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Say, Didn’t You Used to be Bernie Sanders?

In The Progressive Influence on May 2, 2016 at 4:06 PM

Feral Press Alliance

by Steve Rohosky

Looks like Janey Sanders is every bit the accomplished liar hubby Bernard has become. During an interview with Rachel Maddow Thursday, Mrs. Sanders claimed pro-Hillary Clinton super PACS have spent more than $70 million on ads, to this point. Friday, Maddow refuted that statement and set the record straight by producing a graphic showing the PACS have spent less than HALF what Mrs. Sanders claimed, $39 million less, in fact.

Couple that with an early Friday morning appearance on CNN when the interviewer mentioned, quite correctly, by how many elected delegates and super delegates Bernard trails Clinton. Janey indignantly replied: “That’s not accurate.” Invited to correct any misinformation the interviewer had been given, Sanders retorted: “I’m not here to discuss math with you.”

Bernard and his lies have either been a really bad influence upon his wife, or Janey taught the Senator everything she knows about fallacies…

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