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Trump’s Disdain For The Media And His Henchmen

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The media was also a target of Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels.

When politicians are successful in influencing US media the nation suffers. Think about the Washington Post not pursuing the story of the Watergate break-in? Think of the onslaught of Richard Nixon’s henchman VP, Spiro Agnew, and his attacks against US media (the press) prior to the Watergate break-in. How easy a target was, and is, the press when politicians cannot wield them for their personal agenda, personal gain or to facilitate ideological dogma? Nixon was an existential crook; Agnew’s mission was to fiend-off the press via that old sports adage:  “…..the best defense is a great offense.”
Agnew performed well, until his fraud laced passed led to his resignation form the US vice Presidency. A real crook.

Image result for spiro agnew resignation 
Spiro Agnew was born on November 9, 1918, in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1966, he was elected governor of Maryland. He was elected vice president under Richard Nixon in 1969, but resigned from his second term in 1973 after being charged with bribery, conspiracy and tax fraud.

When crooks attempt to shape media (and the press) Americans have no opportunity to use our innate ability to apply cognitive processes to current events, today;s problems, and more importantly we will nto sort out the B?S for self-serving politicians.  Now, I have to ask, why do we find attacks against the press far more prolific from the Right Vs. the political Left?  The question is rhetorical; you and I both know the answer.

As we move this piece into the 2016 General Election, we have an even more pronounced and dangerous demagogue working to shape any an all non-favorable press coverage. While Donald Trump relishes in infrequent favorable press coverage, he literally bristles and acts like a child when coverage is non-complementary. OK, so we knew that, right? Let’s take it to another level what takes pale when the erratic demagogue points fingers at members of the press, this singling them out for sycophant scorn (and possible physical abuse).

Trump attacked ABC reporter last May.

The increasingly unstable Trump often follows the GOP script of blaming the press. I recall a few cases where he pointed to the cordoned-off press reporters (in the back of the press conference rooms) and threw disparaging remarks about “hating” them.

News June 2016

DONALD Trump’s favourite nickname for the news media is the “dishonest press”.

He swaps in “disgusting press” from time to time.

And sometimes, he puts it all together: “disgusting, dishonest human beings”.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has a whole menu of take-downs for individual reporters and news organisations.

In recent weeks, he’s used his microphone and his tweets to label them “third-rate,” “not nice,” “disgraceful,” “phony,” “low-life,” “very unprofessional” and “bad people.”

Or, for extra emphasis in a tweet, “BAD”.

Attack the press as  component of an, to date, effective  “fake it to make it” strategy.

What follows is an example of irrational emotions aimed at members fo the press after a Trump event. Is this your a relative or yours? If so, maybe offer the guy a sedative or some high grade pot. (In fairness, a fellow tweeter offered a counter example at the University of Missouri during a protest involving allegations of racism. It should be noted the university president resigned in part due to his insensitive handling of the allegations)

Oh, just another lovely encounter with an angry @realDonaldTrump supporter after a rally by the media pen:— Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1) August 11, 2016

And, there are more:

Ugly, eh? Spiro Agnew garnered similar reactions from Nixon/Agnew supporters, but they never reached a level of inciting audience members to threaten members of the press.

What would caused what seems someone’s grandfather to go completely ballistic after a Trump event?  How about Trump himself as an example. Earlier int ht eek the unstable Trump again singled out a reporter for personal admonition.  The reporter was escorted out of the building by Secret Service officers. We pay the salaries of Trump’s SS protection, why should they become a form of Trump safety escort. Note: I used the acronym SS with direct purpose. Trump’s SS patrol has also choked and slammed a Time Magazine photographer).  A reminder the Secret Service is a federal agency with law enforcement protection assigned to 2016 candidates. When does the line separate personal protection form augmented personal security enforcers or officers?).

Trump’s finger pointing attack words for MSNBC’s Katy Tur.  
“What a lie. Katy Tur. What a lie it was. Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.”

Escorted from Trump Thugs!

The New Century Times

August 11, 2016 MediaNews

Earlier this week, Donald Trump shocked everyone by calling for the assassination of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. While most level-headed people are insisting that his comments should be taken extremely seriously because threatening the life of a government official is no joking matter, some of Trump’s mindless GOP backers are passing it off as a “bad joke” or misinterpretation.

That’s why what happened to MSNBC reporter Katy Tur is especially relevant now, and should be used to make the case for why Trump’s comments to his supporters about getting “Second Amendment people” to shoot Clinton should be handled with great care. Tur has been covering Trump’s campaign for over a year, and she has just recently revealed that she’d needed the Secret Service to protect her from Trump’s supporters after he turned them against her.

At a Trump rally in Mount Pleasant, Trump resurrected a grudge he’d been holding against her for unfavorable coverage in the past. Trump had wanted her to apologize, but she refused. To get her back, Trump publicly retaliated during the rally by calling her out to his supporters and saying to the crowd: (See video above)

As of this morning Trump has apparently respond to a tongue lashing from RNC Chair Rience Priebus with a false assertion his comment about President Obama and Hillary Clinton as the founder of ISIS was sarcasm.  Well, when will the nation simply accept that Donald Trump is  totally unhinged and out of control He hasn’t shown any evidence of a rational mind since his first declaration of intent to run for the Oval Office but in June 2015.

Is he actually he voice of virtually half the nation?  

Lest we forget: 
I am not a crook!


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