Mediaite story, I must ask.  How could Fox News actually believe such a story when no other media worldwide reported the story? Shouldn’t someone have thought in terms of a parody? 

Apparently, no one at the eager Fox News network bothered to question the veracity of the website from which they extracted the story.



Sean Hannity Falls for Parody Site Claiming U.S. Accepting 250,000 Syrian Refugees

hannityFox News host Sean Hannity reported on air October 21 that 250,000 Syrian refugees were going to be settled in the United States, a wildly incorrect figure that appears to have originated from a parody website.
“You see the backlash emerging now in Europe over the refugee problem from Syria and Iraq,” Hannity said. “The president said he’s going to bring in 250,000 refugees into this country. My fear is, and our national intelligence directorJames Clapper said, that ISIS in Iraq will infiltrate the refugee population.”
“If that’s the case, I don’t think we can risk taking one refugee in, although we can help probably on a humanitarian basis,” he concluded.
His guest Jeb Bush, to his credit, said he had “never heard” anyone talking about the U.S. taking in 250,000 refugees. Turns out the reason Bush never heard the claim is because he doesn’t read hoax websites.
Politifact rated Hannity’s claim “Pants on Fire,” their lowest rating for truthfulness. The site points out that the Obama administration is currently only talking about resettling 10,000 refugees, and that the United States only budgeted enough money to accept 85,000 refugees from every country combined.
The 250,000 figure, which is also often quoted by Donald Trump, appears to originate from parody website, which claimed the U.S. was resettling a quarter of a million refugees in Indian reservations. The other top headlines on the site include “Trump: I Would Have Prevented the Asteroid From Killing the Dinosaurs” and “Pyongyang to Host 2017 Gathering of the Juggalos.”
Watch above, via Fox News.

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