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The Chamber Of Commerce Has A Problem! "A Mission Too Far"

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A major Palin cheerleader, Van Sustren Fox News, has to redirect her completely twilight-zone guest. Fox actually pays) Palin for these inane ramble scripts? Stupid is……

While not a threat to the Chamber of Commerce since she ill not run for office, yet a perfect  GOP “fool” model.


The Chamber of Commerce, a Republican business entity, looks to avoid GOP fools to win elections. Well, The Chamber had better get rid of Bachmann, silence Palin, run Gohmert out of his district and gag the majority of Tea Party members of Congress. In other words, the Chamber has embarked on a “mission too far.”

If the Chamber wants to rid of “fools” to win elections, it is seriously backing the wrong party.

The Raw Story Re-Post

[Image via Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons licensed]

Chamber of Commerce sets GOP goal for 2014: ‘No fools on our ticket’ (via Raw Story )

The GOP’s corporate allies have set a New Year’s resolution they hope will lead to electoral victory in the 2014 midterms: “No fools on our ticket.” Republican House leaders are planning to impose discipline on unruly members to help avert the…

Paul Ryan Snuggles Up To His "Indispensable" Tea Party

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A man holds a flag during a Tea Party rally in New York on Oct. 28, 2010.

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray recently visited with David “lean Right” Gregory. The link below doesn’t represent the complete interview; we are focusing on the 3:00 minute link with Paul Ryan to illustrate a point. Ryan is the classic bullshit artist and has proven not one word from his mouth can be taken as credible. He is manipulative and I suspect deep-down Patty Murray, despite her words of “liking him,” is ultra cautious in dealing with the man. You only have to think back to his lies about completing a  marathon in record time (Only to be busted by a relative) and his photo and video op fake soup kitchen visit during the 2012 campaign. The man literally took his wife and kids into a soup kitchen to feigned assisting the humane mission of the kitchen. They grabbed-up already clean pots and pans and faked clean those utensils through the shoot.

While not the most important video in this piece, the three minute video will give you sense of how a Ryan operates. In fact, if Gregory were inclined, he could have managed the three minutes for more productively. His interview with the Democrat Murray and the Republican Ryan are (for the TPI) preludes to the Chris Wallace Fox News interview of this past Sunday. Of course, we know Murray also spoke during the Gregory interview. We do not see the need for adding another video as she is not the focus of this piece.

This past Sunday Chris Wallace and his production team invited Paul Ryan and Patty Murray to his Fox News set.  Murray declined to attend. Of course, Ryan sat for the interview in the complete sanctity of the perfect news setting: Fox News and Chris Wallace. While he spoke like a non-stop machine-gun about budget issues from a GOP perspective, our focus is on his comments about the tea party.

The following is a quick reference to the Wallace interview and Ryan’s political savvy in snugging up to the tea party.

“I think these groups are valuable. They’re part of our conservative family. I’d prefer to keep these conversations within our family.”

He thinks these groups are indispensable! A couple of questions are in order.

Beyond an infestation via the 2010 mid-terms and in part brought on by the election of Barack H. Obama in 2008 plus obscene levels of political contribution from the Right (Kochs et al), how is the Tea Party in congress “indispensable?” While there are many examples of how the Tea Party has contributed to the lowest approval ratings of any Congress in US History, we have a recent example of a $24 billion hit to the US GDP via the Tea Party (GOP) government shutdown.

First, lets review a bit of Gallup poll data that initiates concerns about Paul Ryan’s perceptions in life, personal insensitivity and his motives.  If you think his proclamations of repudiation of Ayn Rand’s elitism and “power to the powerful” during the 2012 was sincere, you also may feel he actually ran that record marathon. 

Gallup November 12, 2013….

2008-2013 trend: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

While neither party looks good, there is a noticeable trend in the following Gallup table.

Trend: Congressional Job Approval, by Political Party
Americans' tea Party affiliation

Before we move-on and to placate those who are now thinking the president’s ratings as also down...agreed and duly noted.

We believe all aforementioned ratings are down in a major way due to the tea party infestation of both houses of Congress with a particular stench in the House of OZ.  And, yes the NSA issues, false alarm IRS issues and “You can keep you policy,”‘ have worn on the president’s ratings. But, let there be no doubt tea party induced division in Washington DC also weigh heavily on the president’s ratings. 

Ryan reaches across the GOP divide to massage the ego of the Tea Party.  He feels “they are indispensable.” Is Ryan saying he is accepting of all things tea party?  Some will say, “no” he meant the tea party in Congress. We posit the tea party in congress are elected officials earning $174,500 per year (of our tax dollars) who actually are not very different than what follows. They are certainly not standing-up against the images you are about to see, thus they are enablers.

Let’s look at a few examples of the tea party, and yes you have seen each example before.

 Tea Party Movement Astrology 
You might say images posted above are extreme examples and are not indicative of the tea party. We suggest you know better.
You’ve seen all of those “low intellect” manifestations from the Tea Party, correct?  How about a much more recent exhibition from a tea party group in Florida.  A group that has worked to cloak itself from its public past. If want to see the more recent exhibit from the Tea Party, look closely at the following image apparently borrowed from some sick video game.

Keep in mind the group we reference issued the following statement to a Palm Beach, FL newspaper.

MSNBC Adam Serwer

The National Liberty Federation, formerly known as the South Florida Tea Party, changed its name last January as part of a rebranding effort in the aftermath of President Obama’s reelection. The group’s founder, Everett Dickinson, told the Palm Beach Post that the group “wanted to differentiate ourselves from certain organizations that have the name ‘tea party’ and we can’t control.

The video game, Bioshock Infinite, takes place largely in a floating city called Columbia and depicts a racist, xenophobic society where people worship the American founding fathers as religious figures. The image posted to the National Liberty Federation’s Facebook page is of an in-game mural that depicts George Washington bathed in angelic light as he holds the Liberty Bell in one hand and the Ten Commandments in the other, as racist carictures of minorities gather at his feet. The banner at the bottom of the image says, “It is our holy duty to guard against the foreign hordes.

After the image was discovered on the Tea party group’s Facebook page it was taken down, and Serwer reports the group changed its privacy settings.  How is such child-like actions any different than working in a grocery story, as a magistrate, or as a sheriff all day and adorning a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood in the evening to harass innocents? Scrubbing and cleansing one’s actions generally denotes there is something to hide. Cloaking is no good if the roots and hearts are not cleansed.

Such cleansing reminds of the recent Megyn Kelly and Fox News foray into the racial makeup of a (mystical, spiritual and non-existent) Santa and Jesus Christ. When caught with their butts hanging over a cliff, what did they do?  They feigned media harassment of the “powerful” Fox News Network and laid their racism to speaking to (phantom) kids about Santa. Do you think the word “powerful” was scripted for Kelly’s reading? We believe the word was handed-off for reading to tickle the innards of Fox New sycophants.  

Read more from Adam Serwer

Ryan’s remarks once more, for full effect.

Talking Points Memo

I think these groups are valuable,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.””They’re part of our conservative family. I’d prefer to keep these conversations within our family.”  
Ryan did say that he was not pleased that groups opposed the deal so quickly, but still said that the Tea Party is valuable. 
“John was frustrated because they came out against our agreement before we even reached an agreement,” he said. “I was frustrated as well. But I see the Tea Party as indispensable.
“John was frustrated?” We feel Boehner’s little exhibition was also scripted.….

Ryan’s comments were obviously crafted and delivered to the Fox News audience as effectively as a political speech. President Obama does it all the time, correct?  

The problem is GOP shortsightedness and desperation will catch-up with Ryan’s statements. The only real issue is how long it will take for the House Budget Chair to rile his anti-government cohorts. Maybe, it will last as long as the marionette master Kochs will allow the House contingent to remain quiet regrading budget issues. 

We can rest assured that will not last very long.

Generation Opportunity: Beer and Tacos For College Kids

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Do you remember these Anti-ACA advertisements? The first, ad shows the extent to which the Koch brothers and their paid operatives devalue women, especially young college aged women who may be inclined to enroll for the ACA.  The young college aged woman is also a target voting bloc that is far less likely to vote republican.  

The advertisements were developed by a Koch sponsored PAC/501 (4) (C): Generation Opportunity. Take another look!

Published on Sep 18, 2013
Empower yourself by opting out of Obamacare. 
Visit for more information 
Good news: you are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options for young people.
Published on Sep 18, 2013
Empower yourself by opting out of Obamacare. 
Visit for more information 
Good news: you are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options for young people.

Generation Opportunity is included in a Fox News Brett Baier “Special Segment” (2:43 minutes) that is nothing less than an advertisement against the ACA. You will also see and hear a National Review speaker who has the “low information” gall to even mention ACORN. It is well document ACORN was a significant community service organization with strong progressive ties. ACORN also registered voters in the millions during the scope of its existence.

While, ACORN investigated and reported wrong doing by couple of hourly paid contract employees, the organization became a bounty for Right-wing operatives.  Andrew Breitbart and the felon James O’Keefe “did a job” on ACORN.  Fox News served  as the public front for the O’Keefe/Breibart anti-ACORN subterfuge. You may recall the fake ACORN Pimp video form O’Keefe.

I. Maddow….

II. Media Matters….

III. Breitbart on O’Keefe’s Fake ACORN video….
The National Review speaker knows as well as Baier and Fox News managers and editors, any comments about ACORN as a surge across the US are typically Fox News false. Yet three years after Breibart himself admitted to being duped (I suspect he lied and was culpable in the subterfuge) Fox News allows a paid propagandists spew more lies and red meat.

We digressed to illustrate a point. Let’s get back to Generation Opportunity and the Kochs.

Generation Opportunity is about to embark on a college campus blitz with beer and taco enticement for attendees. The first blast in the strategy was a recent gathering with 100 students at Sharkey’s, a bar near the campus of Virginia Tech.

“Lured by free beer, gift cards and the chance to win an iPad, 100 students heard a pitch from the young staffers of a group named Generation Opportunity: Obamacare is a bad deal, and you should opt out. 

With enrollment in the insurance marketplaces under way, and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on a public-awareness campaign, critics are aiming a provocative counter-effort at a critical population: millennials, age 18 to 29, who may not feel the need or have the money for insurance. 

Because if too few young, healthy people sign up, Obamacare will be denied the financial blood to support older, more needy participants. So the race is on for the attention of 2.7 million people deemed necessary to enroll in the first year for Obamacare to be successful. 

Generation Opportunity, which formed in 2011 and gets funding in part from the conservative Koch brothers, is about to embark on a tour of 20 college towns nationally, including a Nov. 9 stop at the University of Miami. The pitch is that you shouldn’t feel compelled by the government to buy insurance, and that it may be cheaper outside the marketplaces. 

A blueprint for an upcoming tailgate calls for games such as beer pong and cornhole, free Taco Bell and beer. Pictures of people signing petitions to opt out would be sent over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”

The level of desperation associated with 20 college visits for purpose of influencing young people against their own medical protection is disgusting, yet typically Koch. Of equal disgust, the level of effort from the Kochs in killing any form of healthcare reform when they sit as the two of the nation’s most wealthy people with no need for any medical coverage. 

The Kochs are reported to have spent (donated, facilitated or handed-out, your preference) $200,000 million in support of efforts to either repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act. People who following the Koch money wagon are also responsible for significant “hits” to the US economy as follows: Standard & Poors Shutdown cost US $24 billion, The TPI and 40 Repeal Votes at $58 million total cost.

When will the waste stop and the sanity set-in?  The Kochs will never stop sprinkling money across people to advance their plutocratic agenda.  But, how long will it take for one of the young college students to do something catastrophic and dangerous to someone or themselves after including in Koch sponsored beer parties? It doesn’t take consumption of many beers to induce inebriation.

USA Today
Twenty Four Billion ($24 billion) wasted on a 17 day GOP Shutdown 
Critical Information:

 Interactive Government Shutdown Facts
The Political Score: Did anyone benefit from the shutdown?
The Shutdown’s Financial Damage (Scroll down and mute advertisement)

Ted Cruz: Only The GOP Could Yield Such An Opportunist And Charlatan

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Only in the GOP and only in America could a complete fraud like Ted Cruz garner attention to the point of defacto leadership.  The GOP has gone through osmosis to the point of attracting voters who appear to have an ax to grind with the American government. The party has an inordinate number of LIVs (low information voters/people), which leads to the potential for hijacking by the likes of Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz, a member of the Senate who rode into office at the high-tide of the tea party movement, has taken a leaderless party to the level of an embarrassing and counter-productive group of highly paid obstructionist. Consequently, the recent government shutdown was nothing more than an object revolt against the Obama Administration. The revolt has actively dogged President Obama  since well before his inauguration in January 2009. The shutdown was planned with hopes of a crowning party victory and item of party celebration with hope of ultimate humiliation for the president as he cowered to tea party (GOP) bullying once again.

The strategy failed miserably, but only after causing deep strife and potential grief for millions. When coupled with the current sequester and the 2011 credit rating downgrade, the shutdown has effectively tarnished US economic and financial credibility worldwide. The shutdown even dealt a horrible blow to $100,000 death payments to families after the death of their loved ones while fighting US wars. During the lead-up to the shutdown, Secretary Hagel via DOD reports to Congress issued clear warnings of the cessation of death payments and other dire consequences for our military and military families. After the deaths of five Marines in Afghanistan two weeks ago, it was reported private donors donated the death payment to the grieving families.

The shutdown strategy was flawed and doomed to failure. Failure between the Congress and the Executive Branch means grave harm tot he nation and to people who cannot afford financial instability (r.g., the middle class and the poor).

The GOP charged forward (with the shutdown) without regard for the common people. They charged forward as the public received word of Koch brothers and GOP operative plotting anti-ACA initiatives including the repeal of the law in exchange for avoiding the shutdown. Despite claims to the contrary and a related press release, Koch money provided significant impetus for GOP strategies to defund the ACA.

Huffington Post on the New York Times reports of Koch involvement that contributed to the Cruz and GOP shutdown.

Regardless of the non-position the Koch brothers laid out in the letter, they’ve made their distaste for Obamacare quite clear. 

The letter argues that the Affordable Care Act will lower the standard of health care, and raise taxes. And, “because several of you have asked,” Koch Industries provided several recommendations for Congress, calling for a reining-in of “rampant government spending” and a reduction of “cronyism.” Yes, the Koch brothers are leery of cronyism. 

As was reported Sunday by The New York Times, the Kochs have helped fund the months-long anti-Obamacare effort that led to the shutdown. 

Read the full letter below:

Koch Industries Letter To Congress

var docstoc_docid=”161973430″;var docstoc_title=”Koch Industries Letter To Congress”;var docstoc_urltitle=”Koch Industries Letter To Congress”;

Koch financial support and political contributions to greedy politicians gave Cruz his opportunity to lead a party that is dissolving like an Alka Seltzer ™ in a half inch of water. 
After today’s Senate Majority Leader Reid and Senate Minority leader McConnell “deal”, the House of Oz appears to have seen the light.  Cruz, ever the cavalier one, stood for the ever-present cameras after the votes:

The Congressional Votes
The House voted 285-144
The Senate voted 81 to 18

And, the GOP leader joins the cameras.

Cruz continues his charlatan Donald Trump like carnival barking.

Unfortunately, once again, it appears the Washington establishment is refusing to listen to the American people,” Cruz said. “The deal that has been cut provides no relief to the millions of Americans who are hurting because of Obamacare. The deal that has been cut provides no relief to all the young people coming out of school who can’t find a job because of Obamacare. It provides no relief to all the single parents who have been forced into part-time work, struggling to feed their kids on 29 hours a week.”

Who is Cruz speaking about?

Washington establishment is refusing to listen to the American people….”

Yahoo News

Graphic shows AP-GfK opinion poll on government shutdown; 2c x 5 inches; 96.3 mm x 127 mm;
Huffington Post
It seems Cruz is talking to the wind. data simply does not support his rhetoric. More on Cruz

“The deal that has been cut provides no relief to the millions of Americans who are hurting because of Obamacare. 
The deal that has been cut provides no relief to all the young people coming out of school who can’t find a job because of Obamacare. It provides no relief to all the single parents who have been forced into part-time work, struggling to feed their kids on 29 hours a week.

Cruz continues to feed red meat to people who refuse to accept that an ailing economy such as that handed to the nation in 2007, 2008 and early 2009. We realize conservatives only want to look back to a life long past, but there comes a time when  charlatans must be called out.

The following graphs show president’s Stimulus (Recovery Act) immediate impact on jobs and unemployment. The study period illustrated is January 2008 through July 2012. 

The unemployment rate has continued a slow decline during the last half of 2012 and has continued through the summer of 2013. We chose these illustrations to reflect on Cruz’s rhetoric and to also show the fallacy of his rhetoric on high information voters/people. The salient point: the Republicans would never have proposed nor fought for a Stimulus. The GOP would also have allowed the American auto industry to become vulnerable to overseas buyers or complete collapse. Thus, turning their backs on a million direct and related jobs auto industry jobs.  Before we place Cruz’s jobs remarks in the trash as spoiled red meat, we should remind the GOP has only sponsored one very flawed jobs bill during the entirety of the 112th and 113th Congress.

Cruz’s barks to his throngs of sycophants about young people not being able to find jobs due to Obamacare. It would be great if at least one reporter would ask Cruz to expound on his point. If questioned and after stumbling through a lie, a great follow-up question would be, “Can you provide specific examples of Obamacare robbing the young of jobs?”

Cruz closes his comment with this….

 “It provides no relief to all the single parents who have been forced into part-time work, struggling to feed their kids on 29 hours a week.

GOP, GOP we have a problem. Your junior Senator from Texas is disrespecting people with an IQ over forty-three (43).
Yes, there are companies that have reduced work hours for some employees to avoid providing medical coverage for those employees. There are also a few very visible companies that threatened to adopt the inhumane strategy, and backed-off the threat. In some cases the companies actually reversed the policy and practice. Disney, in fact, provided coverage to a large group of employees who would have been excluded from the ACA coverage based on their value to the entertainment giant.
The ACA mandate on businesses is not the driving force behind corporate staffing strategies involving part-time workers.  addressed the issue via a piece in in early September: Are Obamacare opponents wrong about its impact on the US labor market — or just early?” A FRED chart for the Pethokoukis piece.
The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank 2007 through mid 2013.  It seems part-time work spiked during the climax of the Bush recession.
Pethokoukis Excerpt

Let’s talk a quick look at another graphic and data from the Aei.Idea Dot Org piece, just in case you deiced not to visit the site. If you made that decision you might just fall for Cruz’s and GOP rhetoric about mass strife for millions relegated to part-time work due to the ACA.
4. The economic team Goldman Sachs looked at the data and found that while “it is possible that the trends over the last few months might reflect the approaching onset of the now-delayed employer mandate, it is also important to note that the shift toward part-time labor pre-dates enactment of the health law and is much more clearly associated with the economic downturn.”

I am going to fore go linking the following Open Secrets page. The information and data should be available via a simple purvey vs clicking to another page. Remember, Cruz has been in the Senate for just over nine months. I am reading reports he garnered over one million in contributions over the past month. 
I mentioned Donald Trump in a preceding paragraph.  As you review the data and graphs to follow, I hope you recognize the personal value of taking a position that Cruz knew he could not and would not win.  Yet, he earned one million in contributions since his Senate floor circus act. Thus, my analogy to Donald Trump. The Center for Responsive Progress (Open Secrets Dot Org)

Ted Cruz



Ted Cruz

Select cycle and data to include:
  • Campaign Cmte Only
  • Leadership PAC Profile Only
  • Campaign Cmte & Leadership PAC Combined

Committee Assignments: 

Leadership PAC (1): 

Cycle Fundraising, 2009 – 2014, Campaign Cmte

Raised:  $15,672,756  Sparklines Explanation coming soon
Spent:  $14,730,777
Cash on Hand:  $643,977
Debts:  $545,000
Last Report: Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 5 Contributors, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
Club for Growth $705,657 $705,602 $55
Senate Conservatives Fund $315,991 $305,991 $10,000
Woodforest National Bank $93,500 $93,500 $0
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius $67,200 $67,200 $0
Goldman Sachs $66,850 $61,850 $5,000

Top 5 Industries, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Republican/Conservative $1,128,372 $1,034,291 $94,081
Lawyers/Law Firms $875,685 $816,935 $58,750
Oil & Gas $788,818 $609,318 $179,500
Retired $710,314 $710,314 $0
Securities & Investment $608,777 $584,277 $24,500

Total Raised vs. Average Raised

2009-2010 Fundraising

Cycle Source of Funds, 2009-2014, Campaign Cmte only

Individual Contributions About Size of Contributions
 – Small Individual Contributions
 – Large Individual Contributions
$2,641,297 (17%)
$10,179,239 (65%)
legend PAC Contributions $1,588,615 (10%)
legend Candidate self-financing $843,000 (5%)
legend Other $420,601 (3%)
NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2009-2014 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data available electronically on October 16, 2013 (for Fundraising totals, Source of Funds and Total Raised vs Average) and on August 18, 2013 for Top Contributors and Industries. In the “Source of Funds” chart, “Large Individual Contributions” refer to all contributions from unique individuals aggregating to more than $200 within a cycle, and “Small Individual Contributions” refer to all contributions from unique individuals totaling $200 or less within a cycle. (“Help! The numbers don’t add up…”) 

The organizations themselves did not donaterather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

Finally, The only benefactor of the GOP shutdown (party destroying) strategy: Cruz himself.

Rachel Maddow posted a graphic of the meandering and erratic request (as negotiation items) from the leaderless GOP, and the eventual outcome (What they got).
Standard and Poor’s is reporting the shutdown cost the US $24 billion dollars.

Who votes for these people? ______________________________ 

Thanks to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Quick Hit Video: WW II Vet Speaks To The GOP And The Nation

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There are times when we sit back and turn things over to a relevant video exposition.

“Shit it down!”

Planned Obstruction to Defund ObamaCare Moves To The Debt Ceiling And The GOP Still Refuses To Talk

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Real time clock
Since well before President Obama took office, the GOP (circles of politicians and operatives) have practiced all-out sedition regarding stifling the president’s agenda. Unfortunately, President Obama’s agenda includes working to remove the economic scourge of the Bush years, saving our auto industry, working towards energy independence, cutting spending, removing the nation from Bush wars, eliminating our enemies, and working towards sustaining economic development (improvement). His agenda also included fair and equitable rights for women (pay equity), LGBT rights, fairness in the justice system, working to fill cabinet and associated Justice Department positions, and appointing Justices to the SCOTUS. All of the aforementioned agenda items have been meet with major aversion from the Right. Aversion that has actually led to secret meetings at which obstruction and dismantling strategies were undertaken as formal “plans.”

How about reading a meme definition on sedition to see if the party on the Right is verging on what we call treachery (verging on treason)?

Now, if you want more details about the latest revelations of Right-wing sedition outsie of elected officials the New York Times published a piece that is reads like the plot of a high adventure novel. Linked

It is almost impossible to serve the needs of the nation when a president has an anvil affixed to his administration  an anvil molded from uber wealthy plutocrats and money-siphoning politicians (of both parties) nipping at politicians who must (run) the nation.

How many times have you heard this: “The President will not negotiate. He will not sit down and talk with us!” 

We hear the new mantra. 

Rhetoric killing meme.

Do you recall how Boehner and others in his party handled themselves after President Obama negotiated and gave-in to compromise position in 2011?  “I got 98 % of what I wanted,” Boehner gleeful state on camera. You and I suffered a stock market plunge (albeit short-lived), we as a nation received a credit rating reduction (still in place today), and the GOP came back later in the year with more attacks on the economic goodwill of the Obama Administration.  Apparently, President Obama is approaching GOP political constipation with a civil demeanor and strategy.

We are reading that Obama and Boehner may have a plan to work towards a short-term resolution of the current standoff. Politico is reporting Obama has invited 223 members of the House to the White House; a mere 18 appear to comprise the GOP contingent.  

We ask, can the nation take the GOP seriously when their leaders rail about not being invited to talk and when invited they stiff arm the President of the United States?

The Shutdown And The GOP Mindset

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Re-Blog from Bil Moyers Dot Com

To Understand the Shutdown You Have to Grasp the Mindset of the GOP Base (via Moyers & Company)

It’s widely understood that the government has been shut down by a relatively small number of Republican lawmakers who represent deeply red districts. They’re insulated from public opinion at large. They don’t fear a general election loss to a…

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Accolades From Right-wing Media; Apology To A Group Of WW II Vets!

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During the recent Ted Cruz “Republican Positioning Carnival Act” the eight (8) month Senator from Texas showed the extent to which demagoguery can easily lead to callousness and extreme insensitivity.
Cruz’s rhetoric during the speech was completely laced with inane ramblings of a somewhat disjointed mind. Yet, there was one segment of his clown show (towards the end) that caught the attention of people who seriously found his reference disgusting.  No, we are not referencing his silly and misguided Dr. Zeuss “Green Eggs and Ham” speaking point.  Others have dealt with the fallacy of his going there and they have done so very effectively. Before joining others in the details of another speech screw-up, I must ask a couple of questions.

Is Ted Cruz a former member of the US military?

Did his father serve in US wars?

As I did not waste even one second of my life on Republican manipulation during these serious times, I have to defer to Buzz Feed for a reference. Cruz apparently closed his clown show with a series of thank-you expressions. He also must have felt one final need to self-aggrandize and self-popularize himself with what he thought was a fitting analogy for his 21 hour one-man cluster (exercise). He used an analogy to the Word War II “Death March to Bataan!”
His reference was so typically GOP crass. In fact, his speech garnered and is garnering the attention he sought while playing to million of “low information” people. His quest is being significantly enhanced by Right -wing media and far-right ‘false’ religious profiteers. We well link to a gallery of disgust from people who are lauding Cruz as the second coming of Rush Limbaugh.

But, before we go there, how about Cruz’s apology to men who served in World War II and who suffered the horrors and rigors of the Death March.

Cruz could not wait to apologize: Linked.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz compared his 21-hour speech on the Senate floor against Obamacare to the infamous Bataan Death March that killed hundreds of American troops at the hands of the Japanese during World War II. Cruz was speaking Wednesday at the conclusion of his remarks thanking staff who stayed up through the night for his speech.

Cruz’s antics since riding his tea party constituents into the US Senate have been very much outside of any decorum common to such a formerly esteemed governing body.  He appeals to the Far-right like a sort of messiah, and his actions are working well for rhetoric from highly paid demagogues as they feed their audiences.  The National Memo has capture a few examples with video of opportunistic use of the Cruz clown-show. The only missing link is a reaction from Rush Limbaugh.

We ask that you keep in mind, if you navigate to The National Memo, you will view unadulterated evidence of why the nation cannot allow the Right to take over as a governing body.

The National Memo

As the good folks at Right Wing Watch point out, the Biblical tale of Elijah ends with him having the prophets of Baal seized and slaughtered, which is just a minor difference from reading Green Eggs and Ham and voting for a procedural motion to advance the very bill he was protesting. In any case, there’s probably a lesson to be learned by Fischer here about worshipping false idols.

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Michelle Bachmann Goes "GOPing" And Runs Into Blitzer

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There is Something wrong here!
Earlier today, I posted about a phenomenon that has worked its way into my lexicon. As language changes and evolves, I am certain my adjusted lexicon (addition) will catch-on. There is little doubt as evidenced by a recent interview on CNN. Wolf Blitizer apparently tired of Michelle Bachmann’s insane drivel.  Blitzer uncharacteristically pushed an probed. In the end, Blitzer did not accdomplish the progress he had hoped.
His problem was not his interview technique, nor his impatience with Bachmann. Bachmann has mastered the art of what I now call “GOPing.”  GOP and conservative lies comparable to an alternate universe of life we are just starting to grasp. It is possible Blitzer as any news room host knew Bachmann’s nuances and idiosyncrasies and was prepared to tear into her protective moat.

What do you think? I personally think she has serious cognitive issues that someone should diagnose to facilitate treatment.

GOP Takes Pants On Fire Off The Charts! Let’s Go Goping

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Pants on Fire!
GOP National emblem. Let’s Go GOPing!

“John Connelly thought he was on the right track in life. The son of a New Jersey auto mechanic, he was the first in his family to go to college when he enrolled in Rutgers in 2009,” Cruz said on the Senate floor. “Four years later, the 22-year-old found himself $21,000 in debt, without a permanent job and sleeping on friends’ couches in New Jersey and Brooklyn.” 
Ted Cruz via his fake filibuster, after which he promptly voted against his showboating act.

The Lie.

Ted Cruz is allegedly a Christian. I wonder if he recognizes this:

The Ten Commandments

Did you recognize Commandment # Nine (9)? Has “bearing false witness become so GOP, we as a nation need to add to our language lexicon. How about an argument in which one participant of calls a “GOPer!”, as in “you 
are a liar.” How about, “You’re telling a GOP!” For the real guttural arguments one participants tell the other,”I am tired of your GOPing ass!”  

These isn’t a politician nor human alive who will not at a given moment tell a lie. Whether a soft lie, a stretch of the truth, a bold lie or a flat out “GOP” (lie), bearing false witness will happen. Hereafter, in this piece we will refer to the lie as a “GOP.” 

We feel the act of telling a “GOP” becomes serious when we are bombarded with lies that are deleterious to the nation.  If we add another dimension, the “GOP” involving a person used to make the “GOP” sound more effective. We are going to explore the John Connolly from the Ted Cruz fake filibuster, but as is the on the TPI, we show a few examples.   There is not need to view each example. We strongly suggest Anderson Coopers $200 million India trip and the Politifact Pants on Fire links.

Chuck Grassly “Death panels

Bachmann Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to rid of slavery

Bachmann “President Obama $200 million per day trip to India”

Politifact Dot Com Pants on Fire Pages (13 pages look to see how the GOP is by far Number #1 in the Pants on Fire analyses!)

The Ted Cruz...big lie.

The ED Show with special guest John Connolly in the flesh.

GOPing is an intriguing phenomenon. It is as shortsighted as running into the shame door jam twice in 30 seconds. If you think that is implausible, how about placing the right shoe on the left foot twice in 30 seconds; and lacing the show each time? How is it possible the people who GOP most have little regard for electronic archives? Maybe they feel very comfortable in their knowledge people who listen to them will accept any and all they say without question. 

Maybe, like Mitt Romney they hire incompetent advisers and staff.  Or, maybe they simply have so little respect for you, they lie to you each and every day.
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