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Sanders And How He Pays For His Vision of the Presidency

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Over the course of his campaign, Senators has stated how he would fund his campaign promises.  

The following graphic covers it all.  It should be noted, as with all presidential candidates, once they move into the Oval Office, many of their campaign promises move to the back burner. Even President Obama hasn’t fulfilled each and every campaign promise, but he has come close. As the old adage goes, “Close is only good in horseshoes.”

How Bernie Sanders Pays for His Proposals (Image w/ Sources)

If he wins the nomination, I will gleefully vote for the man in November. After that, I will await fruition of his vision for the nation.

An Ugly Democrat Party Conference In Las Vegas

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As the Democrat 2016 political process joins the GOP process in outright shameful exhibits of disgusting behavior, this past weekend’s fights and scuffles in Las Vegas has to take top prize for *king of shame.* 

Let’s start with a video of Sanders addressing a crowd of supporters. If the Nascent Democrat party candidate is not careful could turn the Democrat convention into a total exhibition of WWE like matches.

Excitement or exciting?

Sanders; remarks may not have contributed to the weekend vulgarity, Fist fights, floor shuffles, and shouts of “boo”, but in aggregate his supporters remind of a past of Libertarian events.
I recall Ron Paul supporters who exhibited behavior comparable to that you are about to see. The victim of the Sander’s supporter’s profanity and disgust is the honored and very professional Barbara Boxer (D) CA.

Calif Sen Barbara Boxer: If you boo me you’re booing Bernie Sanders

The Daily Kos reported on the weekend shame, and while the social media site is not a news source it is known for credible progressive reporting. I should state there are certain writers in the Kos network who are Clinton supporters, and on the opposite side Sanders supporters. 

From (the) Las Vegas Sun, 

According to state party representatives, six of those were eventually allowed as delegates, and the rest were denied delegate or alternate status because either they or their records could not be located or they were not registered Democrats by the May 1 deadline.

Meanwhile, 8 Clinton supporters were denied delegate status for similar reasons. 

Yes, that’s right: a process that is easy and completely free was skipped over by a few dozen people, who are now kicking up a fuss because they are not democrats but want to participate in selecting the democratic nominee. Such as this gem: So, I waited 2 hours in the Credentials Committee line (10 people in front of me) to be told I was ineligible to be seated today because I changed my registration from Democrat about three weeks ago when I went on a spur of disgust for the party. This may sound incompetent on my end, and maybe it’s common knowledge, but I didn’t know I had to maintain my Democrat registration through this process past the caucuses. Can someone verify if this is an old rule or something they just made up? They said I had to be registered Democrat by May 1st. After that point, they ‘vet’ each state delegate on the list to verify they are Democrats. Rules are rules, but I’d be less disappointed if hadn’t wasted 4 (total) hours attempting to fight for Bernie today, when I could have spent an hour or less finding out the same information if the party had their shit together.

You had to be a Democrat to participate in a Democratic Convention? The horror! Liberty has fallen! America is an oligarchy!
To his credit, and as much good as that did, Sanders had urged his supporters the night before to remain respectful. 
For further news, check out Kristin Orthman (Harry Reid’s spokesperson’s) twitter feed.
Considering the disgusting behavior of the protestors here, and the resorting to getting physical, don’t paint them as the victims. We mock the Republicans whenever they stoop to these levels. Remember those Trump rallies we were sneering at? 
Finally, as to the results…you guys wanted Democracy, right? The new delegate total more accurately reflects what had gone down in the February caucus. Consider your wish granted. Consider the will of the voters served. 

If the Sanders supporters are not registered as democrats, I wonder why the Sanders campaign did not anticipate issues related to his nascent claim of running as a Democrats. Maybe, the campaign should have suggested his supporters register as Democrats, as he launched his campaign.
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