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The Daily GOP Ignominious: O’Reilly’s Take On Slave Construction At The White House

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— PolitiFact National 
 Not exclusively by slaves, but they had a big role

Surely you knew, rightwing media would take the FLOTUS’s statement and develop feed for their cauldron of ravenous sycophant viewers and listeners. Fox News followed Rush Limbaugh in staking their claim of disgust.
Bill O’Reilly is a cable news giant. He has the largest audience of any Fox News host and often spews racists and bigoted remarks comparable to Rush Limbaugh feeding his AM radio audience (formerly known as ditto heads).   While their messages are often commonly shared towards their mission of  advancing far-right conservative dogma, O’Reilly is perceived as one who works to a higher order of conservative.  He may very well be less guttural than Limbaugh, but he is nonetheless a racist demagogue feeding souls who relish his sustenance. 
How does the old business adage read: “Give the customer what they want.” Fox News managers and producers are masters at offering daily customer satisfaction. O’Reilly is the network’s primary purveyor of racial animus.

After Michelle Obama’s DNC speech Monday night, right-wing media went into full attack mode.  Limbaugh declared Michelle Obama should get over” slavery. The AM radio equivalent of Joseph Goebbels fulfilled his role for his listeners.  O’Reilly took his disgust to another level. during last night’s broadcast, O’Reilly and his producers offered his viewers racist Filet Mignon. 

Media Matters

Slaves did participate in the construction of the White House. Records show about 400 payments made to slave masters between 1795 and 1801. In addition, free blacks, whites, and immigrants also worked on the massive building. There were no illegal immigrants at that time. If you could make it here, you could stay here. 

Slaves that worked there were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802. However, the feds did not forbid subcontractors from using slave labor. So, Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builders of the White House, but there were others working as well. Got it all? There will be a quiz.

What do you think? Does O’Reilly’s total indifference to human ownership offend you? Chances are if you are a worshiper of O’Reilly the comments are fine with you. The rational persona who ca accurately state he/she is not a racist or a bigot, should find the flip nature of his comments totally offensive.

"War On Cops?"

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A national police advocacy group leader spoke as follows over the weekend. Of course, the political hitman was booked on Fox News where the hourly drum of “war on police” is as prevalent as praise for the GOP.


“I think [the Obama administration continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible,” William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox on Friday morning.

ANTI-BLM Talking head

The “war police” is a contrived propaganda campaign offered to the nation after the first comment from the nation’s 44th President after the heavy-handed handing of noted historian Henry Louis Gates, PhD.

Before taking the false narrative apart, I have posted the Politico piece, here. I will avoid the use of numerous video of police abuse since the well-published beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles. However, the New York City killing of Amadou Diallo as he reached for his wallet outside his apartment building residence is a stark reminder of last week’s shooting of Philando Castile. While Castille informed his killer he possessed a gun, he was summarily executed once he complied in present his driver’s license. The linked Castille article was developed around the killer cops assertion he shot the victim not based on race, but because of the presence of a firearm. 

Not based on race How about an audio from the traffic stop. If you hear the words “wide nose”, yes you heard it correctly.

The presence of a firearm?


I do not recall one instance of an open carry gun totter being shot by a cop. I digress. Let’s move to the point of this piece: The alleged Obama ‘war on police.” 

“War on Police?” A well-known GOP stooge governor from Wisconsin weigh-in on President Obama and the alleged war on police.” As is consistently the case, the Wisconsin Governor spoke without any regard for actual data related to police shootings since he was first born. 

Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who once repeated a well-worn quote: Facts are pesky things.”

Shootings of police officers remind of the out-of-control availability of firearms across the scope and breadth of the nation. If we drill the shooting down to actual fatalities the trend-line is equally disturbing, but further, indicates the fallacy of GOP attacks a President.

Last fall after a senseless cop shooting in Houston, TX, NPR pushed a piece with this lede paragraph and graphic. NPR: Is There A War ‘ON COPS?”: Statistics say “No”
The ambush-style murder of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in suburban Houston on Aug. 29 has added new urgency to warnings about a growing “war on cops” in America. After the arrest of the suspect, an African-American man named Shannon J. Miles, the local district attorney called for more public support for law enforcement.

Wisconsin Governor Scott and the police advocacy talking head are obviously people focused on a twisted form of US politics. They spend air-time (albeit Fox air-time for the advocacy guy) as platforms.. to offer GOP propaganda. While political propaganda is nothing new our current age of senseless firearms killings places the talking heads in a dangerous light. They are weapons enablers  and purveyors of lies that land in the minds of he less informed.  People who accept their oratory are the very fear-filled voters who run to polling paces to cast regrettable votes.

I Am The Law And Order Candidate”

  Need say more?

A Special Screed: Colorado Planned Parenthood (The Latest US Terroist)

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A Friend of the TPI, Brenda Kay Richards, and the Screed of the weekend. The following comments are from a Facebook page.  The initial set of verbiage was the original post, followed by a response to a person who responded and the last November 29th, post is a follow-up addition. (24 hours after the initial post).

Brenda Kay Richards
November 28, 2015
It is both profoundly sickening and damn disgusting how the American media, Fox News and CNN in particular, are attempting to twist and distort Friday’s tragic shooting in Colorado Springs as being about abortion and Planned Parenthood. Instead of having the guts and the consciousness to initiate a long overdue discussion about how yet another angry white male with a high powered weapon went on a rage filled killing spree, that took the lives of three individuals, including a police officer who was the father to two small children.

While the bellowing Carnival Barker aka Donald Trump and his fellow conservatives shamelessly and quite calculatingly whip-up xenophobic hysteria and hatred about Syrian refugees, Muslims and other minority groups to baying crowds of bigots and racists. No one is willing to admit that the single biggest threat to the safety, security and stability of our country are these irrationally angry, pissed off, irate white males hellbent on “taking their country back”!

The day that America cowardly and very cruelly turned a blind eye to the deaths of children killed in a school by some deranged young man, rushing to hide behind a widely misused and misinterpreted amendment in the US Constitution – that is the same exact day that our country lost its moral compass and its soul.

………the media is bending over backwards to make this tragic shooting all about abortion. But the fact is, that in less than 30 days, Colorado Springs, a city with a population of less than 500,000 people has experienced two incidents of deadly gun violence involving some angry white male with a high powered weapon going on a shooting spree picking off people like an arcade game. 

The issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood is secondary at best to the rapidly escalating and deliberately ignored problem of well-armed white males committing deadly rampages with guns.

The media has no problem whatsoever rushing to put on camera a group of “experts” to pontificate on ad nauseam about “black on black crime”, but oddly and quite strangely this very same media goes mute silent when a white male guns down a bunch of innocent people. 

No comments have been made about the murdering bastard being a thug or the product of a one-parent home. Oh no… We’re already hearing that bullshitty excuse about “mental illness” in that time honored tradition of making the white suspect a figure of sympathy and perhaps compassion.

…….. the Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Springs has long been a target of weekly protests by a group of Catholics and other anti-abortion foes. And it was interesting to note how remarkably quick the leader of the weekly protests was to get his behind in front of the local media, to express faux shock and hollow sympathy about the shooting and to swear that his group had nothing at all do with what took place. 

The loud mouths and showmen who love to gin up the crowds and incite acts of violence rarely want to take credit for their actions when something does happen.unsure emoticon

November 29, 2015

These are the other two victims of that hateful, angry,(cracka-ass) bastard TERRORIST who went on the killing spree Friday in Colorado Springs.

In less than 30 days in a city with less than 500,000 people, there have been two shocking and heartbreaking incidents of gun violence by deranged individuals who were able to obtain high powered weapons and kill six innocent people who were some one’s daughters, mothers, sisters, sons, husbands, brothers and friends.

And as expected the cowards in both parties who are bought and paid for whores of the NRA, are either mute silent or doing the political deflection dance by blaming President Obama, abortion, Planned Parenthood and even the victims themselves.

Americans stood by quietly when teenagers and children were gunned down in schools. We stood by quietly when people were gunned down in a movie cinema. Now it is rapidly approaching the point where we can’t even open the front door of our homes without some legitimate fear of some irrational HOME-GROWN TERRORIST hellbent on “taking his country back” shooting us dead!

How many more of these deadly acts of mass gun violence have to happen in America before we collectively stand up and demand sensible, comprehensive gun control?

Will it take the loss of YOUR loved one before you find the courage to speak out loudly and persistently, or do we allow the fear mongering ass clowns and carnival barkers to continue to control the narrative and the media?

*And if you have any sort of a problem with my choice of words that I’ve used here – fuck you and kindly make good use of the UN-friend option. Trust me I won’t miss you!*

Michael Rowe's photo.

Michael Rowe's photo.

RIP Jennifer Markovsky and Ke’Arre Stewart, the other two victims of a “pro-life” terrorist’s Planned Parenthood massacre in Colorado’s names have been revealed. He was a veteran and a Dad. She was there to support a friend.

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News’s Pirro and Kelly Say Obama Released ISIS Leader in 2009 (Pants on Fire)

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News Close re-printing policy (non-profit) allows re-posting this must read article.

Is it possible there may come a day when Fox News viewers awaken to the reality they are being entertained like a WWE wrestling match? Viewing Fox News and walking away feeling you were informed has to be comparable to a personal viewing of a mermaid in one’s bathtub. The network was recently exposed by government officials and an arrest of a well-known Fox talking head for fraudulent representation of his claim of a “former CIA Analyst.” Foxs News’s response to the revelation and arrest; the talking head was never paid for his on-air appearances. Yes, of course….

Fox is also noted for another leading edge form of entertainment.  The network has pioneered the “re-write History while simply changing the names of the culpable” tactic. The following is such an example’ a shameful example I will add.  Shameful regarding the existential reality Fox News viewers soak up the entertainment like water on week old Pumpernickel bread and fold the entertain into their brains as fact.  Another critical point about what you are about to read. Megyn Kelly has a history of mind-altering propaganda that, at times, reaches into stark racism: “White Santa; white Jesus” and Pepper-spray comparable to a vegetable.   

FACT CHECK: ISIS Leader, Baghdadi, Was Released By Bush, Not Obama

In yet another example of journalistic malpractice, the folks at Fox News broadcast a number of reports that got the most significant facts completely wrong. In order to do so, they relied on the assertions of a single, uncorroborated account, and failed to do the most basic follow-up with the people in a position to know.

Fox News

The latest lie-riddled reporting on Fox concerned the circumstances of the capture and release of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of the terrorist group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Fox and other conservative media outlets are endeavoring to place the responsibility for Baghdadi’s brutal march through Iraq on President Obama. Representative commentaries include these by Fox hosts Jeanine Pirro and Megyn Kelly: 

 Pirro: The head of this band of savages is a man by the name of Abu al-Baghdadi. The new Osama Bin Laden. A man released by Obama in 2009, who started ISIS a year later.
Kelly: We are also learning more about the leader of the terror group, a man described as the new Bin Laden, the heir to Bin Laden. It turns out he had been in U.S. custody until 2009, over in Iraq, when he was then turned over to the Iraqi government as part of our troop drawdown. And then he was released.

On Pirro’s Saturday program she led into the subject with a mouth-foaming harangue about Obama’s “feckless”leadership and socialist designs on America. On Kelly’s primetime program she interviewed Col. Kenneth King who claimed to have been present when Baghdadi was transferred from the custody of U.S. forces to the Iraqis, who later allegedly released him to go on to form ISIS. However, an investigation by PolitiFact uncovered a very different story, confirmed by the Defense Department, and branding the Fox report as “false.”

“Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim Al Badry, also known as ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ was held as a ‘civilian internee’ by U.S. Forces-Iraq from early February 2004 until early December 2004, when he was released,” the Pentagon said in a statement. “He was held at Camp Bucca. A Combined Review and Release Board recommended ‘unconditional release’ of this detainee and he was released from U.S. custody shortly thereafter. We have no record of him being held at any other time.”

Since the right-wing is so intent on assigning blame for Baghdadi’s campaign of terror on the president who was in office when he was set free, then according to their logic it is all Bush’s fault. But don’t expect Fox News to report the facts as laid out by actual journalists. They won’t even report the comments of their own witness, Col. King, who appeared on another network (ABC) and admitted that he “could be mistaken.” It turns out that he never knew the name of the man he presumed to be Baghdadi, he just thought there was a resemblance to the man he encountered. Nor will they report Col. King’s remarks to the Daily Beast where he downplayed the threat posed by Baghdadi, saying that “He was a bad dude, but he wasn’t the worst of the worst.”   

PolitiFact went on to note that, even if Col. King’s account were correct, and Baghdadi was still in custody in 2009, Obama still could not be held to blame for Baghdadi’s release. The terms of the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq required the U.S. to turn over all prisoners to the custody of Iraq’s criminal system. That agreement was negotiated and agreed to by the Bush administration in 2008.

Baghdadi and Bush
How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.

So virtually everything reported by Fox News was wrong. And, not surprisingly, all of the misinformation leaned toward blaming President Obama for the mistakes of President Bush. It’a pattern that is all too familiar. Now that the truth has been revealed and confirmed, we can expect Fox to issue a correction at the earliest opportunity. And if you believe that you are probably already a dimwitted, gullible disciple of the Fox Disinformation Society.



Fox News War: Bill O’Reilly Attacks George Will (May The Worse Man Win) VIDEO

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A few weeks back Bill O’Reilly published a fact less book, Killing Reagan. Apparently George Will took very belated exception to O’Reilly’s book (which should probably have been labeled a novel). He keyboarded a column piece that has Bill O’Reilly aflame and generated another O’Reilly on-air tirade.
The interaction was captured and reported by many social media sources. We are borrowing a piece from If You Only News.  The segment offers insight into the very reason I refuse to run out and spend money on books which are becoming common easy earnings items for celebrities. Of course, I wouldn’t spend one-half of a penny on any book written by a conservative, but I also refuse to patronage books written by progressives. In any cases, the two conservatives sat for a ‘hen fight.”
You will notice from the moment the segment starts O’Reilly jumps to the attack mode regarding Will’s alleged failure to “call me” about the column piece. The veracity of O’Reilly’s writings appeared very much a secondary issue. The interchange reminded me of a couple of additional *in the news* cases.  First O’Reilly’s Abe Lincoln book was so full of inaccuracies it was, for a time, not sold in the Ford Theater bookstore in Washington DC.  It was sold in a third party bookstore on a theater floor up and away from the main bookstore, but it didn’t make the grade for direct sales in the main bookstore.  The next item that came to mind as I watched the O’Reilly attack on fellow Fox News employee George Will: the current Ben Carson cover-up the lies with attacks against the “liberal media.” Don’t seriously address the inaccuracy or lack of veracity, attack the medium.


O’Reilly has gotten criticism from others as well who were close to Reagan, and he has gone to great length to paint them as simply haters who don’t want “the truth” to be known. George Will, being one of these critics, had referred to O’Reilly’s book as a “no facts zone”.

O’Reilly had already responded to Will’s comment on a previous night, but that was not good enough for him. He invited Will on the show the following night and a hilariously huge slug-fest ensued.

Right out of the gate, O’Reilly accused Will of libel, and said Will was supposed to call O’Reilly before commenting on the book, and he never did. Bill, libel is something you write about a person that is untrue. A printed defamation, as it were. Libel is not a negative review of your sophomoric book.
Will shot back saying he had no responsibility or agreement to do this, and this book wouldn’t be the first time Bill had gotten something wrong.
O’Reilly shifted to Will taking issue with his use of a memo by a Reagan aide, that was already disowned by its own author. O’Reilly said he only disowned it after he was put “under heavy pressure” to which Will laughed in his face.
Bill then tried to say that his book was actually praising Reagan. Will responded to that by saying not only is Bill’s book untrue but by writing it he is actively doing the work of “the left” to discredit Reagan.
O’Reilly finally yelled back “You’re a hack! You’re in with a cabal of Reagan loyalists who don’t want the truth to be told!”
Watch the epic double temper tantrum of Bill O’Reilly and George Will, fighting it out live on Fox News, below:

Ben Carson’s Own Doing (Or His Undoing) UPDATE: WEST POINT LIE

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Ben Carson wallowing in his own excremement.  


Carson to Megyn Kelly: CNN’s Reporting on My Childhood Violence Is ‘Smear Campaign,’ ‘Garbage’

megyn kelly ben carson
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson responded on Thursday night to reporting from CNN, which said it could not find evidence for many of Carson’s claims of incidents that occurred during a tumultuous childhood.

Carson unequivocally stood by his specific claims that, as a child, he attempted to stab someone and once attacked his mother with a hammer.
“This is simply an attempt to smear and to deflect the argument to something else,” Carson said of CNN’s reporting, later calling it a “smear campaign” and saying the American people will decide whether they agree with CNN that he is a “pathological liar.”
The former pediatric neurosurgeon added that he is not revealing the names of those involved in the stabbing incident in order to “protect the innocent.” Carson previously said he does not plan on “exposing” them, adding that they could come forward if they wanted to.
Carson revealed to host Megyn Kelly that he spoke on Thursday with the person who he attempted to stab. He said that that person is a close relative who is “not anxious to be revealed.”
Asked by Kelly if he thinks CNN’s reporting marks the beginning of an effort to undermine his candidacy, Carson blasted the network for putting out “garbage”:
“I’m not going to play that game with them. They can do it all they want. They’re going to go back and try to find anything that I’ve ever said, and try to get me on the defensive about it in order to distract away from the things that are important.”
Watch the video above, via Fox News.
[Image via screengrab]

Carson this morning on CNN. It is obvious Carson has no idea about scrtutiny leveled at candidate Obama as he campaigned for the Oval Office in 2007/08. I suppose Drudge didn’t report on Obama’s scrutiny or Carson was in Eygpt continuing his investigation the scope and extent of grain storage the Pharoahs assigned to the Pyramids.

CNN New Day linked.

Politico is reporting Carson has admitted lying about a background related to West Point. Linked

Ben Carson: Conspiracy For The Fox News Viewer

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Image result for ben carson quotes

Ben Carson as an innocent victim of US media (other than Fox News)?  Really?

Before we move to recent comments from noted conservative conspiracy mogul, Monica Crowley, it is important to peruse a few comments from Ben Carson.

Ben Carson’s 9 most controversial quotes

It is important to state, not one of the Carson mental/oral foibles involved edited video tape. As the following strategy from the Right unfolds recognize Carson is handing media all it needs to fill hours of coverage (observation, analysis and reporting). 
While many will cover for Carson with comments about his “different and avant-garde” comments, the problem is much deeper ad significantly more serious. He aspires to be President of the United States. Regardless of one’s perspective from any the opposite realm of perfectly balanced, his comments reveal thought processes which are so far outside the norm. He cannot be trusted to effectively lead. His words are manifestations of cognitive processes that are yielding communication that leads to either  head-scratching or attempts to defend his words.

Let’s watch and listen as Bill (Mr. Cover It) O’Reilly and Monica (Allow Me To Conspiracy It) Crowley fills their conservative mission. But, let’s do so with one leading thought: No one is forcing the words from Carson’s mouth.

Crooks & Liars

Monica Crowley: The Media Is Out To Destroy Ben Carson Because He’s A Black Conservative

Leave it to Fox News contributor Monica Crowley to come up with a conspiracy theory as a way to “defend” Dr. Ben Carson’s remarks about the Umpqua Community College shooting. Right before she fear mongered about the Muslim “invasion” in Europe. On The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly set the stage for Carson’s victimhood by saying…

Fox News Chris Wallaces Leaves Cheney with Jaws Agape!

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When the butt-puckers

“Right,” Cheney grumbled. “But I think we did a lot to deal with the arms control problem in the Middle East.”
As I am moving away from cable network news based on opinion grabbing ratings led corporations which own our news, I must offer an admission.

First, the ugliness of US media.

Now, for my admission.

My regard for Fox News’s Chris Wallace is about to surpass the full measure of MSNBC, if one considers serious guest questioning by network hosts. It is a sad commentary and sad reality when a couple of Fox News hosts provide a model for MSNBC hosts regarding the hows of real journalism. Fox News Hosts like Mike Wallace are doing offering serious poitical inquires, While NBC/MSNBC folds into Comcast conservatism. Wallace performed a piece of real journalism earlier today.

Dick Cheney and his daughter are once against sucking the air of US media with their nascent anti-Iran Nuclear Deal parade. Their air-time with Wallace was not as Cheney surely must have anticipated. If you want to see an early September tsunami butt-pucker from the former Vice President visit the following piece from Crooks & Liars.

Chris Wallace Dazes Cheney: Iran’s Centrifuges ‘Went From 0 To 5,000’ While You Were VP

Fox News host Chris Wallace forced former Vice President Dick Cheney to admit that Iran’s centrifuges went from zero to 5,000 under his watch, not President Barack Obama’s. During an interview on Fox News, Cheney refused to back down from his assertion that Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was like Neville Chamberlain appeasing Hitler. “If you…



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TPI Gazette: Racism, Cop Abuse, Ben Carson, What no Trump?

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Non-Progressive News

Mother Jones (via The Progressive Mind) delves into the Ron and Rand Paul adviser who would buy an endorsement. If you think money in politics only relates to buying media advertisements and paying staff for legal responsibilities, you should think much deeper. We live with a shadowy and real world of political operatives and dirty-tricksters.  Why  does it not surprise the Pauls would find themselves immersed in one such case?

Feds Say Rand and Ron Paul Aides Planned to Smear Local Pol If Payoff Failed #UniteBlue— The Progressive Mind (@Libertea2012) August 15, 2015

A former president announces he has advanced stage cancer and Fox News writers and producers reach to the lowest level of the gutter to entertain their conservative viewers.

More Fox simply claiming Hillary knew he email “were classified.”  Just state it and it becomes reality. 

Despite Fox’s unfounded speculation, the State Dept. has said the emails were in fact “not marked as classified” and may not actually have been classified at the time.Posted by Media Matters for America on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Strategy: Shout em down to prevent viewers from hearing another view point.  It seems so childlike, but with their audience safely in the sycophant fold Fox News is on safe ground.


Don’t get fooled again.Posted by Democratic Party on Saturday, August 15, 2015 

80 years of Social Security and over a decade of Republicans trying to tear it apart.Posted by Democratic Party on Friday, August 14, 2015

Moderate Republicans; Radical Republican Progressives; Republicans for Responsible Reform…while this particular…Posted by Andrew Rei on Monday, August 17, 2015

The ever-present apology and yet another example of how, in America, the apology has come to serve those who are caught with their pants around their ankles with no viable explanation of why. It is perfunctory and its former aura of intent to abandon undesirable behavior is now nothing more than “get me out of this.”  The following represents the perfect example of an apology to cover being placed out front as an unabashed racist.

NY pizzeria apologizes for promoting racist ‘Pic-a-Nika’ pizza – but some of those ingredients are suspect. Grio fam,…
Posted by TheGrio on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Would you like a quick peep at why some of us absolute abhor cops? 

A “Michael Brown Bonus” ? Posted by Mediaite on Saturday, August 15, 2015

Editor’s Choice (s)

Posted by Larry Parsons on Saturday, August 15, 2015

When it comes to reducing unemployment, who has the more impressive record: Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan?Let’s take a…
Posted by The Rachel Maddow Show on Thursday, August 13, 2015

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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Ailes Calls Trump?

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Early today Morning Joe (Scarborough) and his team of conservatives apparently hosted a phone conversation with the nascent GOP party leader, Donald Trump. 

The segment is 14 minutes long and filled with attempts to question Trump and filled with Trump yet another rambling Trump diatribe. Scarborough was apparently on a mission to pin trump down on his ongoing issues with Fox News and the suspicion Trump and Roger Ailes talked over the weekend. Of course, Trump wouldn’t answer the direct and repeated question, but uttered an interesting statement amidst his responses. He clearly stated he would not answer as he has spent his career avoiding “embarrassing people.” Would a phone call over the weekend tend to embarrass Roger Ailes? Interesting.

Listen closely….

Trump: Megyn Kelly should be apologizing to me!

When the GOP communications department butt-heads against the nascent GOP party leader, you can imagine the communications department backs down. Trump has tweeted about a call he received from Roger Ailes.

Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


Trump: Fox News Boss Roger Ailes Called To Say I’ll Be Treated Fairly


AP Photo / Evan Vucci

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