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GOP Shenanigans, Protests and Voter Manipulaiton

In GOP candidates shape debate platform, GOP Debates,, Reince Priebus, RNC Chair whines on October 31, 2015 at 9:25 AM

The RNC and its herd of GOP candidates are busy exercising what appears as a strategy to shape the communications channels to their supporters. 

The Raw Story capture and published a quote from Ben Carson. The Raw Story piece also invades the following video segment along an underlying theme related to RNC cancelation of a future NBC (corporate family) debate in February 2016. 

Reince Priebus, RNC Chair, followed a very predictable script in railing about the debate process and moderators only minutes are the event ended. He sought out cameras and microphones to deliver what seemed as deliberate and well-rehearsed anger. And, he onslaught continues. I posit the angst and complaints are a setup to shape future debates and to cover for what turned into yet another GOP Lie FestivalFact Check dot Org ran a comprehensive review of the event and the findings do not surprise the high information voter. 

If the RNC and GOP candidates want a sanitized forum, could their wish relate to seeking a platform to better facilitate their lie machine?

CNN offered an example of the extent to which the GOP field is an utter mess. Ben Carson is at the top of the heard of candidates. Carson has no base of knowledge regarding matters of state, and he doesn’t have the cognitive processes to properly deal with his lack of knowledge. The candidate should seek information any presidential candidate should have committed to notes or their gray matter.

Watch as the CNN panel delineates clear points about Carson’s complaints about the CNBC debate.

On another front, Fiorina has recently offered another example of “Just listen to us, do not challenge us. Our supporters eat this stuff up like mayonnaise burgers and Apple Pie.” CNN interview, here.

All said, the GOP and RNC are performing as expected and in accordance with any business endeavor. When an entity runs with the basic premise of business, it provides services and products its customer’s want. Conservative America seems to relish and gain cognitive sustenance from their political party and the herd of 2016 candidates. They seem to thrive off the ever-present lie and care little about the political manipulation and false propheteering (new word). It is also clear such voters will again deliver the nation to the gripes of a party who has the worse economic record across the full scope of US History. 

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