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Fox News Advances Another Lie

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Fos News feeds it sycophant viewers more lies. Crooks & Liars addressed the false claim of a European hacker’s claim of digging into Clinton’s ill-advised private email server.

Crooks & Liars…

Fox ‘News’ Pretends That Clinton ‘Hacker’ Found Damning Evidence

The ramshackle Republican Party is clinging to their hopes that the excessively exploited email ‘scandal’ will relegate Hillary Clinton to second place in the Democratic primary contest. They must realize that Hillary will likely be the Democrats’ choice to face Donald Trump, the misogynist, narcissist and megalomaniac who has left the GOP in tatters. They are…



The TPI Gazette: Ben Carson Rambles On Fox News Plus A GOP Gallery Of Ridiculousness

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Non-Progressive News

While the GOP Primary field offers a gallery of candidates who represent regressive economic and social ideology, the field also includes two documented carnival barkers. Both Donald Trump and Ben Carson are performing at the level of very effectively in garnering attention and polling numbers from US conservatives who may wear the collective collar of “Tea Party.” While Trump has major issues with “lying for effect” and developing a solid base of bigots and white supremacists (who are becoming overt in their support, pulls up a distant second when we consider outright over the top insanity from Ben Carson.

Carson often reminds of a robot programmed to speak and act in certain manner when faced with pre-programmed scenarios. When forced outside the programmed responses, he stumbles and rambles like a child caught with one hand in the candy jar.  His handlers have a candidate who in many ways reminds of a Sarah Palin with a brain. Yet, he is so far outside the reality of a viable presidential candidate he is often embarrassing.  I should also add, I firmly believe he suffers from some for of cognitive degeneration that results in whacked-out thoughts emanating from this mouth. 

Watch as Carson runs up against a Fox News host this past Sunday.  
After Crooks & Liars piece, give some thought to pursuing a few Twitter post (with links to other 2016 ridiculousness).

Crooks & Liars

Ben Carson Can’t Name Any Of Our Allies For His International Coalition

On this morning’s Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Ben Carson how he would defeat ISIS and after a lengthy word salad response, Wallace tried to pin him down on detailing something real so he asked him who he would bring first into an International military coalition. As you’ll see, Ben had trouble naming our allies…


Hey, Ben, If you can’t name them then how can you use them in a fight? Oh, never mind. 

Ben Carson Completely Self Destructs And Goes Full Blown Nutter On Fox News #UniteBlue

— The Progressive Mind (@Libertea2012) November 16, 2015

Wallace to Carson: After Paris, Why Would U.S. Want Prez with No Foreign Policy Experience?

— Mediaite (@Mediaite) November 15, 2015 

Ben Carson, always happy to help Fox demonize other black people. #BlackOnCampus 🙃

— topWave (@topWave_) November 13, 2015

Jeb Bush’s Shockingly Heartless Response to Paris Attacks #UniteBlue

— The Progressive Mind (@Libertea2012) November 16, 2015

Tapper Confronts Jeb for Slamming Dems on Radical Islam: Your Brother Said Islam Is Peace

— Mediaite (@Mediaite) November 15, 2015

Trump invoked a deadly “unabashedly racist” deportation program as an immigration model. Here’s how media responded:

— Media Matters (@mmfa) November 15, 2015

Donald Trump has been on Fox News more than any other two GOP candidates combined. Up to date Fox Primary chart:

— Media Matters (@mmfa) November 15, 2015

Of all the social media feeds, the following from Facebook most is the most critical. John McCain has predictably come out with anticipated comments about how Obama is the father of ISIS.   If there is an American responsible for ISIS beyond 2003 George W. Bush (and company) John McCain has that honor. 


McCain: Obama’s failed leadership led to rise of ISIS— The Hill (@thehill) November 16, 2015


GOP 2016: Scott Walker Cancels Event Appearance, Rumors Of The Koch (Money) Well Drying Up And Trump

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UPDATE: The New Yorker is reporting the Kochs have given up to Walker.

Look. you cannot see the marionette strings!

Embedded image permalink

When I think of the field of conservatives who are vying for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, I find little reason to wonder why Donald Trump is faring so well among conservatives. The field of candidates is almost comical and despite Rience Priebus’s neutered management of the situation, the party’s inner core isn’t showing well. A fact that should not surprise and is indicated an ideology that is absent usefulness in circa 2015 America. As is the case with conservative ideology, people who subscribe are literally lost in a sea of regressive fantasy. They live in a social bubble and when coupled with numerous sources of mis-information America’s conservatives are scrambling for a “hero.” It seems Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is not the hero of his past second place polling numbers.

As I think of Scott Walker, it is easy to see why the party hero is a New York City carnival barker who is rapidly showing the ridiculousness of reality television. Our penchant for seeking self-gratifying voyeuristic moments of fantasy television entertainment is slowly manifesting in poll results that favor Trump. An intriguing sidebar to Trump’s impact on the campaign is his attracting polling numbers which equates to the probable loss of campaign cash to the more regressive of the 16 candidates.  There isn’t one of the 16 GOP candidates who is more regressive than Scott Walker. And, Scott comes with another dynamic important to his money backers. He offers Koch brothers funded regression while sporting a Wisconsin gubernatorial track record that is literally unfathomable.

Have a look?

The economic record has resulted in a Walker slide down the approval ratings roller-coaster like a ride on Jackson, New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure, Kingda Ka. In late August, walker polled at 25% among a survey of Republican primary voters. More important, Walker recently polled among Wisconsin residents at the 39 percent level. Why would any worthwhile uber wealthy oligarch fund a veritable political loser?

Unsubstantiated reports of Koch brothers slowing the flow of campaign cash to the Walker campaign, have floated across the Internet over the past two weeks.  

Image via Screen Grab

“Remember Barack Obama had never run anything in government before, and we see what a lousy president he’s been,” Walker said. “I’ve run things. I’ve actually got things done.” 

“If you want someone who will fight and win… and get results without compromising common sense conservative principles, then I’m the candidate,” Walker told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.”

Walker says he will fight. What exactly would Walker fight for or against. Would he undertake to rid the nation of all public service workers? Would he become a clone of Bush/Cheney’s charge into Iraq by chasing and destroying the nation’s labor unions? His ill-advised comments about being qualified to takeout ISIS based on taking-down 100,000 union protesters was indicative of a childlike mindset as well as a candidate reaching for the weakest of administration fait accompli.  Walker would fight for any and every issue handed to him by the Koch brothers as first priority and all other (conservative agenda) matters on a secondary basis.

If you have any doubt about the accommodating candidate for Wisconsin, watch as he un-artfully dodges CNN’s Jake Tapper’s efforts to secure an answer regrading special interest in the nation’s capital.

Under the carnival tent of one Donald Trump and consistent campaign stumbles, Walker is fading among Republican candidates. When adjoined with rumors of dwindling Koch money, and a coming GOP debate we should be in for an interesting week in GOP politics.

Crooks & Liars is reporting Walker has cancelled an appearance in California. 

Walker Cancels Appearance At California Event

For months, Scott Walker was planning on headlining at the Republican state convention in California. On Friday, he suddenly canceled his appearance without explanation: Presidential candidate Scott Walker on Friday abruptly canceled his planned speech at the California Republican Party convention next weekend, according to someone involved with the event’s planning who was not authorized to…


Duggars, Duggars, Duggars…We Have A Problem!

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Duggars Tell Megyn Kelly That Josh Duggar’s Molestations Weren’t All That Bad

This story just gets sicker and sicker. Not only did the elder Duggars show up for the interview, they dragged along a couple of Josh’s victims for the parade, too. Raw Story: Asked why they didn’t turn their son in, Jim Bob explained that he was told by a friend that “government programs” were notoriously unsuccessful…

After the Crooks & Liars piece, check out this quick hit via GAWKER.  And people actually tune-in weekly to watch these people “reality: Their way into what is reported to be $40,000 per episode.

“The one thing I know…..”  Really, I suspect you know much much more than your perception of God’s will.

IF YOU ONLY NEWS explores the mind of the victim in the Duggar clan.  Shameful really. “They can[t do this to us…”  I cannot help but wonder if Josh;s olesttion was accompanied by some degree of complicity.

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‘Clinton Cash’ …Still Fizzling! Fox News and ABC News

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Fox News is not often run on the TPI, but when a network host comes across as a true journalist (even for a moment), it is a worthwhile read.
Yesterday, I published this piece.   It seems the timing was darn near perfect. he author of “Clinton Cash” is on the Sunday morning rounds and his fox News visit has proven typical.

Fox News Sunday….

Chris Wallace confronts ‘Clinton Cash’ author: ‘You don’t have a single piece of evidence’

“I am a journalist… I don’t have access…….”  Yet, he wrote a book!

ABC News This Week….

The author of a forthcoming book on Hillary Clinton and foreign donations made to her family’s foundation defended the accuracy of his research, saying in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” today that while he found “no direct evidence” she took official action at the State Department to benefit donors to her family’s foundation, the “smoking gun is in the pattern of behavior.”
Peter Schweizer’s book, “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” highlights instances in which domestic and foreign companies with pending interests before the State Department made large donations to the Clinton’s charitable enterprises or, in some cases, helped underwrite the former president’s speeches.

Read more linked above

Now for the back story. 

The author of the book about allegations Hillary Clinton’s State Department gave preferential treatment to a Canadian Uranium company deal with a Russian company visited with Chris Wallace. The Canadian company has operations in the United States; the sale has resulted in Russian control of a group of US mines. 

Follow this excerpt and think how convenient to be able to fall back on Hillary Clinton’s deleted email.  

During an interview on Fox News Sunday about his book, “Clinton Cash,” Schweizer suggested that Hillary Clinton approved a deal that eventually allowed the Russian government to control some U.S. uranium mines. 

But Wallace noted that the deal was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a panel of nine different federal agencies. 

“It’s not just the State Department,” Wallace explained. “It’s nine separate agencies… There is no hard evidence — and you don’t cite any in the book — that Hillary Clinton took direct action, was involved in any way in approving, as one nine agencies, the sale of the company.” 

Schweizer argued that “any one of those agencies had veto power so she could have stopped the deal.” 

“You don’t have a single piece of evidence that she was involved in this deal, that she sent a memo to the State Department person that was on this committee and said, ‘Hey, we want to approve the uranium sale,'” Wallace pressed. 

“I am a journalist,” Schweizer insisted. “I don’t have access to government records. I certainly don’t have access to her emails, which it doesn’t seem like anybody does. But the fundamental question is, with this deal and with the others we cite in the book, is it coincidence in a pattern that we see repeated dozens of times where large Clinton supporters have business before the State Department, they make large payments and favorable actions are taken?”

How opportunist and timely  a piece of published work?  While I am certainly no reader of Breitbart News, the meanderings of the author appears straight out of Breitbart’s front page.   

There is not way better to shine a light on Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash”, than to visit with another Fox News entertainer for a one minute prompter read bout the “decline of US journalism” I am very reticent to use the clip as Bill O’Reilly’s days as a true journalist ended many years ago. He is Fox News’s chief demagogue and entertainer. A midst swirls of allegations of false reporting, he not long ago came out with this…..

Words to bemoan the decline of journalism perpetrated in major way by the owner of Fox News.  And, you don’t have to look far beyond US borders for evidence of Ruppert Murdoch’s influence on Journalism Circa 1990s and to date.

 Meanwhile, let’s watch ‘Clinton Cash’ to see if it catches fire or fizzles like the vast majority of far right wing dogma.


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Rand Paul told New Hampshire audience the following: …”fight for your right to be left alone.” Wonder if he feels the same about Cliven Bundy’s refusal to pay land taxes and his defiant stand against efforts to collect said taxes?

GOP Problem alert! 

As CNN’s Dana Bash interviews GOP presidential aspirant, Rand Paul, a response to a question about gay marriage drew a conspicuously troublesome response. Paul used that favored GOP word: “states.” 

States Rights is mere code for government differentiation the leads to discrimination. Recall the “States” during the Civil Rights Era of the 60s. Imagine states with legislatures ruled by Koch Brothers dark money with politicians subservient to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

“Well, no, the states will end up making the decisions on these things,” Paul replied. “I think there’s a religious connotation to this. I also believe people ought to be treated fairly under the law. I see why if the marriage contract conveys certain things, that if you want to marry another woman, you can do that and have a contract. But the thing is that the religious connotation of marriage that has been going on for thousands of years, I still want to preserve that.”

Paul has gone on record in the past with his views that private business owners should not be forced to serve or provide accommodation to all who wish to patron the establishment. 
GOP Problem alert!
If the US (and voters) allows states to call the shots on fair and balanced life in the nation, our quality of life will deteriorate like a fizzled-out Alka Seltzer (Tm). We are seeing state legislatures reversing voters election preferences regarding LGBT Rights. We are seeing cases in a couple of states where legislators are forbid from using the words “Climate change.” How about the reality of GOP governed states that are refusing life sustaining medical care via the ACA based in pure political obstruction?
Paul’s continued affinity for states rights and the ironclad GOP lock-step commitment to state’s rights spells doom for a comprehensive fair, balanced and equal nation under the law.

Chris Matthews Jumps To Rand Paul’s Defense From RightWing Operatives

In 'Goddamn' Right-Wing Ads, Chris Matthews Rips MSNBC, Crooks & Liars, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, President Obama, Rand Paul on April 8, 2015 at 12:39 PM

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Of all the admiration I hold for MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for his stance against voter suppression and outright racism reaped on President Obama throughout his time in the Oval Office, I remain totally perplexed about Matthews’s affinity for Rand Paul.

Matthews has avoided any criticism of Paul as The inimitable politicians squirmed around his plagiarism relations. If Matthews was critical of Paul’s active participation in signing the Tom Cotton Open Letter to Iranian leadership, I missed that segment altogether. Additionally, I don’t recall Matthews ever referencing Paul’s stumbling and mumbling interview with Rachel Maddow. The interview in which Paul openly stated he would not have supported the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 due to his aversion for forcing “private” business owners in any way. Thus, he admits he would not have supported desegregation restaurants, hotels and other establishments available for public accommodation. As a matter of fact, after swearing-ff appearing on MSNBC, Paul accepted an interview on the network and Matthews ended the segment with (Paraphrased): “Our proximity of some issues is uncanny.” The essence of the paraphrased remarks are actually disappointing if Paul’s receives a review as the total (social and political) package. He is a liar, a shifty political Chameleon, who has admitted wanton inclination to “misinform” for personal gain.

Again, why Chris Matthews has adopted an affinity for Paul “The Younger” is totally perplexing.

Apparently, Matthews has literally taken-up the role of flag bearer for Paul. The following Crooks & Liars piece offers insight into Matthews sitting in on another MSNBC show, to wave the Paul flag. And, therein lies a credibility killer for a cable news host who works for a network that consistently has fewer viewers than Fox News and CNN. When Paul flops or suffers more character revelations, will Matthews go on air and admit to being duped as are many voters who habitually vote GOP. 

Before the full Crooks & Liars piece, let’s take a quick read of Matthews and his flag waving. 

Love for Paul…..

I can see why people from both parties are going after this guy even on the very day he announces for president: he’s a danger to conventional politics in this country. He’s willing to challenge government intrusion in our lives, willing to challenge America’s intrusion into foreign countries, especially that sad, tragic mission we call “nation building.”

Without regard for Paul’s history and his apparently inclination to lie, Matthews lays his neck on a political guillotine. Is it possible Mathews has failed to review Paul’s voting record over his short spa in the US Senate? The MSNBC host has no way of knowing the veracity of Paul’s utterances.

Crooks And Liars

Chris Matthews Rips MSNBC For Airing ‘Goddamn’ Right-Wing Ads, Then Airs It Himself

Chris Matthews went a little off the reservation on Thomas Roberts’ show Tuesday, chewing on MSNBC and Roberts for airing an attack ad against Rand Paul, put together by the same group that Swiftboated John Kerry. TPM: MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts ended up under friendly fire on Tuesday when his colleague Chris Matthews launched into a…

Cruz Appears On Sunday Morning News Shows And Hits 2013 GOP Shutdown Strategic Foul Balls

In 2013 Federal Government Shutdown, CBS Host Laughs In Ted Cruz's Face, Crooks & Liars, Dana Bash and Cruz, GOP Shutdown, Ted Cruz on February 9, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Ted Cruz is playing the politics game and doing it without regard for our intellect, our vision, our sense of hearing and our ability to read.  He visited a few Sunday morning (conservative) shows and disavowed his and  his party’s 29 Billion (hit to GDP)  2013 shutdown.

If you need any level of validation about how many Americans viewed the shutdown a CNN/ORC Poll  pointed the finger at congressional Republicans.

The government shutdown in 20 questions.

A CNN/ORC International poll that came out Monday found that 46% will blame congressional Republicans if the government closes its doors, with 36% saying the president would be more responsible and 13% pointing fingers at both.

OK, that was an unnecessary digression, but I will always err on the side of information when faced with demagoguery. There is no demagogue in the US Congress more deleterious to bi-partisanship than Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The futility and wastefulness of GOP politics and the $24 Billion hit to GDP.

Cruz’s leadership in shutting down the US government actually reaches back to Cruz’s earliest days in the US Senate. I posit the shutdown was a legislative landmine from the inner psyche of the anti-US government Koch brothers. And, the brothers would have reaped private agony  on their elected officials and closed the dark money bank.  

Cruz’s deflection is an insult. If you haven’t observed the lowest level of US politics, take a few minutes and watch a master gutter dweller in action.

We offer two broadcast segments from this morning’s news. While Cruz is in Munich ,Germany, rest assured he will stay in-touch with US media cameras to feed his prospects of deflecting on congressional Democrats and to feed his 2016 brand (with lies and crafted performances).

Dana Bash and Cruz Part 2. The salient points in the segment commence at the 40 second mark. 

Let’s follow a Crooks & Liars piece regarding the Cruz P/R campaign as he ramps up for a run at the GOP nomination in 2016. The CBS host showed his contempt for Cruz’s deflective lies via verging on outright laughter. As you watch the video embed in the Crooks &Liars piece, my only criticism is the segment ends with Cruz’s demagoguery to CBS’s early morning viewers.  

Conservative demagogues and operatives are well coached in delivering their messages via electronic media. They know or have been coached the clock is their ally. News show host have tight time parameters for each segment. Cruz and others are very adroit at capturing the parting comment time. If you do not realize the value of those parting remarks, you might be one who relishes the barrage or propaganda.

CBS Host Laughs In Ted Cruz’s Face For Repeatedly Denying He Shut Down Government

CBS host Bob Schieffer’s was driven nearly to a fit of giggles on Sunday after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) repeatedly refused to take responsibility for last year’s government shutdown. The veteran newsman led off his Sunday interview by simply asking if Cruz would be willing to once again hold the government hostage to try to get…

var icx_publication_id = ‘14291’; var icx_copyright_notice = ‘2014 TheProgressiveInfluence’;

Did you see and hear my point?

Las Vegas Shooters: Possible White Supremacist, Bundy Ranch Militia, And Anti-Government Quacks!

In Bundy's Ranch, CNN, Crooks & Liars, GAWKER, MSNBC, Talking Points Memo, The Daily Mail.CO.UK., white supremacists "barkers?" on June 9, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Apparently some neighbors of the Las Vegas shooters heard from the Las Vegas shooters, they were anti-government and they had mentioned a shooting spree. Yes, you mental process went to the same place as did my mental process. Where is the individual responsibility to report such twerps? Especially during times when people act-out their rhetoric.

The details of the Las Vegas “Start of the revolution” start to emerge. Internet media is reporting virtually real-time. Despite the fact CNN is airing reports from Las Vegas, we are amazed at the intentional surface-only cover of the shootings. MSNBC may have programming reports via their live broadcast, but the MSNBC webpage is void on any mention of the shooting. 

I will state right up-front, “There is nothing at all in the news that surprises me.”

The Daily Mail.CO.UK. headline, sub-headline and lede deck.

Married white supremacist couple yelled ‘this is a revolution’ as they shot dead two cops eating pizza and a female bystander, then draped the bodies in ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flags before suicide pact

  • A husband and wife in their late 20s stormed a North Las Vegas pizzeria on Sunday morning and shot dead two police officers, one in the head

  • They then ran to a Walmart where they shot a woman dead before taking their own lives in a suicide pact

  • The killed police officers have been identified as dad-of-three Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, who had a newborn baby

  • White supremacist paraphernalia including swastikas was found in the young couple’s apartment during a raid after the shooting

  • Neighbors described the pair as methamphetamine users obsessed with conspiracy theories

  • The couple openly talked about killing police and going underground before emerging ‘when the time is right,’ said another neighbor
Alyn Beck
Igor Soldo

Dead in the line of duty: Officers Alyn Beck (left) and Igor Soldo (right) were killed Sunday morning by male and female shooters while eating lunch

This flag was draped over the dead officer's body: Known as the Gadsden Flag, this symbol of defiance dating back to the American Revolutionary War was used to cover the slain officer

This flag was draped over the dead officer’s body: Known as the Gadsden Flag, this symbol of defiance dating back to the American Revolutionary War was used to cover the slain officer

Talking Points Memo Livewire

Neighbors in an apartment complex where the two suspects lived said they “had a reputation for spouting racist, anti-government views” and boasted about their gun collection, according to the Las Vegas Sun. The newspaper reported that residents of the apartment complex who spoke about the suspects also brought up the couple’s relationship with Bundy Ranch, where the two bragged about being present for the standoff between militia members and the Bureau of Land Management. 
Another resident of the apartment complex, Brandon Moore, told the Las Vegas Sun that the couple had also spoken about their plans to commit a mass shooting. 
“They were handing out white-power propaganda and were talking about doing the next Columbine,” he said.

   Neighbors Say Vegas Shooters Were White   Supremacists, Bundy Militants

The Review-Journal, too, got a similar sketch of the murderers from neighbors at their apartment complex:                                                                                                                   Several neighbors identified the man as Jared, while one called the woman Amanda. 

Like many of the neighbors contacted, Krista Koch said she didn’t know the couple’s last names. She described them as “militant.” They talked about planning to kill police officers, “going underground” and not coming out until the time was right to kill. 
Brandon Monroe, 22, has lived in the complex for about two weeks. He said the man who lived in the apartment that was being searched often rambled about conspiracy theories. He often wore camouflage or dressed as Peter Pan to work as a Fremont Street Experience street performer. A woman lived with him, Monroe said, but he didn’t see her as often. 
They were weird people, Monroe said, adding that he thought the couple used methamphetamine.
Let’s end this piece with a re-post from Crooks&Liars. Yet, we must offer a comment about this morning’s CNN coverage of the shooting. I have sat through 1.5 hours of coverage and have yet to hear any reporting as posted on this page. No mention of a Bundy Ranch militia activity, no mention of the commonly used Don’t Tread on Me Flag, no mention of reports the shooter often spewed white supremacists views.

If CNN has a business model that includes a form of sanitizing news, it is a credible new course?  Fox News is reporting with mention of the shooters as Meth tweakers only.  Why does CNN strive so hard to follow a path set by Fox News? Why does the network clearly avoid mention of militia, Bundy’s Ranch and white supremacists “barkers?”

CNN sanitizing news! Linked here

A quick review of the MSNBC webpage yield no mention of the shooting and its various fissures into militia, Bundy Ranch, anti-government and racism.

If people get the preponderance of their news from television, we have to question why a major news network would fail to report the full story.  We are what we know, if we do not know facts and details we as living beings make bad choices and associated bad decisions.  How many of you felt Cliven Bundy’s militia supported tax evasion was a noble cause? Did you think the people on the overpass with scoped rifles leveled on BLM officials and Las Vegas Police were “cool?”  Did you get a nice picture as a passers-by?  


Las Vegas Shooters Said They Were Kicked Off Bundy Ranch (via

By Susie Madrak June 9, 2014 6:36 am – Comments The two shooters draped the bodies of the slain cops with a “Don’t Tread On Me” Gadsden flag, lately favored by the Tea Party and right-wing militants. As the details come out about the Las Vegas shooting…


How about the people who simply listened to the racist/anti-government anarcho-terrorist and failed to report? Let’s consider a scenario with one of those people shopping at the WalMart store and riling the shooters. Would that have been a case of inadvertent suicide? 

UPDATE: Washington Post reports Nazi items lying around shooters’ apartment. 

Allen West Typical GOP

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Fundraiser/Political Strategy
As the US House prepares for John Boehner’s “tea party” fundraiser (Select) Benghazi Committee, the committee members have been announced.

Boehner’s “fundraisers”

Pelosi’s “Guardian Monitors”

And the circus begins. The NRCC has already commenced raising money form the hearings, despite actual hearings as weeks and maybe months away. Remember, Boehners “rangers” are in no rush as fundraising and political leverage for 2014 mid-terms and 2016 general elections are the ultimate mission.

While NRCC fundraising off the deaths of heroic Americans is as despicable as it gets. Yet, another noted Tea Party demagogue has attacked a member of the Democrat committee members.

As a matter of introduction, let’s meet the combatants attacked and the attacker.

American War HeroLadda Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth
Tammy Duckworth, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Illinois‘s 8th district
Assumed office
January 3, 2013

An Iraq War veteran, Duckworth served as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot and suffered severe combat wounds, losing both of her legs and damaging her right arm. She was the first female double amputee from the war.[1] Having received a medical waiver, she continues to serve as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard along with her husband, Major Bryan W. Bowlsbey, a signal officer and fellow Iraq War veteran.

American anti-hero: Allen West resigned military commission to avoid court martial and possible imprisonment: torture of an Iraq war detainee.

The Nation

West resigned from the military in 2004, following an incident involving his unit’s treatment of an Iraqi man. West himself was charged with two violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including one against assault, and agreed to retire after an Article 15 hearing in order to avoid a court martial.

Read more after break below 

According to a 2004 account in The New York Times, West let the soldiers under his command beat the Iraqi man, whom West believed was involved in an attempt on his life. (No evidence was ever found implicating the man). Then, he staged a mock execution: 
Soon, the soldiers began striking and shoving Mr. Hamoodi. They were not instructed to do so by Colonel West but they were not stopped, either, they said. ‘I didn’t know it was wrong to hit a detainee,” a 20-year-old soldier from Daytona Beach said at the hearing. Colonel West testified that he would have stopped the beating ”had it become too excessive.” 
Eventually, the colonel and his soldiers moved Mr. Hamoodi outside, and threatened him with death. Colonel West said he fired a warning shot in the air and began counting down from five. He asked his soldiers to put Mr. Hamoodi’s head in a sand-filled barrel usually used for clearing weapons. At the end of his count, Colonel West fired a shot into the barrel, angling his gun away from the Iraqi’s head, he testified.

 A bit more ……Rep. Allen West says ‘about 78 to 81’ House Democrats in Communist Party

I know of Allen West, you know of Allen West, the GOP knows of Allen West, and those who made the big mistake of electing West to the US Congress in 2010 felt they had grown to know West. 

Allen West is nothing shy of a gutter dwelling mouthpiece who will say anything for attention. In fact, I suspect West has ambitions to re-enter US politics via convincing the majority of voters in some district someplace to elect him. It should be noted he won his 2010 seat via an election that turned the US House over to tea party politicians who cling to the Koch bothers like scrap metal against a giant magnet. They infested and sat through a congress that led to the lowest congressional approval ratings in US history and a number of the more whacked-out representatives (West and Joe Walsh) lost their seats via awaken and back-tracking constituents. 

West has commented in a most disrespectful manner. The Tea party mouth-piece attacked War Hero Tammy Duckworth.  If you prefer a short version of West’s comments:

Right Wing Watch

“Tammy Duckworth, you know I just don’t know where her loyalties lie, for her to have been a veteran and a wounded warrior for the United States Army, she should know that this is not the right thing and hopefully she will remember the oath of office that she took as an Army officer and not the allegiance I guess she believes she has to the liberal progressives of the Democrat [sic] party,” Allen West. 

The following Crooks & Liars piece places West in perspective and reminds of a mind gone bad.

Allen West Doubts ‘Legless’ Tammy Duckworth’s ‘Loyalty’ To America (via

By John Amato May 22, 2014 11:33 am – Comments This isn’t the first time she’s been attacked for her military service by Tea Party Republicans. We all remember what Republicans and Saxby Chambliss did to former Senator Max Cleland, a disabled war hero…

If you need a bit more on West check this out.

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