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Pat Buchanan Joins Other Racist In Supporting Trump

In Pat Buchanan, Trump, Trumpanzees, white America on May 5, 2016 at 5:37 PM

If you need any additional validation of Trump as the coming of a modern day Hitler, Pat Buchanan has come from under his racist cloak to join other white supremacists as Trumpanzees.

Media Matters 

Trump Supporter Pat Buchanan Laments The State Of White America

Buchanan: A White America Is “Like The Country I Grew Up In, Which Was A Pretty Good Country”

Buchanan laments a state of white America

Don’t miss an opportunity to read Buchanan’s remarks via the Media Matters piece. He literally espoused a whites only America (my words not an exact quote).

PS:  check out Trump’s level and scope of racism, bigotry, and other “isms.”



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