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Ted Cruz Offers Fox News "Reagan"

In, Reagan, Reagan Administration, Reagan Years corruption, Reaganomics, Ted Cruz on January 2, 2016 at 4:51 PM

Ted Cruz has deployed the “Ronald Reagan” campaign mantra while sitting for an interview with the GOP’s Communications Department, AKA Fox News. As is the case with virtually all GOP candidates except Trump, Ronald Reagan is their win-win strategy when vying for the GOP nomination. 

It is intriguing to note how the Reagan mantra fizzled into nothingness once the GOP anoints its presidential candidate. Do you ever wonder why the fizzle?

Despite the fact Reagan held the Oval Office during the most corrupt years in Washington DC political history, the GOP base continues to nurture their Regan (figurative) Bible. 

Despite the fact historians maintain archives of information related to Reagan Years corruption, we continue to hear “…like Ronald Reagan.”  In 2011, Think Progress published a short list of Reagan’s failures under the umbrella of “things the GOP do not want you to know.”

Despite the fact Reagan expanded the Federal Government after winning elections while railing about “Fiscal Conservatism”, we cannot escape the Reagan refrain.  How about increasing the deficit?

Growth of Federal Deficit and Debt by President, 1972-2008
Published in 2011

Despite the reality of “raise no taxes, or cut taxes” as the leading GOP mantra, Reagan went in an opposition direction with taxes: CNN Money.

Forbes has a history of publishing articles that indicate Obama has turned into a much more prolific jobs developer (than Reagan). Since Reagan years saw better job development than any GOP administration in US History, it doesn’t take a leap to realize our current president has delivered on his jobs promises.

Have you ever heard of Reaganomics? Most conservatives act as if the failed economic policy benefitted the nation.

Despite the reality of GOP Southern Strategy honed to perfection via Reagans’ Lee Atwater, and its contribution to a socially divided nation, the GOP is affixed to Reagan like a Bear clinging tot he woods. 

Why does GOP the leaders consistently reach to Ronald Reagan for a ‘mirage’ administration laden with “feel good”, but absent meaning full national substance?  A word about the, even more, common refrain: “Reagan killed the Soviet Union.”  The statement is a total farce. The Soviet Union was a dying economic machine which served as the first nation (society) to show the fallacy of a communist economic policy.  Reagan’s Defense no more “Killed the Soviet Union” the George W. Bush found WMD in Iraq.  All the false mantra dies off after the GOP nominates its candidate.

Ted Cruz hasn’t received any endorsements 2016 from members of his majority party in the US Senate. In fact, I cannot find any record he has received an endorsement from any GOP member of the US House of Representatives.  Could the lack of party support emanate from Cruz’s stewardship in guiding his party into a Federal Government shutdown in 2013 that carried a $28 billion hit to the US GDP?  

Before I move to the Crooks & Liars piece, allow a 30-second look at the Cruz voter.

Crooks & Liars

Ted Cruz’ Creepy, Mean-Spirited New Year’s Message For Fox Viewers

While other candidates used their New Year’s Eve airtime on Fox for brief messages of good cheer, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz droned on for nearly two minutes about what he yearns to destroy, plus a long, nasty joke about President Obama. As I previously noted, Republican candidates Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina got brief…



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