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Your GOP: Trump Rally Thug Sucker Elbows An Exiting Protester (COPs Watched)

In, John McGraw, Trump rally violence. Sucker Punched At Trump rally, Your GOP on March 10, 2016 at 5:16 PM

McGraw. (Cumberland County Sheriff's Office)
John McGraw. (Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office) 
78 year-old arrested and charged day after punching a protester in the face at a Donald Trump rally in 
Fayetteville, NC. DAY AFTER?

Three minutes of your typical Trump rally.  Watch the video and follow what MSNBC is reporting of the incident.

If reflect on what you just saw, without any explanation recognize the protester was not approaching anyone. He literally followed the cop escort from the facility and a Trump supporter, McGraw) worked his way across a set of seats to strategically position himself to strike the slender protester. Did you notice the police never even address the assault perpetrator? Did you notice the manhandling of the victim of the sucker-elbow? Again, did you see any COP even shoot a glance at the perpetrator of the assault?  

The power of video. If there was no video of the incident, MCGraw would neve have been arrested. While you may not care for my next point I am excited to make the point. Do you be4lvei for one mil=-second a white protester assaulted as such by a black member of the crowd would have resulted in no immediate action against the perpetrator?  You will hear as this piece develops, McGraw wasn’t arrested immediately. In fact, he was arrested hours after the end of the event. 

The following MSNBC segment is well over 11 minutes in duration. It is, however, a must watch and listen, as the perpetrator actually stated to MSNBC he might have to kill the protester if he sees him again.

The incident is not all horrific it is a clear indication of how a demagogue celebrity influences the actions of people who are susceptible to his or her demagoguery. Yet, there is an even more stark reality inherent in the incident. Not only did it take the video and social media to bring the incident to the light of rational scrutiny (well beyond the hordes of hate fill Trump worshippers), it has to be noted the perpetrator felt comfortable in his assault. He literally worked his away across a series of seats to strike an African-American man who was surrounded by what appears as a dozen cops. He wasn’t arrested on the spot! How telling a scenario is that? 

UPDATE: Trump surrogate/support lauds the sucker punching.

Trump enforcer tells CNN good job on sucker punch

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