The Pardu

CNN Offers Its Viewers Pure Gibberish From Palin

In, Jake Tapper channeling Palin, Palin gibberish on February 2, 2016 at 4:36 PM

Donald Trump has trotted out the tired worn and inane Sarah Palin to appeal to those on the Right who seek nothing in life beyond celebrity worship and who suffer from chronic entertianmentitis.

Let’s tale a quick hit look and listen. We realize it is hard to devote more than a few seconds to Palin’s gibberish, but we must make a point. The point is Trump’s traveling show will require periodic injections from an entertainment perspective to offset the campaign’s total lack of substance.  Herewith is Sarah Palin….

CNN’s Jake Tapper is spending many wasted minutes with Palin. We can only surmise CNN management seeks the very same entertainment value as does Trump’s campaign.

“So Glad Mr. Trump Has Seen The Light.” (Palin)
Palin as the complete ninny!

Actually the reality is very sad. Palin’s mind simply cannot deliver a cogent thought.


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