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Trump California Delegate A White Nationalist?

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If you need for us to write paragraph after paragraph to introduce what follows you really should consider your social paradigm.’

We have posted many pieces on the developing level and full scope of white supremacists who are endorsing Donald trump as the nation’s 45th President.  If you read the Talking Points Memo (LIVEWIRE) piece and do not recognize creeping racism, bigotry, and social bias, you are probably a Trump supporter.


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White Nationalist Leader Selected As One Of Trump’s California Delegates

William Johnson, head of the white nationalist American Freedom Party and architect of a pro-Trump robocall campaign urging white voters to elect Trump, confirmed to the news site that his application to serve as a delegate for the campaign was approved.

“I just hope to show how I can be mainstream and have these views,” Johnson told Mother Jones. “I can be a white nationalist and be a strong supporter of Donald Trump and be a good example to everybody.”

Johnson has been campaigning in support of Trump in earnest since last fall. He founded a Super PAC in November 2015 to raise money on the billionaire mogul’s behalf, and launched arobocall get-out-the-vote effort in early voting states heaping praise on Trump’s anti-immigrant views. In press releases announcing the robocall campaign, the PAC referred to Trump as America’s “Great White Hope.”

As Johnson told TPM at the time, Trump’s candidacy is helping America move towards the creation of the “white ethno-state” that he hopes to see in his lifetime.

Under fire for his reluctance to disavow the support of other white nationalists, including former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Trump in February promised to return a $250 donation he received from Johnson in September 2015.

Johnson maintains that he has never spoken to anyone from the Trump campaign directly, and Trump has said he would “disavow” the support of his white nationalist backers.

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