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Rubio Walks Away From Gay Man

In GOP 2016, homophobia,, Rubio, Your GOP on February 11, 2016 at 11:33 AM

Rubio challenged by a gay man and how did Rubio respond.  He retorted with perfunctory “empty suit” comments and promptly walked-off.

Do you recall Rand Paul similalry running for “dreamers” as he campaigned in 2014?

Fox News offered Paul a Chameleon platorm regarding his aburpt departure.

The Song Remains The Same…..(Excuse the borrowing Led Zepplin)

Crooks And Liars

Gay Man Confronts Rubio: ‘You Want To Put Me Back In The Closet’

New Hampshire has been one awkward moment after the next for the Great White Hope of the ‘Establishment’ GOP, Senator Marco Rubio. As an avid proponent of favoring ‘God’s laws’ over the laws decided by Constitutionally mandated process, Marco is going to have trouble reconciling his beliefs with the duties of the chief of the Executive…



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