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Fox News Advances Another Lie

In Clinton 'Hacker', Crooks & Liars, on May 8, 2016 at 1:36 PM

Fos News feeds it sycophant viewers more lies. Crooks & Liars addressed the false claim of a European hacker’s claim of digging into Clinton’s ill-advised private email server.

Crooks & Liars…

Fox ‘News’ Pretends That Clinton ‘Hacker’ Found Damning Evidence

The ramshackle Republican Party is clinging to their hopes that the excessively exploited email ‘scandal’ will relegate Hillary Clinton to second place in the Democratic primary contest. They must realize that Hillary will likely be the Democrats’ choice to face Donald Trump, the misogynist, narcissist and megalomaniac who has left the GOP in tatters. They are…


  1. Hey @Pardu, Another culprit causing the anti Hillary campaign is VICE NEWS. They are the originators of the lawsuit asking for her emails. I have already come across Democrats watching this hip news show as their news source and they have no clue they are a republican news site following the republican agenda which always involves DECEIT. This news media company VICE NEWS & it's founders has hidden almost all tracks on the internet to their GOP backgrounds.

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