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Michael Bays’ The 13 Hours Movie Isn’t Drawing As Fox News Hoped

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Yesterday, I published this piece. The piece related to the American obsession with cinematic projects as a form of reality.   We are literally seeing more and more evidence of a nation so consumed with celebrity and cinematic entertainment, we now have a bloviating and blustering manhattan carnival barker actually garnering the attention and political support from millions.  A carnival barker who comes up in any fact-checking authority as a “False” teller who also secures more than an acceptable number of “Pants on Fires” or “Pinocchios.” Yet, he leads all GOP presidential prospects by double-digit polling numbers.

Yes, the entertainer is sitting atop an iceberg of Americana so consumed with cinematic exhibits some movie producer/director are developing projects based on false reports and debunked lies. Needless to say, the Consulate attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi Libya was irresistible sustenance for on movie producer who obviously hope to influence the 2016 General elections. Thirteen Hours didn’t experience significant tickets sales over its opening weekend.  


by Josh Feldman | 3:03 pm, January 18th, 2016

13 hours

The success of movies like Lone Survivor andAmerican Sniper in past years have proved that Hollywood films that attract a more conservative audience can do very well at the box office. The former grossed roughly $38 million on its opening weekend, while the latter grossed a little over $100 million. American Sniper instantly took the top spot of highest-grossing opening weekend in a January ever, beating out Ride Along. 

So you would think that a movie about Benghazi (a subject tailor-made for conservative audiences to flock to), directed by the man responsible for the high-grossing Transformers franchise would do pretty well at the box office in its opening weekend, right? 

Well, it turns out that Michael Bay‘s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi came in fourth at the box office in its opening weekend, making only $19.6 million. Ride Along 2 took the top spot with $41.5 million, followed by The Revenant and Star Wars. 

So what happened? Well, Mediaite’s own Joe Concha appeared on MSNBC earlier this afternoon to discuss the politics of the film and said it probably had to do with the polarization of the whole subject. 

If you’re a Republican, Concha said, and you hear about a Benghazi movie, you’re probably going into it expecting to have your opinions validated about Hillary Clinton and/or President Obama dropping the ball. And if you’re a Democrat, you probably avoided it altogether. 

 Video Embed: Linked 

And while American Sniper was a big hit with conservative audiences, it wasn’t necessarily as polarizing a subject as Benghazi, which has been the subject of much argument in Congress, in hearings, and on the campaign trail.
Watch above, via MSNBC. 

[image via screengrab]

NBC News has also developed an published a piece related to Michael Bay’s project. The piece is a must read.

If the Bay project doesn’t succeed in drawing more ticket sales, Fox News will be forced to devoted much more airtime to the movie.  Let’s then see how tickets sales proceed.

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