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When Businessmen Ruin Nations

In businessmen, Farage, National malfeasnce, Trump on July 4, 2016 at 4:02 PM


When “business” supersedes rational thought and life-sustaining acts…..

“Man on Fire” (Denzel Washington as Creasy)

“Business” I am a professional

Jorge: I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for the girls. It was just business. You know, I’m a professional.
Creasy: That’s what everybody keeps saying. I’m just a professional. Everybody keeps saying that to me. I’m just a professional. I’m just a professional. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing that, you understand me?


What is “good for business” isn’t always good for people and nations.

I am “the king of debt.”That has been great for me as a businessman, but is bad for the country. I made a fortune off of debt, will fix U.S.

Another charlatan businessman struck the UK.

Oh, the shame of it all.

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