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Trump Campaign Accepts White Nationalist Delegate

In, Trump campaign, White Nationalist Delegate, Your GOP on May 11, 2016 at 12:18 PM

A must read piece via NPR

Another day and more evidence of overwhelming messages from the Trump camp. While the nascent GOP leader continues his reality show TV performances his camp team reminds us of the level of their lack of attention to detail and or a devotion to the nefarious. The recent acceptance of a national leader in the ‘white nationalist’ movement as a 2016 California delegate speaks volumes. Is Trump signaling his inner core (which includes a father who was possibly a KKK sympathizer), or are we seeing ineptitude that should be kept far away from the White House?

Let’s consider a few points. First, it is a fact white nationalists and white supremacists are speaking openly about their support for Trump. It doesn’t matter he offers offhanded denials of their support or sly inferences he does not want their support, support is support. Pat Buchanan the nation’s most pronounced and proud white nationalist and racist media figure (and infrequent politician), has come forth with overt support for Trump.

Another critical matter is the requisite professional and aggregate competency of White House Staff. Yesterday Think Progress published an article about Trump staffers and adviser who could occupy the Whtie House.  It should be noted Trumps abusive campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski, is among the crew. Even if we can get past the Florida DAs’ refusal to charge Lewandowski for physical handling of a Breitbart News reporter, his outright lies after the incident speaks to credibility. 

On a tertiary basis, any rational person should recognize reports of white supremacist support for Trump. Is it a far reached to believe his campaign staff would expend extra efforts to ensure the highest quality of campaign affiliates?  Unless the choice of the racist California delegate is a gift to voting blocs dedicated to placing Trump in the White House.

The Trump charade continues and now has white supremacists comfortably seated in his carnival tent.

Crooks & Liars published a piece regarding the Trump campaign acceptance of the white supremacist.  I find it most interesting not one major cable news network have run a segment on the racist Trump delegate.
It’s time for media and everyone else pretending Trump isn’t a racist, fascist pig to give up that delusion and get down to it. The California Secretary of State published candidates’ delegate slates today, and guess who Donald Trump selected? William Johnson, head of the American Freedom Party, a proudly white nationalist organization. Johnson’s organization, by…


As the GOP moves further to the Right and continues to evolve as a party of white America.


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