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Trump’s Man And Growing Connections To Putin

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We don’t actually partake in conspiracy writing here at the TPI, but we are observant and we will ask questions when we notice ‘strange things happening.’

Let’s start with reality. Corey Lewandowski was Trump’s campaign manager from June 2015 at the tie of his declaration to run for the GOP nomination As we approached winning the campaign via millions of conservative (GOP) voters, what happened to Lewandowski?  He was offered Trump’s famous refrain of: ” You’re fired.”  Who came into the picture upon Lewandowski’s firing? Actually, Lewandowski’s replacement was probably decided well before he was unceremoniously fired as the sampling manager (and immediately hired by CNN).

Trump somehow came across this man:

Paul Manafort
Image result for manafort
Paul John Manafort, Jr. is an American lobbyist and political consultant. Manafort was an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Republicans Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, …Wikipedia
In addition to an existence “for hire” background around the GOP, ti seems Manafort has other chapters in his storied history.

Before we move to recent revelations about Manafort’s more recent “consulting” across the globe, let’s establish a couple of points. The points of the lie as a critical tool of consultancy.

The Art of the Lie

I. CNNs Chris Sumo interview Manafort regarding Trump’s wife’s plagiarized convention speech. Manafrort lied about the plagiarism without regard for irrefutable evidence to the contrary. He offered a straight faced lie equal to any carnival barker seeking your ticket purchase for his fake tent exhibit. 

Within hours of the on-camera lies, the Trump campaign issued statements regarding the alleged speechwriter and her ‘confessions: of adding the stolen phraseology.  Why lie?

II. Within the past 72 hours, Manafort again joined the CNN cameras for another round of “lie for effect.”  Jake Tapper took the veracity scarce Manafort to task for continuing to spew lies and sticking with his story, simply because he (Manafort)  says so”.

Manafort as a consultant fully competent to issuing the lie (on camera) without shame, has been established and credibly challenged. Why wouldn’t more Americans question his veracity regarding the release of a handwritten ledger showing his name associated with $12.7 million dollars while contracting in the Ukraine?

Last night Lawrence O’Donnell, sat with a person intimately involved in the recent Manafort revelation.

If you want far more detail, the New York Times piece is a good read.

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

KIEV, Ukraine — On a leafy side street off Independence Square in Kiev is an office used for years by Donald J. Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, when he consulted for Ukraine’s ruling political party. His furniture and personal items were still there as recently as May.
And Mr. Manafort’s presence remains elsewhere here in the capital, where government investigators examining secret records have found his name, as well as companies he sought business with, as they try to untangle a corrupt network they say was used to loot Ukrainian assets and influence elections during the administration of Mr. Manafort’s main client, former President Viktor F. Yanukovych.
Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort from Mr. Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Investigators assert that the disbursements were part of an illegal off-the-books system whose recipients also included election officials.
Read more linked above

Manafort responded.

 “The simplest answer is the truth. I am a campaign professional. It is well known that I do work in the United States and have done work on overseas campaigns as well… The suggestion that I accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly, and nonsensical.”

Manafort’s complete statement follows. Let’s first take a look at the common vernacular of “I am a professional…..” Do you recall the Denzel Washington’s movie, Man On Fire? Check this out. Yes, the professional means, do not hold me responsible for my evils, I was being paid and I did my job.

Manfort’s full statement

Yes, of course, Manafort is “a professional…”

Manafort works for Trump. Manafort has a history of working for a Ukrainian leader who literally fled his country to avoid capture and possible prosecution. Manafort appears to have been contracted by the government of the now illusive leader. Something smells awful fishy for the world traveling professional and his employment with that Trump campaign.  And, all the fishiness has the smell of the Russian leader at its core.

As far back as I can recall Donald Trump has espoused an affinity for Vladimir Putin as a “true leader” and a ideal model when compared to the US President. The erratic GOP leader has suggest allowing Putin to lead the charge against ISIS without any regard for Putin’s history of brutal repression. Trump seems to add lip service to the reality of Putin’s oppression of free speech (In Russia) and more than a few cases of suppression of journalistic integrity in reporting. Trump exhorts Putin’s INTEL agencies to hack into US data and Internet systems. Trump seems to ignore or fails to understand Putin has invaded parts of the Ukraine and currently holds a tight grip on Crimea.

After all of the aforementioned, think of the optics and the prospect of Trumps beloved daughter currently “vacationing; in Croatia.  Also factor-in he reality of his daughter being photographed with a person some are referring to as a Putin consort (to keep it clean).  

There is simply too much oozing into sleaze regarding Manafort and the Trump campaign to excuse as coincidence or circumstance. Trump is a flim-flam man. It is impossible to no consider as we move towards November 8, 2016.

Trump Plays ISIS Games; President Obama Takes Out ISIS Leader

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This piece is a re-post from Alan Colmes Liberaland site. Advertisements do not provide revenue to the TPI.

Here is a quick hit FB post to accompany a point I have stated since Trump started his Obama/Clinton ISIS “founder” rhetoric. The point is ” If Obama Founded ISIS; ISIS needs a new Daddy!”

Real ISIS leader killed; Trump silent

The actual leader of ISIS in Afghanistan was killed by a U.S. drone strike, it was revealed Friday. Hafiz Saeed, leader of so-called Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan and Pakistan, died in a US drone strike last month, the US believes. Last year, the Afghan intelligence agency said it believed Saeed had died in a drone…


Trump’s Disdain For The Media And His Henchmen

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The media was also a target of Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels.

When politicians are successful in influencing US media the nation suffers. Think about the Washington Post not pursuing the story of the Watergate break-in? Think of the onslaught of Richard Nixon’s henchman VP, Spiro Agnew, and his attacks against US media (the press) prior to the Watergate break-in. How easy a target was, and is, the press when politicians cannot wield them for their personal agenda, personal gain or to facilitate ideological dogma? Nixon was an existential crook; Agnew’s mission was to fiend-off the press via that old sports adage:  “…..the best defense is a great offense.”
Agnew performed well, until his fraud laced passed led to his resignation form the US vice Presidency. A real crook.

Image result for spiro agnew resignation 
Spiro Agnew was born on November 9, 1918, in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1966, he was elected governor of Maryland. He was elected vice president under Richard Nixon in 1969, but resigned from his second term in 1973 after being charged with bribery, conspiracy and tax fraud.

When crooks attempt to shape media (and the press) Americans have no opportunity to use our innate ability to apply cognitive processes to current events, today;s problems, and more importantly we will nto sort out the B?S for self-serving politicians.  Now, I have to ask, why do we find attacks against the press far more prolific from the Right Vs. the political Left?  The question is rhetorical; you and I both know the answer.

As we move this piece into the 2016 General Election, we have an even more pronounced and dangerous demagogue working to shape any an all non-favorable press coverage. While Donald Trump relishes in infrequent favorable press coverage, he literally bristles and acts like a child when coverage is non-complementary. OK, so we knew that, right? Let’s take it to another level what takes pale when the erratic demagogue points fingers at members of the press, this singling them out for sycophant scorn (and possible physical abuse).

Trump attacked ABC reporter last May.

The increasingly unstable Trump often follows the GOP script of blaming the press. I recall a few cases where he pointed to the cordoned-off press reporters (in the back of the press conference rooms) and threw disparaging remarks about “hating” them.

News June 2016

DONALD Trump’s favourite nickname for the news media is the “dishonest press”.

He swaps in “disgusting press” from time to time.

And sometimes, he puts it all together: “disgusting, dishonest human beings”.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has a whole menu of take-downs for individual reporters and news organisations.

In recent weeks, he’s used his microphone and his tweets to label them “third-rate,” “not nice,” “disgraceful,” “phony,” “low-life,” “very unprofessional” and “bad people.”

Or, for extra emphasis in a tweet, “BAD”.

Attack the press as  component of an, to date, effective  “fake it to make it” strategy.

What follows is an example of irrational emotions aimed at members fo the press after a Trump event. Is this your a relative or yours? If so, maybe offer the guy a sedative or some high grade pot. (In fairness, a fellow tweeter offered a counter example at the University of Missouri during a protest involving allegations of racism. It should be noted the university president resigned in part due to his insensitive handling of the allegations)

Oh, just another lovely encounter with an angry @realDonaldTrump supporter after a rally by the media pen:— Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1) August 11, 2016

And, there are more:

Ugly, eh? Spiro Agnew garnered similar reactions from Nixon/Agnew supporters, but they never reached a level of inciting audience members to threaten members of the press.

What would caused what seems someone’s grandfather to go completely ballistic after a Trump event?  How about Trump himself as an example. Earlier int ht eek the unstable Trump again singled out a reporter for personal admonition.  The reporter was escorted out of the building by Secret Service officers. We pay the salaries of Trump’s SS protection, why should they become a form of Trump safety escort. Note: I used the acronym SS with direct purpose. Trump’s SS patrol has also choked and slammed a Time Magazine photographer).  A reminder the Secret Service is a federal agency with law enforcement protection assigned to 2016 candidates. When does the line separate personal protection form augmented personal security enforcers or officers?).

Trump’s finger pointing attack words for MSNBC’s Katy Tur.  
“What a lie. Katy Tur. What a lie it was. Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.”

Escorted from Trump Thugs!

The New Century Times

August 11, 2016 MediaNews

Earlier this week, Donald Trump shocked everyone by calling for the assassination of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. While most level-headed people are insisting that his comments should be taken extremely seriously because threatening the life of a government official is no joking matter, some of Trump’s mindless GOP backers are passing it off as a “bad joke” or misinterpretation.

That’s why what happened to MSNBC reporter Katy Tur is especially relevant now, and should be used to make the case for why Trump’s comments to his supporters about getting “Second Amendment people” to shoot Clinton should be handled with great care. Tur has been covering Trump’s campaign for over a year, and she has just recently revealed that she’d needed the Secret Service to protect her from Trump’s supporters after he turned them against her.

At a Trump rally in Mount Pleasant, Trump resurrected a grudge he’d been holding against her for unfavorable coverage in the past. Trump had wanted her to apologize, but she refused. To get her back, Trump publicly retaliated during the rally by calling her out to his supporters and saying to the crowd: (See video above)

As of this morning Trump has apparently respond to a tongue lashing from RNC Chair Rience Priebus with a false assertion his comment about President Obama and Hillary Clinton as the founder of ISIS was sarcasm.  Well, when will the nation simply accept that Donald Trump is  totally unhinged and out of control He hasn’t shown any evidence of a rational mind since his first declaration of intent to run for the Oval Office but in June 2015.

Is he actually he voice of virtually half the nation?  

Lest we forget: 
I am not a crook!


The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism Fizzling Into Shame

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Twitchy dot com goes Trump……Capturing reality can be so very embarrassing regarding Trump’s past statements.

TIME Magazine over time (excuse the unavoidable pun)
Donald Trump loves it when he is on the cover of TIME magazine
(1/2) Time Magazine has me on the cover this week. David Von Drehle has written one of the best stories I have ever had.
…But probably not this time;

Another area of frequent Trump politicking is Hillary Clinton’s support for the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Remember, North American Free Trade. Question. Does trump produce items for retail consumption in Mexico? I believe he contracts Mexican workers to produce products sold in the United States.

Let’s take a look at how Now This handles Trump’s rhetoric.

At the risk of running on bit, I simply must include a couple of MSNBC segments aired last evening. If you are a progressive and a news geek, you probably saw and heard the segments, but I want to make certain non-news geeks have opportunity to take-in the segments. 

Words matter for presidents! Chris Hayes, ALL IN

Obama Founded ISIS? Cheis Hayes, ALL IN

The next set of segments have longer run times, but recall our credo “…time well spent feeds the highly informed voter.”  Lawrence O’Donnell, The Last Word. 

What is someone acts on Trump’s rhetoric?

Donald Trump is a farce. Yet, he pales when compared to considerations of Americans who have placed in a position to serve as the leader of the nation. It speaks volumes of the cesspool nature of large swaths of our populace and it speaks of a metastasized Republican Party. Trump could have easily declared to run as a Democrat. Alas, such a declaration would not serve to secure the support of US bigots, racists, rabid gun lovers and Obama haters: his prime support base. 

GOP Surrogacy Foretells Political Horror (Trump’s House)

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Yesterday we published a piece about the incompetent state of Donald Trump’s top national spokesperson. Katrina Pierson ineptly followed the obvious strategic response to Trump’s horrific attacks on a “gold star” family who’s son died in Iraq. The strategy, deflect any and all opportunities to answer questions about Trump’s disgusting attack with rhetoric about President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Why do Trump and his circus show surrogates play us so cheaply? The answer is simple: the campaign is shallow and their candidate is void of substance. Moreover, Trump seems to have only employed a handful of qualified political campaign professionals; and he doesn’t listen to any advice or counsel from those hires. Competent political operatives would have developed a far more effective response to the political feces left by their out of control boss. Trump shallowness breeds public shallowness and embarrassing situations. Blaming Obama and Clinton is as shallow as a sidewalk tadpole pool.

The blame Obama and Clinton strategblew upup in the face of Pierson while responding to a battery of questions from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Herewith is the piece published yesterday: When Trump Surrogate National. spokesperson drowns in that tadpole pool.

After the Wolf Blitzer segment, he returned from commercial break and immediately address the fallacy of Pierson’s remarks. Actually, Blitzer should have been adroit and informed enough to have performed an instant correction.  But, that would remind of a reach back to times when television news was actually delivered by journalists.  Without question, Blitzer received the correction via his production team and probably was ordered to offer the correction. Of course, you knew CNN wouldn’t allow Blitzer’s post commercial correction to pass.

Pierson’s need to speak about her incompetent statement, CNN’s thrill for “exposure news”, and the possible need for CNN’s management to address the issue after its previous airing, led to an on-camera segment this morning.

The video above leaves the message we wanted to impart via this piece.  We will remind you that Trump will take people such as Peirson into the Whtie House should he win the general election this fall. Incompetent from the top down is unacceptable such incomeptence in the White House is a nation killer.

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Pathetic GOP Party Leader, Showman And International Danger

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The Purple Heart…and nuclear weapons.

The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.

Alas, what happens when a foolish American “alleged” former colonel from the US military hands Trump a Purple Heart medal?

“Something very nice just happened to me. A man came up to me and he handed me his Purple Heart,” he said.
He continued, “I said to him, ‘Is that like the real one or is that a copy? And he said, ‘That’s my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you.’  d“I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”
“Houston we have a problem!” While Trump stated he asked the retired Iraq War veteran, identified as Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman, if the medal was real, it turns out it isn’t the veterans actual personal copy. 

Someone is lying!  Would you car to guess who is the liar?  (Snopes)
According to the Western Journal: “Dorfman confirmed to NBC’s Katy Tur that he gave the billionaire a copy of the award, not the original.

Here is the campaign trail exhibition.

A couple fo key points.

First, and maybe the utmost important, why are we barraged with daily scenarios that have lies intermixed with the communication? Either Trump lied about the “real Purple Heart”, or the retired veteran initially lied to Trump. The item handed to Trump was a copy!

Next, the definition of the Purple Heart (above) clearly indicates war theater injury or death (awarded posthumously). Despite the definition, Trump indicated he always wanted a purple heart, and his receiving the medal via the retired vet is much easier. What a tragic comment only viable from a charlatan entertainer? It is especially tragic when one considers Trump’s history with defending our nation.  Trump avoided military service during the Viet Nam was via five draft deferments. He could have volunteered to join the US Air Force or US the Navy, but he chose to do what most uber-wealthy Americans do (avoid military service). My military service included four years of service during the Viet Nam War while assigned to the US Air Force. No, my desire to see, touch or even think of the Purple Heart was far from a “bucket list’ wish. In fact, I will never forget a startling experience while serving our country. 

While flying back to the Lower forty-eight states from my duty station in Alaska, I recall the no cost “hop” plane ride seemed inordinately cold. No, the Alaskan environment and climate paid no role in my discomfort. I took a look over my shoulder towards the back of the C-141. The view was of over 50 caskets draped with US flags. The transport carted US war KIA military men and women back from Veit Nam. No, the Purple Heart isn’t a national award to be used as the object of a cruel joke (from a wealthy clown.)  Actually, I wonder if Trump actually is aware of the conditions under which the award is authorized for presentation to a member or former member of our military.

Some who read this piece won’t care about Trump’s utter disregard for any caring position relating to the US military.  If you are one of those folks, think about this from this morning’s Morning Joe show:

When The Trump Surrogate (National Spokesperson) Is Incompetent

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American Hero
Humayun Khan (Soldier)

Capt. Humayun Khan, 27, died in 2004 after a vehicle packed with an improvised explosive device drove into the gate of his compound while he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty. New York Daily News
BornSeptember 9, 1976, United Arab Emirates
DiedJune 8, 2004, Baqubah, Iraq


You know the story of Mr. Khan and the story of his father and mo0ther since the Democratic Party Convention. We won’t spend minutes on video patriarch Khan’s initial convention speech and the many subsequent appearances on every cable network in America.  In some cases, he has appeared on multiple days with increasingly dire messages regarding Donald Trump. All video is readily locatable via a simple Google search.

The purpose of this piece is to highlight the utter ridiculousness of the Trump campaign. Well, you say we do that rather consistently of late. Of course, but today we are going to focus on the campaign’s flagship cable news talking head (predominate a CNN booking talking head): Katrina Pierson. We are focusing on Pierson because she seems to embody the most incompetent of all Trump campaign staff.  
Pierson’s background is that of a Texas Tea Party operative who obviously also has a reputation of “running her mouth.” She also has a background in the archives of the Texas criminal system for (1997). Shoplifting while accompanied by her young son. Thus, judgment was, and is not, a trait that we can comfortably assign to Pierson. Moreover, her penchant for literally spewing random inane and incoherent statements shines another light on Trump’s chief national spokesperson.

As a spokesperson person fails miserably.  Granted, Pierson operates well within the campaigns and the GOP behind the scenes strategies in working to recover every verbal ball Trump dumps on his supporters. Yet, she often also fails to fully understand the intricacies and nuances imbued in  (daily) “circle the wagons around Trump” strategies. Example.  It is obvious to any who follows news or current events must now know the GOP/RNC and Trump campaign had decided to respond to any questions about the Khan family with deflective remarks about President Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Strategy is strategy and it is critical to any political campaign. We should wonder why the campaign would advance a motor-mouth campaign spokesperson who doesn’t understand the deep basis for the strategy? 

If the strategy is to blame Obama and Clinton for the Kahn family death while serving our nation, failing to loop timing into the strategy is only possible via the less competent of surrogates. Pierson is certainly a less competent national campaign spokesperson.

On CNN’s The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer seemed to question Pierson into a confused knot and yes, her incompetence and a lack of knowledge failed in closing the surrogate loop. She flat out stated the Obama’s and Hillary Clinton “rules of engagement” changes led to the death of Captain Khan. Problem? Well, watch the segment and then I will share the problem if you do not already recognize her inept surrogacy.\

“But surely you can understand the confusion, considering how Donald Trump never voted for the Iraq War, Hillary Clinton did,” Pierson said. “Then she didn’t support the troops to have what they need. It was under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that changed the rules of engagements that probably cost his life! So I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand why Donald Trump was confused.”
There is a very obvious problem with this, of course: Khan was killed by a car bomb all the way back in 2004. During that time, Clinton was a senator for New York and Obama wasn’t even a senator yet.

The brief bio at the top of this pages lists Captain Khan death as having taken place in 2004.  If you are into there yet, I ask you to think about when Senator Barack Obama won election as the nation’s 44th President and when  he appointed Hillary Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State.  Does the year 2008 and 2009 come to mind?


The Unfit Trump And His Rabid Supporters

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Do you really believe Donald Trump has any of what it takes to serve as President of the United States of America?

If you are inclined to think,”Hell, yes” or if you are thinking, “He could serve as he has served as a business man.” or if you are inclined to respond in a manner common to any Veteran, “fuckin eh,”  you have issues.  

Are you aware?

Donald Trump:
… doesn’t know one key factor about US national defense: our nuclear triad. 
… has stated he knows more about ISIS then our military generals. (well, he may have access to info, from Vladimir Putin). 
…dispatched a son to start his post-RNC convention campaign to Mississippi with support from issues related to the Confederate Flag.  Donald Jr. and the Confrederate flag
… is now Internet battling with the family of a military officer killed in action in Iraq. 
… publicly exhorted Russian cyber intel operatives to work at hacking into data systems associated with the US govt (and a presidential candidate). 
… was unaware that Russia’s Putin  has invaded and absconded Crimea from Ukraine.  
The list grows on a daily basis. 

Earlier today, President Obama used a very public platform to state his contempt for Donald Trump as a prospective presidential candidate.

Watch this and judge for yourself if Donald has something serious to hide.
Would any person who aspires to lead our armed forces ever lower themselves to an insane fight with parents of soldiers killed in service to America?  The answer is obvious, but take a look at how Trump’s divisive and disrespectful comments affect those who have sacrificed most.  A mother falls victim to exercising their First Amendment free speech rights and receives a heckling from a Trump crowd. 

Another Gold Star mother spoke plainly and in a very straightforward manner.

We are what we think
What we think we may very well speak.  
When we speak we are exposed to our inner core. Of course, I am speaking from a perspective of humans with an inner core. Watch as you hear the GOP presidential candidate speak (obviously) without any inner core of decency.

Trump’s mental processes and subsequent behavior is serving as fodder for Clinton and liberal PAC advertisements.  While, I am not one to spend lots of time on silly negative ads, I pay close attention when ads are derived from the actual words of a candidate’s opponent. 

Let’s take a look at how the Clinton PACs and campaigns are playing off of Trump’s more disgusting remarks.

If you think the ads are a bit on the testy side, take a read of a Crooks & Liars piece regarding an incident from on early morning event.  A ten-year-old child yelled “lock-up the Bitch.” during a frequent Trump sycophant yelping opportunity.  Yes, Trump supporters are a rabid bunch. A ten-year-old had to have been taught and coached  or coaxed to use such language.  Is there any wonder these people love Trump?

10-Year Old Child Yells ‘Take That Bitch Down’ At Trump Rally

At Donald Trump’s rally in Ashburn, Virginia today, things happened that I would never imagine happening during a general election. He booted a baby, accepted someone’s purple heart, and then this happened: A little kid is yelling “Take the bitch down!” when Trump mentions Hillary Clinton. A little kid. No more than 10, I would say.…


Trump’s Campaign As The Keystone Cops (VIDEO)

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Do you recognize these images as similar to the Trump 2016 campaign?

If you don’t agree with our lede video and its metaphoric similarity to the Trump campaign, allow a couple of glaring examples from the campaign.
And, if you believe Donald Trump has any competency outside of Trump Tower,and an army of sycophants and groupies, you should think again.

Rachel Maddow ran a couple of segments within the hour which are must viewing. Of course, if you are a progressive or (as I prefer “liberal’), you watched the show. However, we won’t assume the show was widely watched.  Watch and listen Maddow via her research team delineated the essence of Trump and his campaign team. 

Think of staff competency and an absence of mind as Trump misses his quip by as much as thirty years of chronological aging regarding the subject of his quip.

The second we feel is absolute noteworthy is Maddow (and her team’) cogent exploration of Trump and his surrogates immediately after the Republican National Convention.  Trump and his choice for VP have decided to take the weekend off, for some strange reason.  Of more significance, Trump apparently dispatched Trum Jr. to Philedalhipa ZMississippi as their first real post-convention campaign stop.  Maddow explains the significance of Philadelphia Mississippi, therefore we will not spend time beyond what is necessary for an introduction. It is worth noting a hint: Rondal Reagan’s first stop after his 1980 acceptance of the GOP nomination was the same small town in Mississippi.

Before the MSNBC segment, a moment of reflection for a former Reagan aide who spoke eloquently at last night’s Democratic Party Convention. Yes, Democratic Convetnion..I did not mistype.

ABC News
Former Reagan official Doug Elmets: “Donald Trump, you’re no Ronald Reagan”

Trump Dispatched Junior to the heart of Mississippi. Why? Are they cloning Reagan or simply dense about MKississippi as a solid read state?

While Maddow was too professional to mention the obvious, we state our attention to Trump’s campaign massaging white nationalism and its staunch support for the leader of the GOP. We offer Trump’s strategy is clear. he has yet to totally disavow support from Americans white supremacist and he needs every white vote he can muster to win this fall.

These people, the Trump team, wants into our White House!

Trump Offers Russian Hackers A Pass

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 Why Isn’t This Treason

Donald Trump started his day handing Democrat Party politicos a gift. While we know of Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin, we had no thoughts of Trump leveraging a report on the recent Russian hack (over the course of one year) into the DNC email systems as a campaign tool. 

Is there no pride in the Trump family or in the Trump campaign to offset his obvious disdain for US national security?

Time doesn’t permit developing and wordsmithing a piece on this topic (today). For the sake of expedience, we want to post some a set of quick hit information for your perusal. 

Before the Twitter links, we ask you to note not one high-level GOP official, RNC official, nor a GOP member of Congress has directly addressed Trump’s flirting with a potential international adversary.


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