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Thursday Twitter Tree! And A Facebook Bush to Boot

In Boehner, Ferguson MO, Fox News, Killer cop, Larry Klayman, Mike Brown, Paul Ryan, Sue Obama, WalMart cop killing on August 28, 2014 at 2:12 PM

Paul Ryan couldn’t run like Rand Paul, he simply ordered the DREAMers dispatched away.  How pathetic is the GOP?
Unarmed black male the victim of his DNA. Fox says he was armed “Cause he was big!” (Colloquial language very much intentional). 
Well, it seems the killer Ferguson cop has a bit of a history in a police department that was disbanded and revamped based on major racial profiling and abuse of black citizens. 

Oh, Fox News…Give it up! 

Trash is trash! I pay to have my trash removed form my property. Maybe someone should pay this guy to exit right.   

Apology not accepted, New York Times

OK, $84.6 million on frivolous repeal ACA votes, $24 billion wasted on the Ted Cruz US Senate government shutdown, and now $350,000 of a silly lawsuit.  when it is all bundled even ATT and Charter Cable would call it an “Obstruction Package.” 

They open carry while a young black man is shot and killed in a Walmart while on a cell phone and holding a pellet rifle.

And to close the Tree..a Facebook post of pure psychosis and personal branding.

According to PSYCHOTIC Klayman, the administration is deliberately fomenting and ignoring “racially motivated crimes against whites,” while using Obamacare to “have whitey pay reparations to blacks.” –

Unhinged right-wing legal advocate Larry Klayman believes that President Obama and Attorney…
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