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Trump, The Polls, And Three Weeks Till Labor Day

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Trump actually continued to rail about “the polls’ as long as he faced other GOP hopefuls. He may have on occasion mentioned the polls as he moved away from the Primaries, but rest assured the “the polls” refrain has been scant from the lips of the New York City bloviator. 

Trump once stated he may leave the race should he start to slip in the polls. Of course, “leave the race” was carnival barking to drive sycophant supporters out to vote. But, there is the prospect the carnival barking Trump can not stomach that thought of losing the race in November. Time will tell, but you may have noticed Trumps’ offspring are not appearing on camera these days and you certainly haven’t heard the word “polls” from Trump’s mouth. 

The Five Thirty-Eight Blog posted a caution to all media about early exuberance and counter chagrin regarding the early polls. The message was, in essence, it is too early to consider 2015 polling relevant.
Let’s take a quick journey through the reasons for Trump’s aversion to “the polls.”  Our journey has to start with trump’s number one spokesperson incompetent: Katrina Pierson. 

“..forget the polls, Trump has huge crowds.” Well, yes he is a celebrity, and some of those in the audience may complete polls with expressions of no interest in a Trump vote

All national polling shows Clinton holding various percentage leads over Donald Trump. The polling data speaks volumes as to why Trump hasn;t uttered the words “the polls” for many weeks (maybe even months).  Trum[p in his inimitable way could help but rub “the poll’s in the faced of his 17 Gop primary candidates while failing to realize once, outside the GOP far right base, polling would swing moderately. The moderate swing took place the June party conventions and after the events that moderate swing trended towards double digit polling numbers across the nation.

Why do Republicans so often fail to realize braggadocio for a period could very well equal heartbreak during subsequent periods?  Sir Isaac Newton put it best.

It takes a small thinker who lacks any sense of ‘things to come’ to fall into the fact of reality and its pendulum swings. Trump certain bit into the proverbial apple, and no he can’t utter the words “the polls.”  But, never fail, all republicans can rest assured rightwing media and social media will come tot he rescue.  Breitbart dot com undertook a poll to refute all national polling showing their candidate trailing as if a chemtrail from a high flying jet.

Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow explained in a statement accompanying the survey that the site would launch its own series of polls to provide “an accurate assessment” of the 2016 race. 
“It’s an open secret that polls are often manipulated and spun to create momentum for a particular candidate or issue,” Marlow said. “Breitbart News Network’s first national poll marks the start of a major initiative to give our readers an accurate assessment on where the American people stand on the key topics and people of the day — without the mainstream media filter.”

Let’s do that last sentence again.

“Breitbart News Network’s first national poll marks the start of a major initiative to give our readers an accurate assessment on where the American people stand on the key topics and people of the day — without the mainstream media filter.”

Even Breitbart should have know better. 

The writers and  editors at Breitbart worked as if overheated Beavers to spin the survey results for a good showing from Trump, but the bottom-line effort to refute mainstream media (As Breitbart call3es it) polling data.  

Breitbart dot com excerpt:

Democratic nominee Hillary R. Clinton leads in a four-way contest with 42 percent of the vote, compared to Donald J. Trump with 37 percent, Libertarian Gary Johnson with 9 percent, and 3 percent for Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein, according to a Breitbart/Gravis national poll conducted Aug. 9 with 2,832 likely voters.

The remainder of the piece is linked here. If you decide to read the rest of the piece be prepared for a great deal of Breitbart spin. 

Rather than expend time sorting through various polls and posting graphics some find abhorrent, let’s defer to posting links with various perspectives on Trump Vs Hillary Clinton polling.

You Gov cbs-battleground-florida-georgia-new-hampshire/

NBC News election/four-takeaways-latest-battleground-polls-n629536

Syracuse dot com ny_poll_hillary_clinton_surges_to_30-point_lead_over_donald_trump.html

US News donald-trumps-loss-in-november-is-written-in-the-polls

NBC News clinton-surges-past-270-electoral-votes-nbc-news-battleground-map-n630851

We are reading and hearing reliable polling is still weeks away. Well, we have moved to the middle of August with GOP and print media editors giving Trump until Labor Day to turn things around. It should be noted Labor Days is a mere three weeks away. Is there a sane person who may read this who actually believes Trump will enact a turnaround in the next three weeks?

GOP Obstruction As A Barrier To Economic Progress

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An interesting must  read from over two years ago regarding the business of the US economy. We consistently hear and read republicans and non-elected conservatives railing about 74% of the nation feel we are headed in the wrong direction. Is it a reality American’s direction is solely an edict from the president Does Congress and state governments have any responsibility? What does the SCOTUS play in the nation’s directions? How about contrary data indicating Barack Obama, the nation’s 44th President, is currently receiving favorable numbers at the level of 56 percent?

The two-year piece is worth the quick read for anyone who values information that counters pure propaganda from the Right.

Dave JohnsonThe Cost To Our Economy From Republican Obstruction And SabotageSEPTEMBER 23, 2014

The Republican political strategy has been to obstruct efforts to help the economy for everyone but the wealthiest few, and then campaign on complaints that the economy isn’t helping anyone but the wealthiest few. It’s working.
In President Obama’s July 12 weekly address he said, “So far this year, Republicans in Congress have blocked every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.” He could have said, “Since 2009.” Since the 2009 “stimulus,” Republicans have obstructed pretty much every effort to help the economy. In the Senate they have filibustered hundreds of bills, and since the “stimulus” they have managed to keep anything from passing that might help the economy.
In the House, Republicans have refused to allow votes on anything that seriously would help the economy, instead passing only tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, spending cuts on essential things like maintaining our infrastructure and scientific research, and cutting regulations that protect people and the environment from being harmed by corporations seeking profit.
Republicans have blocked every effort since the stimulus to maintain infrastructure, hire teachers, raise the minimum wage, give equal pay for women, stop special tax breaks for millionaires corporations (especially oil companies), stop tax breaks for sending jobs out of the country, provide student loan relief, help the long-term unemployed, and more. Instead they insist on even more tax breaks for oil companies and billionaires, on cutting environmental protections, deregulating oil companies, and so on.
Obstruction Using Senate Filibusters
How many bills have been filibustered by Senate Republicans since President Obama took office? Bloomberg’s Jonathan Bernstein, in “All Filibusters, All the Time,” writes, “The correct count of how many bills have been filibustered during Obama’s presidency is: approximately all of them.”
That’s what it means to have a 60-vote Senate, which is what Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republicans declared as soon as Obama was elected. Almost every measure and, until Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats invoked the nuclear option last fall, almost every nomination, had to have 60 or more votes to pass. That’s a filibuster.
Here are just a few of the hundreds of bills Senate Republicans have filibustered since President Obama took office — just a few:

  • Equal Pay for Women
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act
  • Bring Jobs Home Act – stop tax breaks for moving jobs and production facilities out of the country
  • Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act of 2011 – rehire 400,000 teachers, firefighters, paramedics and police officers.
  • Student loan reform – ease the crushing burden of student loan debt by at least allowing refinancing to lower interest rates
  • Extended unemployment benefits – for the long-term unemployed
  • Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) — let working people join unions – filibustered in 2007, killed by threat of filibuster 2009
  • Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act – let public safety officers join unions
  • The Buffett rule – ensure millionaires pay a comparable tax rate to middle-class Americans
  • Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act
  • What would it have meant for the economy and jobs to launch a post-stimulus effort to maintain and modernize our infrastructure? How about reversing the tax structure that pays companies to move jobs out of the country? How about equal pay for women? How about a minimum wage increase? How about hundreds of thousands of teachers and first responders going back to work? How about being able to organize into unions to fight for wages, benefits and safer working conditions? How about relief from crushing student loan debt?
    All of those things blocked, and people wonder what the economy is just slogging along…
    Obstruction And Economic Sabotage In The House
    In the House Republican leadership has been following what is called the “Hastert Rule” to obstruct bills that would win with a majority vote. This is not a real “rule”; it is a partisan method of limiting what Democrats and moderate Republicans can accomplish. Republican leadership will not bring a bill up for a vote unless a majority of Republicans are for it. In other words, even if a bill would pass with most Democrats and some Republicans voting in favor, it can’t even get a vote unless it fits with Republican doctrine. (Actually that would be Republican funder doctrine, which is basically oil companies, Wall Street and a few ultra-billionaires.)
    So instead of looking at what has been blocked in the House, which would be literally everything Democrats and up to 49 percent of Republicans think would help the economy, we should look at what has passed. What has passed is a record of economic sabotage. Republicans claim there are more 300 bills passed by the House that are held up in the Senate. (Note that The Washington Post took a look at this and found that “In 11 of the past 19 Congresses – more than half – more than 300 bills were waiting for Senate action by the time the Congress completed its work.”)
    Of particular note among the passed bills is the Republican “Path to Prosperity Budget” (a.k.a. the “Ryan budget”). It is described as “Cuts spending & implements pro-growth reforms that boost job creation.” It dramatically cuts taxes on the rich. It privatizes Medicare. It cuts spending on infrastructure, health care for the poor, education, research, public-safety, and low-income programs. It turns Medicaid, food stamps, and other poverty programs into state block grants.
    Tax cuts aren’t going to fund schools or repair roads and bridges. And lo and behold, this Republican budget that passed the House cuts taxes and cuts funding for even maintaining – never mind modernizing – our vital infrastructure needs. This is a budget of economic sabotage.
    Other Republican House “jobs” bills, listed at Speaker Boehner’s “jobs” page include:
    • Repeal ObamaCare
    • Working Families Flexibility Act – Eliminates overtime pay
    • Preserving Work Requirements for Welfare Programs Act
    • Approve Keystone pipeline, to build a pipeline across the country so Canadian oil can be soil to China, easing an oil glut here and bringing prices back up.
    • More offshore oil drilling
    • Student Success Act – Promotes charter schools, cuts federal programs and support for schools
    • Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act – blocks regulations on coal ash
    • Energy Consumers Relief Act – block government regulation of oil companies and carbon pollution
    • Stop Government Abuse Act – “Provides small business owners with tools to protect against government harassment.”
    • Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act – “Stops the IRS from implementing the president’s health care law”
    • Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act – “Requires congressional approval of any new regulation with an economic cost of at least $100 million”
    • National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act – Facilitates the development of strategic and critical minerals used to support manufacturing jobs. (Note Senate Republicans filibustered this.)
    • Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act – Prevents regulations on fracking
    • Responsible And Professionally Invigorating Development Act – Expedites the approval for new energy projects

    • Electricity Security & Affordability Act – Protects coal-fired plants from regulation Preventing Government Waste & Protecting Coal Mining Jobs in America Act – prevents coal regulations

    • Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act
    • North American Energy Infrastructure Act – promotes cross-border pipelines.
    • The Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act – Expedites the approval of liquefied natural gas export applications
    • Lowering Gas Prices to Fuel an America That Works Act – expanding production of oil and gas
    • Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act – Permanently extends a ban on Internet access taxes
    OK, got that? Their “jobs” bills include things like cutting government support for schools, stopping regulations on coal ash, requiring people receiving federal assistance to work, and drill-baby-drill. Oh, the list even includes bills that Republicans filibustered in the Senate.
    It is not clear how getting rid of public schools and replacing them with charter, private and home schools is about “jobs.” It also is not clear how banning taxes on Comcast internet access “creates jobs.”
    Many of these so-called “jobs” programs are really about subsidizing and assisting the oil and coal companies that provide so much of the funding for the Republican Party and conservative propaganda apparatus. (Note that Koch Industries is at heart an oil company.) They’re just called “jobs” programs because people need jobs – because Republicans have been blocking actual jobs programs.
    And what about direct sabotage? Who can forget the Republican hostage-taking of the debt ceiling, when they threatened to take down the entire world economy unless we cut back on things like maintaining our infrastructure, scientific research, public health, hiring teachers and other things we do to make our lives better? There was a direct cost of $18.9 billion, but then there was the resulting credit rating downgrade, the pullback by businesses worried that they might actually do this, and so on.
    Who can forget the terrible cost to the economy of the government shutdown? There was adirect cost of $24 billion, but also the reduced fourth-quarter GDP growth from 3 percent to 2.4 percent. And the continuing harm from loss of confidence in our government’s ability to, well, govern.
    The Voting Public Doesn’t Know
    The Senate filibusters of real job and economic recovery efforts, the House’s so-called “jobs and growth” bills, the debt ceiling fights, the cuts in economically necessary spending like infrastructure maintenance and finally the government shutdown combine to show an incredible record of economic sabotage. This was the Republican plan, we saw it unfold, and now we see Republican campaigns running against the “Obama economy.”
    However, the voting public is largely unaware of this record of obstruction and sabotage and the effect on the recovery. Seriously, go out and ask around. If you are reading this you are likely a highly-informed person. So you might be aware that there have been filibusters, but maybe not that there have been up to 500 or more Republicans filibusters.
    The corporate media obscures the obstruction and sabotage. The corporate/conservative propaganda apparatus blasts out diversion and distraction. And, of course, the Democrats are not presenting a unified explanation of how Republicans are hurting the economy and how they would make things better. (Until recently President Obama blamed “Congress” in general, and the media still does.)
    If Republicans take the Senate this fall, will they continue the obstruction and sabotage? What if they later also take the presidency? Here’s the thing, they know their tax cut, deregulate, smaller government nonsense does not work to boost the economy. Any economist will tell you, history will tell you, and common sense will tell you that taking money out of the economy won’t help the economy. It’s bad enough now, what happens to the country if they win? It’s well past time to be fed up with this. Vote, make sure your friends and family vote. Volunteer to talk to people about the urgency of voting. It’s all we have left.
    By the way, here is what that 2009 stimulus spending accomplished — we went from losing more than 800,000 private sector jobs a month to gaining 100-250,000 a month:

    Donald Trump Leads Where No Sane American Will Go

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    Spend a few minutes watching people with whom you may very well share political ideology.

    Changing National diversity isn’t a reality among America’s conservatives.  If their political party is an indication, a lack of tolerance for non-whites is far from a surprise.  Vox published a piece about the differences in delegates at both recent pre-election conventions.  

    First, what is a delegate?


    A delegate is someone who attends or communicates the ideas of or acts on behalf of an organization at a meeting or conference between organizations, which may be at the same level or involved in a common field of work or interest.

    Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party uses pledged delegates and superdelegates. A candidate for the Democratic nomination must win a majority of combined delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.

    Pledged delegates are elected or chosen at the state or local level, with the understanding that they will support a particular candidate at the convention. Pledged delegates are, however, not actually bound to vote for that candidate, thus the candidates are allowed to periodically review the list of delegates and eliminate any of those they feel would not be supportive. Currently there are 4,051 pledged delegates. 

    Republican Party

    The Republican Party utilizes a similar system with slightly different terminology, employing pledged and unpledged delegates. Of the total 2,472 Republican delegates, most are pledged delegates who, as with the Democratic Party, are elected at the state or local level. To become the Republican Party nominee, the candidate must win a simple majority of 1,237 of the 2,472 total delegates at the Republican National Convention.

    The Republican Party, however, has established few unpledged delegates. The only people who get unpledged status are each state’s three Republican National Committee members. This means that unpledged delegates are only 168 of the total number of delegates. However, unpledged delegates do not have the freedom to vote for whichever candidate they please. The RNC ruled in 2015 that the unpledged delegates must vote for the candidate that their state voted for; the unpledged RNC members will be bound in the same manner as the state’s at-large delegates, unless the state elects their delegates on the primary ballot, then all three RNC members will be allocated to the statewide winner.[4]

    The WIKI definition offers perspective into differences between the two parties in many ways. One glaring difference in the party delegate processes is the net outcome regarding diversity among their delegates.  And, how does that manifest, you might ask?  The answer, six minority delegates among the GOP cadre at their convention; half of all Democratic Party delegates were minority delegates.  Take a look via Vox dot com.

    Vox‘s detailed piece shows without stating such the total regressive and non-inclusive core of the GOP.

    We offer a sample set of graphics form the Vox piece.

    Charts showing the racial and ethnic breakdown of RNC and DNC delegatesChart showing the ethnic and racial breakdown of DNC candidates

    The Vox piece linked above offers much more insight into the GOP’s veritable racially homogeneous party. This year’s convention saw the lowest number of black delegates in decades. Is there any wonder the nation’s white nationalist and white supremacists are clinging into the GOP similar to Lamprey fish?  The information, data, and reality are not a matter of circumstance.

    In late 2014, Leah Wright Rigueur via the Princeton University Press published 

    The Loneliness of the Black Republican: Pragmatic Politics and the Pursuit of Power. Check out this page from the bookThe reality of life for the”black conservative” (As they refer to be called, is as real as Donald Trump declaring a total ban on Muslims entering the US.  

    I must ask, why bother? What is It about the GOP actually attracts people who we assume possess average intelligence? Their support for the GOP is as solid as a six-foot thick concrete wall and it is as ever-present as the 24/7 Greenwich Mean Time clock. Should we simply write- off the ‘black conservative’ as Einstein once defined insanity?

    Trump Offers Russian Hackers A Pass

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     Why Isn’t This Treason

    Donald Trump started his day handing Democrat Party politicos a gift. While we know of Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin, we had no thoughts of Trump leveraging a report on the recent Russian hack (over the course of one year) into the DNC email systems as a campaign tool. 

    Is there no pride in the Trump family or in the Trump campaign to offset his obvious disdain for US national security?

    Time doesn’t permit developing and wordsmithing a piece on this topic (today). For the sake of expedience, we want to post some a set of quick hit information for your perusal. 

    Before the Twitter links, we ask you to note not one high-level GOP official, RNC official, nor a GOP member of Congress has directly addressed Trump’s flirting with a potential international adversary.


    The Daily GOP Ignominious: When GOP Politics Enable (Racism Blossoms)

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    When GOP politics enable…

    Unfortunately, as politics go,so goes America.  

    Have you ever shared time among a group of co-workers or a group of friends and noticed an intriguing human dynamics take shape without discussion, plan, or happenstance. One such dynamic is non-anointed group leaders. People as part of the group (without any voting) seem to move one of more of its members to that person others look to for formal or informal leadership and in some cases the person to literally follow. It evolves via common and normal interaction and it can develop without concerted efforts to advance the dynamic by the “leader . The dynamic is a natural evolution of, and is probably common to, any breathing species (animal, fish, bird). And, as human beings, any group which shares common life experiences and, or, who share a common ideology, will experience the dynamic naturally, if it is not established via common forms of appointment such as the act of voting.

    Thus, we as human beings are ultimately influenceable and we are potential pawns or items of manipulation for the gifted orator or the crafty behind the scenes operator. Of course, we from time to time run across the person who is gifted in both behind the scenes interaction as well as gifted as an orator: Barack Obama.  A rarity indeed and certainly not the leader of our time of 2016 politicking; whom we are about to expose.

    Yes, we are referring to Donald J. Trump, the nascent leader of the GOP and his success in providing a path for conservative America to come out of their bigoted and racists closet. If the characterization of “the closet” is a bit much for you, consider the following. Trump represents a political party and ideology which has been anti-civil and anti-human rights since the revolutionary times of the 1960s. It is a party of  comprised 92% white Americans. An even more glaring example of a party of social intolerance (if the word makes you feel better vs. bigots or racists) you should consider the number of African-American delegates at the recent Republican National Convention: 18 of the 2472 delegate seats. A fact that cannot be written off as circumstance or indifference from black republicans. The ascension of Trump to the top of the GOP is as natural as GOP no votes to any Obama initiative.

    When GOP politics enable.

    Donald Trump has a long history of discrimination against African-Americans. If we apply deep scrutiny to his actions and comments, it isn’t difficult to find a deep core of racism. No, he will probably not support past acts of lynchings, killing to acquire black lands, nor would he stand to publicly declare white supremacy. Yet, his inner core of supremacy has been evident for many years and has been readily applied to people of color. New York Times OP-ED writer, Nicholas Kristof, recently published an opinion piece based on personal research focused on Trump’s background as a developing billionaire. 

    Is Donald Trump a Racist?

    The answer is, yes Donald Trump is a racist who readily manifest his inner core. An inner core that has led to a much more robust support from white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the more common bigot.  

    When GOP politics enable.

    You are aware of David Duke’s support for Trump.  If you are not aware of Duke and his resurgent white supremacist dogma head over to YouTube and type in the name “David Duke.”

    Duke aside, let’s visit with the current national director of the KKK via MIC dot com.  

    “Trump is espousing the ideals we’ve been promoting for years,” said Thomas Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. “They’re talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible.”

    Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

    The Ku Klux Klan’s newspaper, the Crusader ( “The Political Voice of White Christian America!”, published quarterly)

    According to the national director of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) reports requests for his newsletter has skyrocketed. 

    When GOP politics enable.

    Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. “They’re talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible.”

    Other white supremacists echoed Duke’s sentiments.

    Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

    Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

    <figure class="embeddable clearfix embeddable-twitter embeddable-twit-pic" data-twitterhtml="

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    View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
    I haven’t been called a “kike” since leaving Soviet Union in 1989. Thanks to Trump-loving Neo-Nazis for the reminder

    According to Robb, Trump’s “fixes” for problems were preaching to a long-quiet choir. In June, Trump called for outlawing immigrants from places with histories of terrorism. In December, he recommended banning Muslims from entering the U.S. And in order to keep people from immigrating into the country, the first point of his proposed immigration reform calls for a wall along the Mexican border — a wall he believes Mexico should pay for.

    “We called for the border wall 30 years ago,” Robb said. “We never expected someone so outspoken on issues of immigration.”

    When GOP politics enable.

    And, this is where it all leads.  Reince Priebus was finally forced to refute growing David Duke clinging to his party leader (Donald Trump).

    Keya Morgan, Filmmaker, states he has studied Hitler for two decades and the likeness to Trump is real and, in my words stupifying. 

     Trump’s influence on a large swath of the nation far exceeds love from white supremacists.

    For child being aged woman and secondarily women in general. 

    Just to remind people Trumpo said this about abortion and women . In case you missed it #SCOTUS— vlh (@coton_luver) July 25, 2016

    How about the person who feels he has a right to force actions from another and when the person does not comply, he moves to Jim Crow racists oratory and acts?

    Is it possible for you to overlook the comfort displayed by one of the GOP’s most noted racist?  If you wonder about my use of the word “comfort”, watch the total confidence and lack of shame from an elected member of the US Congress. In this age of open racism from the Right, labelling Trumpism as an aberration is a false sense of reality.

    The GOP via conservative Ameican will go down in modern US history in a manner comparable to a developing Third Reich in the mid 1920s.

    Did you really believe I would leave this piece without more regarding Trump as the consummate flim-flam man?

    “The Art of the Deal?”

    Did Joe Scarborough And Crew Actually Deny Racist Support For Trump?

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    While I do not watch MSNBC’s Morning Joe, I ran across a Facebook post reporting an early morning interview with Rob Reiner, noted liberal, and the shows chief conservative: Joe Scarborough.  It should be noted Reiner’s predominate mission seemed to have been to deliver a message critical of media’s failure to pin Trump down on his over-the-top demagoguery. He is correct. Ther is no network which is actually challenging the nascent GOP leader.  But, Joe’s denial of race in politics is disheartening.

    The level of denial regarding the role race plays in both US politics and our society was stupifying. One would think people who allegedly possess a higher level of intellect regardless of political affiliation have knowledge of growing racist support from Donald Trump and the GOP. Simply denying the reality is pointless and fuels the reality such so-called news shows and show hosts are merely purveying propaganda vs. true discussion of issues critical to the nation.

    Right Wing Watch has published a piece regarding former KKK Leader and noted white supremacists support forum. As I think of Morning Joe segment context regarding racist support for Trump, it is impossible to phantom anyone in America living in a state of mind oblivious to Trumps support from white supremacists.  We offer an excerpt from the Right Wing Watch piece.

    David Duke Hails Donald Trump For Thwarting The ‘Jewish Supremacists Who Control Our Country
    Submitted by Brian Tashman on Wednesday, 5/4/2016 3:00 pm 

    On his radio program today, white nationalist leader David Duke celebrated Donald Trump’s “amazing victory” in the Indiana primary, which allowed him to become the presumptive Republican nominee for president, hailing Trump for terrifying wealthy “Jewish extremists” and exposing the “Jewish supremacists who control our country.” 

    Trump, who earlier this year briefly refused to reject Duke’s endorsement, has been a favorite of white nationalist leaders like Duke, who predicted that the GOP presidential candidate will rehabilitate the image of Adolf Hitler. 

    The former KKK leader said that Republican elites have been working to undermine Trump just as they worked against him when he ran for governor of Louisiana as a Republican in 1991. He particularly took issue with Trump’s former Republican rival Ted Cruz taking money from a “Jewish leftist commie,” arguing that Jewish financiers are bent on “destroying the Republican Party” by targeting people like Trump and himself. 

    “Jewish chutzpah knows no bounds,” he said. 

    Read and listen to audio linked in the article title above. Crooks & Liars also ran a
    .rhexcerpt{display:none;} “>piece

     on Duke’s Trump celebration. If Duke’s support isn’t positive validation of white supremacist support for Trump, how about support from a current leader of a faction of the US Ku Klux Klan

    Many conservatives and far too many so-called progressives expand considerable energy avoidng the reality of US racism.  Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, as well as other on the morning set, know the reality of deeply ingrained racism in the US. Why deny the reality? Why deny all too frequent reprots of right-wing supprot for thye GOP?

    The producers and hosts of the morning competition to Fox News’ Fox & Friends, truly offered a segment that validated US media is no logner about the business of reporting and discussing news and current events. On the contrary, most cable media is about the business of promulgating political points of view and offering mind-altering points of view for anyone naive enough to buy into the bull crap.

    Joe sat with his cast of conservative sycophant co-hosts and a conservative shill who called Obama a “dick”, and effectively disavowed American racism. It was obvious show producers used “whatever you say Joe” Geist to set up the epitome of feeding conservative morning viewers. Additionally, Brzezinski’s sitting through the segment with a smirk was as revealing related to her inner core as Joe’s inane counterpoints.

    Trump’s Mouth, Trump’s Sexism, Trumps Foreign Policy

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    Let’s take a run through the fallacy and ubiquitous world of Donald Trump.  If you are a Trump worshipper, fan or as a minimum political supporter you may not like what follows. Your hero has issues. You know it, I know it, the world knows it, yet you and millions persevere when the shameful writing is on a huge wall.  Speaking of a wall, wonder how long will it take from Trump to back down on his lie about building a wall on the southern border and rounding up millions if undocumented people. Trump rhetoric rivals any European dictator from the mid-1930s.

    Let’s start with Trump’s stunning comments about Hillary’s alleged only support from women, because she is a woman.

    Before the first video, how about an image of Chris Christe’s wife as Trump finished up his sexist remarks.  
    The first video embed relates to Trump mantra of Hillary as a shouting feign. Joe Scarborough took up the overnight memo and follwes suit. 
    Watch part of Trump’s interview on “Morning Joe” via MSNBC:

    Apparently, the GOP’s leading MSNBC promoter and spokesperson, Joe Scarborough, worked with his early morning producers at offering Morning Joe viewers a dose of anti-HillaryClinton malarkey. Hillary’s was replete with “shouting!” Shouting? If Clinton spoke as softly as corporate America forces behavior on women managers, she would have little opportunity to avoided criticism of appearing too soft-spoken. It isn’t surprising Trump and Scarborough labeled Clinton as so often male corporate managers and employees label women managers who speak frankly, unabashedly and with any degree of professional aggressiveness: “She is a bitch!”

    Scarborough channels Trump: Hillary shouted.

    Earlier today Trump was offered one an unusual amount of airtime on cable news networks for what amounted to a cost-free advertisement. The uber wealthy bloviator and GOP party 2016 campaign leader (minutes additional and more accurate disparaging characterizations) spoke on foreign policy.  

    While I followed my instincts and practice of abstaining from exposing my gray matter to the bloviator, some listened and watched with the thought of critical review. One such critic is CNN’S  Fareed Zakaria. Mediaite’s report on Zakaria’s comments follows.

    “It was sort of rambling to the point of being incoherent. I mean, he contradicted himself several times,” he said. 

    He proceeded to list off the many contradictions in Trump’s speech:

    He said we’re going to get out of nation-building, but we’re going to create stability. Well, how do you do that? You get out of nation building in Afghanistan, you get more instability. You got out of nation-building in Iraq, you got more instability. He said the allies can rely on us but we will be completely unpredictable. He said we will spend what it takes to rebuild the military, but we’re going to pay down the debt. We’re going to spread Western civilization, but we’re not going to spread democracy.

    If you wish to dull-down your gray matter while simultaneously exposing yourself to the natiosn’s number one political charlatan, we offer a You Tube  full-event video.

    You Tube
    Full Event: Donald Trump Speaks on Foreign Policy in Washington, DC

    Donald Trump the P Barnum of the 21st Century!

    The Novemebr Jobs Reports

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    Private Sector Payroll Employment
    White House dot gov
    The economy added 211,000 jobs in November, marking the strongest three years of job creation since 2000.

    Herein lies the reason the GOP has virtually excluded mention of the US economy from its ‘fear mongering’ and zany 2016 presidential campaigning. The November Jobs Report was another indication of a healing US economy.


    CNN Money

    Trump Leads the GOP (And His Storm Troopers Squash Dissent)

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    Your GOP…..

    If you missed the following piece on AddecitingInfo, Take a few minutes to read and view that latest example of Trump “storm-trooper” barbarism.

    Always remember. “Then they came for me.” The black man chanting “Black Lives Matter” today, maybe you tomorrow.  

    “Get em Outta here, Get Out”!!!!

    Trump: Black Man Attacked At Rally Deserved It, ‘Maybe He Should Have Been Roughed Up’ (VIDEO)

    AUTHOR NOVEMBER 22, 2015 11:32 AM
    On Saturday, Donald Trump stood by and watched as his rabid supporters at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama (a city with a long history of racism, discrimination, and violence against black people) — on his order — swarmed an African-American, violently punching, kicking, and dragging him simply because he expressed an opinion that was unpopular among them.
    And although his campaign released a statement that “the campaign does not condone this behavior,” Trump appeared on Fox News the very next day to inform the public that, in reality, he not only condones this behavior, he encourages it.
    Asked about his supporters’ violent actions, Trump complained to Fox and Friends that the man was “so obnoxious” and “was screaming.” Because the gentleman was so — “uppity” seems to be the word someone like Trump would use under normal circumstances — the billionaire says he had it coming:

    “Maybe he should have been roughed up. It was disgusting what he was doing.”

    “This is not the way Bernie Sanders handled his problem, I will tell you, but I have a lot of fans and they were not happy about it. And this was a very obnoxious guy, a troublemaker, looking to make trouble,” Trump said, justifying his supporters’ actions.
    What was the man doing? CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond says that the protester was shouting “black lives matter” — a concept with which Trump and his “White Power Rangers” wholeheartedly disagree. Diamond says the man later removed his sweatshirt to reveal a t-shirt bearing the same message.
    “At least a half-dozen attendees shoved and tackled the protester, a black man, to the ground as he refused to leave the event,” Diamond reports. “At least one man punched the protester and a woman kicked him while he was on the ground. All of the attendees who were involved in the physical altercation with the protester were white.
    This isn’t the first time Trump’s supporters have gotten violent with a minority they hate at a rally. Last month, a group of Trumpshirts dragged a Hispanic man to the ground by his collar and kicked him, with a man Trump later identified as a random supporter eventually dragging the pro-immigration protester out. Later in his speech, Trump himself threatened to become “violent” if protesters continued to interrupt him.
    “See the first group, I was nice: ‘Oh, take your time,’” Trump said at the Miami rally. “The second group, I was pretty nice. The third group, I’ll be pretty more violent. And the fourth group, I’ll say, ‘Get the hell out of here!’” A week prior, Trump’s followers spat on and pushed immigration activists.
    Each time Trump’s supporters become violent, the 2016 Republican frontrunner excuses and even applauds it. After two Trump fansbeat a Hispanic homeless man with a metal pipe and urinated on him in August, the popular Republican described them as “passionate” individuals who “love this country and want this country to be great again.”
    Of course, he’s not opposed to racism, either. After a supporter famously screamed “white power” at a speech in August, the man who Republicans want to be POTUS explained that white supremacists are “very receptive to the message of ‘making America great again’ because they want to be proud Americans again.”
    Recently, Trump cracked down on Muslims in America, suggesting that he wants to have them wear special little badges like Hitler did with the Jews, build a national database to track them, and close down mosques.
    “Just like Hitler” is a phrase that should not be used lightly, but Trump’s actions could easily lead one to make that comparison — especially since he is exactly the sort of person who would keep a book of the German dictator’s speeches by his bedside for light reading. Donald Trump is “just like Hitler,” and his followers are his functional brownshirts.

    And Republicans want him to be President.

    Think about that while you watch him, again, excuse his racist and violent supporters’ actions:

    Featured Image via Gawker/Screengrab

    The GOP Southern Strategy Via Bill Moyers And Company

    In Bill Moyers and Company, GOP, GOP elections,, Nixon's Southern Strategy, The Nation, William Greider on October 17, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    Bill Moyers and Company republished about the GOP’s Southern Strategy which was originally published in The Nation. We should never underestimate the degree to which the strategy has shaped our nation, social interaction, social tolerance (the lack thereof), and political elections.  

    Yes, the southern strategy reaches to your household as cloaked as the airborne dust that floats around as unnoticed as Co2. 

    Why the GOP Crackup Is the Final Unraveling of Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’

    The abrupt resignation of House Speaker John Boehner was his capitulation to this new reality. His downfall was loudly cheered by many of his own troops — the angry right-wingers in the House who have turned upon the party establishment. Chaos followed. The discontented accuse party leaders of weakness and betraying their promises to the loyal rank and file.

    At the heart of this intramural conflict is the fact that society has changed dramatically in recent decades, but the GOP has refused to change with it. Americans are rapidly shifting toward more tolerant understandings of personal behavior and social values, but the Republican Party sticks with retrograde social taboos and hard-edged prejudices about race, gender, sexual freedom, immigration, and religion. Plus, it wants to do away with big government (or so it claims).

    The party establishment, including business and financial leaders, seems to realize that Republicans need to moderate their outdated posture on social issues. But they can’t persuade their own base — especially Republicans in the white South — to change. The longer the GOP holds out, the more likely it is to be damaged by the nation’s changing demographics — the swelling impact of Latinos and other immigrants, and the flowering influence of millennials, the 18-to-30-year-olds who are more liberal and tolerant than their elders.

    Nixon’s “Southern strategy” was cynical, of course, but it was an effective electoral ploy. Now, however, it is beginning to look like a deal with the devil. For 2016, the GOP has to cope with very different challenges. The party has to find a broadly appealing nominee who won’t scare off party moderates and independent voters, but who at the same time can pacify rebellious right-wingers and prevent a party crackup.
    Looking over the list of possible nominees doesn’t reveal an obvious solution. Trumpish extremism is entertaining, but it could simply boost voter turnout among Democratic constituencies. Hard-core tea party types threaten to play Samson and pull down the temple if they don’t get their way.

    * * *

    To grasp the GOP’s dilemma, it helps to understand that the modern Republican Party was founded on some basic contradictions. It has been an odd-couple coalition that unites the East Coast Republican establishment with the hardscrabble segregationists of the white South. Richard Nixon brokered the deal with Dixiecrat leader Strom Thurmond at the ’68 convention in Miami, wherein states of the old slave-holding Confederacy would join the Party of Lincoln. It took two election cycles to convert the “Solid South,” but Nixon and GOP apparatchiks made it clear with private assurances that Republicans would discreetly retire their historic commitment to civil rights.

    Scott Lilly, a liberal Democrat who for many years was the sagacious staff director of the House Appropriations Committee, explained the GOP’s intra-party fracas in that context. Boehner’s resignation, Lilly wrote in The Washington Spectator, “was, in fact, about the steady unraveling of a coalition that has allowed the Republican Party to hold the White House for 27 of the past 47 years and maintain a seemingly solid base for continuing control of the US House of Representatives.”
    “The country clubbers don’t care about prayer in the public schools, gun rights…abortion and immigration.”
    Nixon’s reconfiguration brought together “polar opposites among white Americans,” Lilly noted. The traditional wing of the party — “country club” Republicans, who include corporate leaders, financiers and investors — became partners with poor, rural, church-going voters, among them the Southern “segs” who had previously always voted for Democrats. Black Southerners didn’t count in the equation, since they were still mostly being blocked from voting.

    After Congress enacted the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Lyndon Johnson confided to a White House aide, “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican Party for a long time to come.” Nixon’s new Republicans became a formidable national party, Lilly explained, but they always straddled the tension between rich and poor.

    “The problem,” Lilly said, “is that this latter group has almost nothing in common with the country club wing.… The country clubbers don’t care about prayer in the public schools, gun rights, stopping birth control, abortion and immigration.” On the other hand, common folks don’t worry over marginal tax rates, capital formation, or subsidies for major corporations.

    “If they ever fully understood that their more prosperous party brethren were contemplating deep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid to pay for those policies, they would be in open rebellion,” Lilly observed.

    Nixon and his successors hid behind ideology and obscured the contradictions by pursuing a strategy I would call “no-fault bigotry.” Every now and then, especially in election seasons, the Republicans played the race card in dog-whistle fashion to smear Democrats, with savage effect. The GOP never attempted to repeal civil-rights legislation but sought cheap ways to undermine enforcement and remind whites, South and North, that the party was on “their” side.

    In his first term, Nixon himself made a memorable gesture by supporting federal tax subsidies for the private “seg academies” springing up across the South. He didn’t prevail, but he won lots of political loyalty among Southern whites — a generation of voters who had been raised to vote Democratic, but who were beginning to switch parties.

    In 1980, Ronald Reagan opened his presidential campaign at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi — a few miles from where three civil-rights workers had been murdered in the 1960s. Reagan announced his intention “to restore to states and local government the power that properly belongs to them.” That is Dixie’s euphemism for opposing racial integration.

    In 1988, George H.W. Bush smeared Michael Dukakis with his notoriously racist “Willie Horton” ads. In 1990 in North Carolina, Senator Jesse Helms ran for reelection against Harvey Gantt, a black former mayor of Charlotte, with a provocative ad called “white hands, black hands” attacking affirmative action. Helms won, and of course so did Bush.

    It finally dawned on loyal foot soldiers in the odd-couple coalition that they were being taken for suckers.
    In 2008, when Americans elected our first black president, most of the heavy smears came after Barack Obama took office. Grassroots conservatives imagined bizarre fears: Obama wasn’t born in America; he was a secret Muslim. Donald Trump demanded to see the birth certificate. GOP leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell — who had been a civil-rights advocate in his youth — could have discouraged the demonizing slurs. Instead, McConnell launched his own take-no-prisoners strategy to obstruct anything important Obama hoped to accomplish.

    At least until now, Republicans have gotten away with this bigotry. As a practical matter, there was no political price. Democrats often seemed reluctant to call them out, fearful that it might encourage even greater racial backlash. Indeed, the Dems developed their own modest Southern strategy — electing centrists Jimmy Carter of Georgia and later Bill Clinton of Arkansas to the White House. But the hope that Democrats could make peace with Dixie by moderating their liberalism was a fantasy. Conservatives upped the ante and embraced additional right-wing social causes.
    * * *
    So what caused the current rebellion in the GOP ranks? It finally dawned on loyal foot soldiers in the odd-couple coalition that they were being taken for suckers. Their causes always seemed to get the short end of the stick. The GOP made multiple promises and fervent speeches on the social issues, but, for one reason or another, the party establishment always failed to deliver.

    “We told people Obama was a dangerous socialist…when really we knew he was a moderate. But they believed us.”

    This belated realization stirred the anger that has flared across the ranks of the followers — and not just in the South. The financial crisis, the bailout of the banks, and collapsing prosperity intensified their sense of betrayal. People began mobilizing their own rump-group politics to push back. The tea party protests were aimed at President Obama, of course, but they were also an assault on Republican leaders who had misled and used the party base for so long. Tea party revenge took down long-comfortable legislators and elected red-hot replacements who share the spirit of rebellion.

    A Republican lobbyist of my acquaintance whose corporate client has been caught in the middle of the political disturbances shared a provocative insight. “I finally figured it out,” he told me. “Obama created the tea party.” I laughed at first, but he explained what he meant. “We told people that Obama was a dangerous socialist who was going to wreck America and he had to be stopped, when really we knew he was a moderate Democrat, not all that radical,” the lobbyist said. “But they believed us.”

    In other words, the extremist assaults on the black president, combined with the economic failures, were deeply alarming for ordinary people and generated a sense of terminal crisis that was wildly exaggerated. But it generated popular expectations that Republicans must stand up to this threat with strong countermeasures — to win back political control and save the country. I suggested that racial overtones were also at work. “That’s your opinion,” the lobbyist said. “I don’t know about that.”

    The point is, the grassroots anxieties were disappointed by the party establishment’s responses. The GOP kept denouncing Obamacare and predicting Obama’s failure, so it was a great shock to the rank and file when the president won reelection. He proceeded with executive action on immigration that further inflamed defeated conservatives.

    Tea party patriots observed that once again the GOP had failed to deliver on their social discontents: Abortion was still legal. Gays were getting married. Republicans won control of both the House and Senate, but the leaders declined to shut down government or force the president’s hand in other ways. America was burning, they believed, but Washington didn’t want to disrupt business as usual.

    If my lobbyist friend is right, the Republican establishment brought this crisis on itself by cynically manipulating its own rank and file. The party can’t deal with the real economic distress threatening the nation as long as rebellion is still smoldering in the ranks. Of course, that suits the interests of the country-club and Fortune 500 wing of the party — the last thing they want is significant economic reform. Confusion and stalemate have their political uses. On the other hand, the GOP can’t give the tea party rebels what they want without darkening its electoral prospects for 2016. Chaos to be continued.

    The confusion and feared crackup may actually open a brighter path for future politics, because the country is changing, including among white Southerners. The most resonant political moment in 2015 may have been what occurred in South Carolina after the church massacre in Charleston. Many politicians fumbled around, not sure what to say, but GOP Governor Nikki Haley stepped forward and took ownership of the shame. She burned the Confederate flag, so to speak, by acknowledging that it is a symbol of hate and calling for its removal from conspicuous display, which the state legislature agreed to do. Other Southern states swiftly followed with similar moves.

    This seems like a small symbolic gesture alongside the squalid history of racial oppression. But I think it signals a yearning for greater possibilities — a “New South” wishing it could truly escape the claustrophobic society created by the legacy of racial apartheid and the punishing social edicts imposed by demagogic preachers.

    As recent events have made clear, the corporate partners who dominate the GOP coalition have their own strong interest in promoting progressive social change — their customers demand it, and their employees and overseas markets expect it.

    Deep political change cannot reverse history in a single election cycle — it will take many elections — but Democrats have a great opportunity to force the question on the nation in 2016. Instead of playing limp and vague, Dems can launch what Howard Dean called for in 2004: a 50-state strategy that runs on liberating issues. Instead of ignoring GOP bigotry, the Democratic ticket can promise to challenge it on every front and attack reactionary Republicans who try to impose the past on voters.

    Above all, Democrats should demand that tea party rebels explain why they are in league with a party that intends to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in order to finance more tax cuts for billionaires. As Scott Lilly suggested, if common folks ever understand the corrupt nature of the Republican coalition, we will see a popular rebellion that makes the present chaos look like, well, a tea party.

    William Greider, The Nation
    William Greider is a prominent political journalist and author who has been a reporter for more than 35 years for newspapers, magazines and television. Over the past two decades, he has persistently challenged mainstream thinking on economics. He is the national affairs correspondent for The Nation.
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