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Ben Carson Wants Fewer Debates; Smart Move

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Progressive policies helped this man through life, yet he embraces conservatism regressivism.

While the majority of GOP presidential candidates are following a commonly shared script of railing against the debate process, Kasich and Christie are standing alone. Basically, Kasich has indicated he felt the process was OK, and went on to say you have to take what you get and make the best of it. Cristie basically implied if you can’t deal with the process get out of the fire.  Fiorina has been noticeably quiet about the debate process and moderators. Cruz, Trump, Carson, Huckabee probably by reluctant “follow the leader” Bush are not pleased with the process. No candidates have been as critical as Ben Carson, but his summary of complaints seem a bit shallow.
Talking Points Memo


“I would like to see us be able to have a substantial opening statement, at least a minute, a substantial closing statement, at least a minute, and I would like to see tighter guidelines in terms of people when they respond to questions,” Carson said in the ABC interview. “Some people pretty much ignore the time constraints, while others are very careful to stay within them and I think that creates inequality.”

According to TPM he added a desire for fewer debates.  A point that I, as a dedicated liberal/progressive, wholeheartedly find pleasing
Yesterday we published a piece that should make the rational person wonder why Carson is even a viable candidates and the piece should delineate why would seek fewer debates. Apparently, he is the top GOP candidate if we consider truthfulness and veracity.  When coupled with what seems an obvious disconnect of his cognitive processes and his oratory, Carson’s quest for fewer public appearance stands to reason.  Moreover, if he isn’t required to join the heard for debates he garners much more time for hawking his newly released book.

Yet, many on the Right feel a person such as Carson could make a competent candidate for the Oval Office. 

More regarding Carson and his quest for a silent book-signing campaign.


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