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GOP 2016 Quick Hit: Ben Carson Anyone? This Man Has Cognitive Issues And Carson Is Veracity Defficient

In Carson Liar par excellence, GOP 2016 Quick Hit, on October 31, 2015 at 6:08 PM

ben-carsonIf you want to see a snippet of the sadness that has taken over American conservatism, follow our Quick Hit visit with Politifact. The fact checking division of the Tampa Bay Times has run a review of the total nut case Ben Carson and the findings are exactly as we have posited since earlier in 2015. Carson is also a pathological liar with tendencies towards *serial* behavior.  I actually do not think he can conjure up a true thought from his gray matter.

Why do you ask do I characterize the comprehensive state of Amercian conservatism based on one candidate?  I offer the current GOP 2016 poll results.

The full set of review from Politifact is linked here.

Let’s take a peep at the first four reviews. Remember, each review is linked via its verbiage to a more in-depth analysis.

— PolitiFact National 
The only estimate, but it’s not very reliable

— PolitiFact National
If by “no involvement” he means ringing endorsement

Sad eh?


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