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Anonymous Attacks Trump (Video)

In Anonymous, on March 17, 2016 at 4:43 PM

Image via Counter Current News

We are going to do our best to triple verify the following report.

Anonymous earlier int eh week vowed to go to on a cyber attack against the GOP’s number candidate for the nomination as we move towards the fall General Elections.

Sources are reporting on an invasive attack within the past 24 hours and, if accurate, it seems the hacktivist group is calling deep and releasing information.

We do not find releases of a Social Security number an item on which to reap lauding remarks. But, how often we have a Donald J. Trump-like character turning half the nation into a carnival cesspool.

Freakout Nation

Anonymous Releases Donald Trump’s Social Security Number, Personal Information (VIDEO)

The ubiquitous collective Anonymous promised to wage a ‘total war’ on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and if the information in the pastebin is correct, the hotel magnate will be having a very bad day. However, this is a different Operation than #OpTrump. Counter Current News reports that Donald Trump’s social security number was released as…



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