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The Daily GOP Ignominious:The Consummate Liar (One Guess)

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Yes of course, Trump brandishes Clinton with the moniker of “liar.”  

I often ask: “Does Donald Trump have mirrors in his home and office?” It is impossible to believe that millions across American (who support Trump) do not also recognize he is a serial and pathological liar. He seems to be a person who has developed beyond the point of speaking the truth with his first words following cognitive processes. He is a person who seems to speak the first words that come to his mouth and those words are often grounded in misleading lies or defective utterances. 
Personal thoughts aside, we have the Tapa Bay Times and its POLITIFACT division for validation of the perception Trump is the consummate liar. 

He is the Circa 2016 version of these guys.


When you were younger do you recall that time when you or your parents purchased a ticket to the exhibit and found it to be a shameful rip-off?


The truth (so far) behind the 2016 campaign

Excerpt charts. Consider visiting the Politifact link (above) for much more about Trump and his record as a consummate liar. 

3. Clinton vs. Trump

4. Whose pants are on fire?

5. More about Trump

Ninety-five of the 158 fact-checks of claims made by Trump have been rated False orPants on Fire. Add in Mostly False and that accounts for 123 (78 percent) of all of Trump’s fact-checked claims.


6. More about Clinton
Just 16 of Clinton’s 120 rated statements ended up as False or Pants on Fire. By contrast, 53 percent of the statements we fact-checked were rated True or Mostly True.


The Consummate Liar

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