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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump’s White Nationalism (Bundled Bigotry, Racism, White Supremacy)

In GOP 2016, Howie Carr. Paul LaPage. Donald Trump, Trump, Trump's white nationalism, US rcaim Mocks Native Americans on July 1, 2016 at 12:11 PM


Donald Trump has, of late, taken to attacking Elizabeth Warren since Warrens public support for Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democrat nominee for the fall General elections. It appears Warren’s recent appearance with Clinton has driven Trump and his racist supporters to a new level of “go after.”  Of more significance,Warren isn’t Trump’s direct competition for the Oval Office.


Isn’t it amazing the level to which US media has turned the 2016 election cycle into nothing more than ratings seeking entertainment: The language and jargon tells all. “Go after”, “battles,” both-barrels, “hit” one has to only watch CNN for a few hours to experience the “exciting jargon. Even, the former progressive MSNBC broadcasts hosts who from time to time use the lingo as if introducing a Mix Martial Arts match or a pugilist boxing match. Lingo which is common to the introduction of a circus barker and reality TV showman. 

Donald Trump’s decision to run for the GOP nomination and his eventual primary wins have paved the way for jargon that facilitates and supports Trump’s brand of politics. Campaigning via policy, critical issues, and civil political campaigning have given way to something akin to WWE promotions

Media really should police itself for the greatrer good of the nation even if ti means foregoing a few million dollars in revenue.

End digression.

Thus, attacks from Trump (and company) fail to take on any level of civil discourse or commonly accepted politicking.  When “go after” or “both barrels” becomes the desired state of politicking, Trump, and his supporters resort to the following. 

Media Matters reported on Carr’s long history of such racist attacks.  Salon (along with other media) has reported Trump told Carr “whatever you do don’t apologize.”

Trump Surrogate Howie Carr goes full racist

Rachel Maddow broadcast a segment a day after Carr’s disgusting exhibition that included another well-known GOP racists joining in introducing Trump: Maine’s Governor LaPage. LaPage and Carr are irrefutable models of Trump’s campaign’s over-the-top racism. While Trump employs many stooges who consistently deny his racist inner core, evidence why GOP leader’s contempt for Native-American Original people spans decades.

The following video ran last night on MSNBC’s All In. During 1993 Native-America committee hearings regarding casino licensing to Native-Americans, Trump’s words and non-verbal moans indicate a callousness and lack of social tolerance which manifests in the current daily operations within his campaign.

Is there any wonder why the vast majority of US racists , white supremacists, and white nationalists and support Trump’s candidacy?

As the old saying goes, If it smells quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, it is a duck. Trump is a racist.


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