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Trumpism, Archie Bunkerism, And Trump Stripped Of Honors

In Archie Bunkerism, Buzzfeed UK, CNN's Alisyn Camerota, Jen Hayden, Trump bigot, Trumpism on December 10, 2015 at 5:04 PM

Back in the “Day”,  it was the coming of the black community that bothered US conservatives. Today, we have a rainbow (pun intended) of diversity that is driving conservative America over a cliff. 

Back in the DAY, we had Archie Bunker.  Today we have a carnival barker and his multi-tent following.

Let’s skip forward to a conservative electorate with a metastasized (ice berg tip) of overt bigots and racists who would undoubtedly support unconstitutional oppression against a subject group (Of which you make the group).

This Donald J. Trump supporter tells Alisyn Camerota that President Obama and other politicians lie all the time: “I don’t believe any one of them. Not one. I believe Donald.”
Posted by New Day on Thursday, December 10, 2015

The full segment

Fortunately, some on the right are speaking out publicly and we are hearing of behind the scenes strategy development to wrestle (possible) primary delegates from Trump.  We are also seeing entities whoa re taking action against the “Ugly American.”

The Daily Kos on a couple of organization who have had enough of Trumpism.

Great Scott! Trump stripped of ambassador role and honorary degree

Real Estate magnate Donald Trump gestures as he plays golf during the opening of his Trump International Golf Links golf course near Aberdeen, northeast Scotland July 10, 2012. REUTERS/David Moir (BRITAIN - Tags: BUSINESS SPORT GOLF REAL ESTATE) - RTR34SW

Donald Trump in happier days
While citizens are petitioning to keep Trump out of the UK, the Scottish first minister is making their own move—stripping The Donald of his position as ambassador. From Buzzfeed UK:
Archie Bunkerism and Trumps STrippes.
Great job, Trump. Making America embarrassed again.

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