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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fiorina and Her Claims Of 92% Job Losses For Women In Obama’s Early Years

In 92% Job Losses For Women In Obama's Early Years. Fiorina, Crooks and Liars, GOP Debate III,, Politifact, The Daily GOP Ignominious on October 30, 2015 at 10:10 AM

As we move away from the third GOP debate fact-checkers are as busy as a beaver after a flood and GOP candidates are whining about moderators. We won’t spend time on GOP whining because it is modus operandi for the cause among the RNC/GOP and their *need pampering* candidates. It is noteworthy that CNBC appeared very ill-prepared for an evening of debates and their moderators lacked wherewithal in curbing the process which includes 10 (Let me repeat) 10 candidates. The GOP whines when it doesn’t get its way.

Our focus in this piece will be the facade of Carly Fiorina as a viable candidate for the GOP nomination. Fiorina has a campaign history of grabbing false reports and fabricated information and throwing into her campaign mantra.  During the second GOP (major league), debate Fiorina was added to the circus and unleashed the lie of lies regarding Planned Parenthood and a video of harvesting tissues of a fetus. The story has been refuted as anti-abortion campaign fodder by many courses. We offer a quick read and video from Meet The Press via Crooks and Liars.  CNN also broadcast a piece with the purveyor of misinformation who is comparable to none.

Fiorina climbed on stage at the third debate fully equipped with falsehoods and lies and leveled then as if fending off a flock of mosquitoes.  The day after the debate CNN secured an interview with Fiorina; things didn’t go well for the hyperbolic candidate. 

The argument is old tired and was refuted yeas ago. CNN’s host performed admirably in placing the lying candidate out of the shadows of lies into the light of the truth. Politifact offers a more detail review of the longstanding conservative (operative) lie.  


Carly Fiorina 92 percent of the jobs lost during Barack Obama’s first term belonged to women.” 

False The correct numbers show women gained jobs

If you chose not to visit the Politifact link, accept this regarding the old and tired manipulation of data. “……During Barack Obama’s first term.” What preceded Barack Obama’s first term in office? Eight years of Bush, a Great Recession denied for one year by the Bush Administration, a crumbling economy with significant job losses that disproportionately affected women in lowering paying jobs and significant job losses in late 2008 and early 2009. A descriptive picture of why Fiorina and republican lies about Obama’s first term and women’s’ job losses from is a fallacious argument. 

Did the picture clear for you just a bit? Republicans consistently manipulate the minds and psyche of its supports via *out-factoring* the element of time from any and all political arguments. Factually, the world and the United States did not come to existence on January 29th, 2009. GOP economic policy, an inept economic team under Bush and massive poor decision-making from the pre-Obama White House contributed to the jobs plight of American women

Someone should ask Fiorina where her campaign team get its fodder for her flawed debate attacks. 


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