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GOP 2016: Carly Fiorina A Potential Political Fraud Comparable To Her Performance As Hewlett-Packard CEO

In Fiorina inept, Fiorina Lies,, Watchout for that Fiorina Vote on November 1, 2015 at 3:19 PM

Shortly after the recent GOP debate, Carly Fiorina was interviewed by CNN. Here is the interview in its entirety.

After being fact checked into a corner the lying Fiorina (again) resort to behavior that has become common among GOP candidates: move to anger and snippy remarks.  Such behavior is becoming to million across the conservative voter base, but it is child-like behavior that matches children when they are caught on the wrong side of a “No-No.”

Politifact also reviewed the claim and found as did the vast majority of HIVs (High Information Voters) the 92% claims is false and a relic of GOP failed past campaign mantra.  We posted the Politifact review a few days ago; linked here.

Earlier today Fiorina joined ABC News for a comprehensive segment of questions. Of particular note was the portion of the segment in which Fiorina admitted her claim of 92% job losses during Obama’s first term is false.  Interview posted here. The interaction was classic Fiorina. She goes on camera with her campaign intact and forced an interruption from the ABC host in order to add value to the segment. As the host attempted to perform a productive interview Fiorina resorted to another common tactic of over-talking and ignoring the host in an effort to run the interview up against time restraints. 

Sadly, GOP candidates peppered CNBC with lie after lie during the tow hour debate.  Even sadder is the fact the conservative audience walked away fully satiated with candidate lies.  Lies that served its purpose as conservatives are not known for seeking information beyond the rhetoric of their candidates, operatives and media darlings. 

Wasn’t Fiorina busted for debate comment about an alleged abortion video that wasn’t an abortion. It was a video of a stillborn baby. 

Fiorina has effectively exhausted any prospect of a credible candidate for the GOP nomination. While they all seem to resort to copious levels of lying, Fiorina is running well ahead of the herd with easily refutable lies. 


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