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The Dally GOP Ignominious: Megyn Kelly Fights Reality While Booking The Wrong Guests To Discuss Race

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Megyn Kelly yet again takes up the Fox News fight against the reality of racism against African-Americans. She via her production team actually perpetrates proliferation of racial dogma via the choice of three white males on her December 3rd show for discussion of race related to the recently Grand Jury rulings. In fairness, we will report Kelly also hosted at least one show after the Grand Garner Grand Jury ruling with one black guest. Maybe, Kelly and team find no value in having racially diverse panel discussions. By not acknowledging the questionable Eric Garner Grand Jury ruling, Kelly and team stand in stark contrast to diametrically opposite to many noted conservatives.

Let’s run through a quick review of reaction from some on the Right to the Eric Garner Grand Jury ruling.

Glenn Beck via Mediaite

“If you want to have any credibility, you cannot lump Ferguson with this one. This is the New York police completely out of control. They did not murder him, but manslaughter absolutely should have been considered. Why that wasn’t considered is beyond me.”

Mother Jones published a piece with a quick read of a number of conservatives who also did not agree with the Grand Jury decision.

Krauthammer decision “Totally Incomprehensible

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones wrote very basically and frankly:

The exception to all this was Fox News last night. Megyn Kelly’s coverage proved that there is almost no incident in which a black man is killed by cops that Fox cannot excuse or even defend. She bent over backwards to impugn protesters, to change the subject to Ferguson, to elide the crucial fact that the choke-hold was against police procedure, and to imply that Garner was strongly resisting arrest. Readers know I had very mixed feelings about Ferguson. I’m not usually inclined to slam something as overtly racist. But there was no way to interpret Kelly’s coverage as anything but the baldest racism I’ve seen in a while on cable news. Her idea of balance was to interview two, white, bald, bull-necked men to defend the cops, explain away any concerns about police treatment and to minimize the entire thing. Truly, deeply disgusting.

Kelly went about her form of Fox News propaganda as such:

Watch the latest video at

Kelly and St. Louis County Police Chief after opening her segment with the Mayor of New York. The Mayor of New York video used to open a segment on the day the Eric Garner Grand Jury handed down the no indictment ruling, then hands the mic and camera over to ;high level St. Louis area law enforcement official. Apparently, Kelly and crew found more value in refuting the prospect of race as a factor in the killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner more news and discussion worthy items than obvious police heavy-handed tactics. We recognize the Fox News mission and understand Kelly works at the direction of her managers and production team, but the logic in the construct of the segment was questionable. She followed other conservative in angst toward Mayor DeBlasio’s frankly opinion and remarks regarding race.

During the same December 3rd show Kelly invited a couple of noted right-wing pundits on her show to co-sign her show managers theme of the night. An audience pleasing theme: There are no issues of race associated with recent killings of black men. Along with implied support for exoneration of killer cops in both cases. You should note one of the two guest for this segment is former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, felon and commish during active practice of the city’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ policy. 

Watch the latest video at

We offer a graphic that shows the fallacy of New York City’s “Stop and Frisk.”

How about a look back at a discriminatory policy fully supported y the for commish and seven count felon. As you view the data and graphics think about the Kelly File team’s choice of inviting the ex-con on any show to speak about issues of race with regard to policing the streets of New Yore City. I should add in the  context of what follows. 

Huffington Post May 2012
Disproportional Number Of Blacks And Latinos Are Stopped And Frisked By The NYPD

stop and frisk nypd new york

More Young Black Men Were Stopped By The NYPD In 2011 Than There Are Young Black Men in New York City

nyclu nypd stop and frisks minorities

The Washington Post…The Fix  December 3, 2014

I posit, Megyn Kelly via her handlers developed the December 3rd show for the express purpose of providing feed for an audience who might find it difficult to avoid thoughts of disparate police acts on members of the black community.  We have grown to expect nothing more from Kelly and her team.

You may recall she was the front person for this about this time last year: “White Santa; white Jesus.”
I you can avoid Kelly as a race baiting entertainer in a key time slot on Fox News, you might be a viewer with tainted ideology and inclination similar to those consistently broadcast on the Kelly File. 


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Quick Hit: Ferguson Murder!

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Dissecting the Ferguson murder and the cop as executioner.  Notice the lay of the shell casings. Now, tell me how you can miss this cop standing over Mike Brown as executioner!

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CNN Invites Mike "Heckuva Job" Brown to Discuss Ebola!

In CDC director, CNN Invites Mike "Heckuva Job: Brown to Discuss Ebola!, Former Bush FEMA Director, Mike Brown on October 21, 2014 at 5:54 PM

Former Bush FEMA Director, Mike Brown,  
believes the current head of the CDC step-down.  
Image via Fireshot Screenshot
Don Lemon and his production managers, respond to the call for the CDC director to step-down, but shipping one of the nation’s most incompetent disaster managers before the camera is incongruent! I fail to understand the relevance of inviting “Brownie” onto the set beyond ratings. While, I may have missed the point, I did not find any comment in the four plus minute interview that warranted national broadcasting.

CNN has a “Heckuva” way to proliferate its practice of overloading its show guest list with conservatives. “We get that.” OK, CNN has an obvious Right lean that is ratings driven and it leans at the expense of fair and balanced reporting. You might think, “Well all networks are ratings driven.” Yes, of course, but some cable networks go beyond the quest for viewers with over-the-top broadcasting from political expedience. Fox News is the king of: “politics leveraged” news with clear intent to sway public opinion. CNN and MSNBC follow as distant competitors for the 2nd and 3rd rating positions. While MSNBC has a news deliver model that separates its conservative news shows (morning programming) and its liberal new shows (evening programming), CNN is bodacious in its efforts to attract viewers from Fox, and it seems network executives also with to clone Fox News’s quest for GOP governance.

The network seems to latch on to “Flavor of the month” stories and runs the coverage well below ground level. One has to only consider the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 coverage, the later downing of MH17 coverage, and  current Ebola coverage. As a reminder the United States has experienced two cases of Ebola that are directly attributable to two nurses who treated an Ebola patient. Another critical consideration is the Dallas, Texas hospital has apologized for staffing its patent care providers with no formal Ebola treatment training, It should be noted the hospital also was no properly equipped with protection gear for their dedicated employees.  
The hospital’s culpability in infecting its employees has been tacitly explored by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and a couple of other CNN hosts. Yet, the hospital‘s management responsibility regarding two ill employees does not seem to provide CNN that gotcha/enticing coverage so many America seek. Hospital management’s incompetence does not provide viewer enticement as the “fear” angle that seems to monopolize CNN’s broadcast segments.

CNN Brings On ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ To Discuss Right Wing’s Latest Version Of ‘Obama’s Katrina

Who better for CNN to bring on to criticize the Obama administration’s response to Ebola than Michael ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ Brown?

I don’t know about anyone else, but pretty much the last person I want to hear from when it comes to the government’s response to a crisis, real or perceived, is George W. Bush’s former FEMA director, Michael Brown. I suspect I’m far from being alone. 

That didn’t stop CNN from bringing him on to discuss the right wing’s latest version of “this is Obama’s Katrina” this Monday evening: Michael ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ Brown Responds to Ebola/FEMA Comparison: 

Well, Brown was on CNN tonight to talk about the government’s response to Ebola, and Don Lemon had to bring up comparisons between that and how he responded to Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Lemon told him he “didn’t do a great job during Katrina,” so people might find him criticizing the government now as ironic.  

Brown said, “Better to speak to the systemic problems we have inside the government when we see these kinds of issues arise, Don.” He only briefly addressed Katrina, keeping the focus on government incompetence in general.  

He also said it’s a bad idea for anyone to be “comparing one disaster to another.

It is important to recall the US has suffered two cases of Ebola with each case rooted in the same Ebola infected patient. Another factor is the reminder US commerce contributed to the inadvertent contraction of the disease.

CNN is slipping into the darkness!

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White Supremacy….Cross Burning Or More?

In J. Rudy Flesher, Mike Brown, The Good Men Project, White Supremacy on September 6, 2014 at 6:38 PM

Re Post from J. Rudy Flesher (First read on The Good Men Project)
White Supremacy isn’t Just About Burning Crosses

J. Rudy Flesher the lack of acknowledgement of the pattern of unarmed black men killed by police from White Americans. 

In the wake of the shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, it has been extremely disheartening to see people, primarily my fellow white Americans, ignoring that extra-judicial killing of unarmed black men is a deadly pattern. Instead of acknowledging reality, they say generally true, but wholly unhelpful things like “We can never know what was in Darren Wilson’s heart.”
Here’s the thing, and hear me out: white supremacy was in his heart, and yes, it’s in mine too.
Not as in I believe in it, but that I was raised in it, surrounded by it, educated to believe it, and saw it reflected in the nightly news.
White supremacy isn’t just a cross burnt on a lawn; it’s the fact that I can remember reading exactly two books by black authors in all of high school and possibly none before that. I read exactly one book that was translated from Spanish into English for school, yet two translated from Old or Middle English to modern English.
When your well meaning, liberal, white teachers who value equality simultaneously demonstrate that it’s more important to read Beowulf than to ever consider something from the perspective of a black author living in America, that is undeniably, even if wholly unintentionally, white supremacy.
Fellow white folks: these aren’t easy truths and we need to be tender and compassionate with ourselves and with others while we deal with them. But if we choose to ignore it then we choose to blindly participate in white supremacy rather than to seek equity. To me, that is wholly unacceptable.
Thanks for reading!
J. Rudy Flesher is a Philadelphia based performing artist, author, and actor, holds a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies from The College of New Jersey, and is an award-winning feminist scholar. Rudy also chairs the Sims4PA PAC, sits on the board of the William Way LGBT Community Center, and is Co-President of The Spruce Foundation. Rudy can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Photo: AP/File

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Thursday Twitter Tree! And A Facebook Bush to Boot

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Paul Ryan couldn’t run like Rand Paul, he simply ordered the DREAMers dispatched away.  How pathetic is the GOP?
Unarmed black male the victim of his DNA. Fox says he was armed “Cause he was big!” (Colloquial language very much intentional). 
Well, it seems the killer Ferguson cop has a bit of a history in a police department that was disbanded and revamped based on major racial profiling and abuse of black citizens. 

Oh, Fox News…Give it up! 

Trash is trash! I pay to have my trash removed form my property. Maybe someone should pay this guy to exit right.   

Apology not accepted, New York Times

OK, $84.6 million on frivolous repeal ACA votes, $24 billion wasted on the Ted Cruz US Senate government shutdown, and now $350,000 of a silly lawsuit.  when it is all bundled even ATT and Charter Cable would call it an “Obstruction Package.” 

They open carry while a young black man is shot and killed in a Walmart while on a cell phone and holding a pellet rifle.

And to close the Tree..a Facebook post of pure psychosis and personal branding.

According to PSYCHOTIC Klayman, the administration is deliberately fomenting and ignoring “racially motivated crimes against whites,” while using Obamacare to “have whitey pay reparations to blacks.” –

Unhinged right-wing legal advocate Larry Klayman believes that President Obama and Attorney…

Addictinginfo: FBI Audio, Mike Brown Murder

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Repost from Addictinginfo 

FBI Obtains New Audio Of Ferguson Shooting; Darren Wilson Should Be Worried (VIDEO)

AUTHOR AUGUST 26, 2014 10:44 AM

The FBI has obtained new audio allegedly recording the exact moment that Darren Wilson began shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The recording captures at least 11 gunshots, six of which we know hit Brown. Perhaps most devastatingly, it features a notable pause between the first seven and the last four shots. What made Wilson stop shooting? And more importantly, why did he start firing again?
The audio was captured by a witness who happened to have a video chat open with a friend. The microphone picked up the gunshots while he was having an ordinary conversation.
“He was in his apartment, talking to a friend on a video chat,” the resident’s attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, told CNN. “He heard loud noises and at the time, he didn’t even realize the import of what he was hearing until afterwards, and it just happened to have captured 12 seconds of what transpired outside of his building.”

The FBI will now be looking into whether it can independently verify what is being heard on the tape. Should the recording prove to be authentic – and we have no reason to think it shouldn’t be – then it may open up a new series of questions for Officer Darren Wilson to explain.
According to the Ferguson Police Department’s account of what happened, Brown was charging at Wilson and the officer consequently opened fire in fear for his safety. The recording seems to tell a slightly different story. The first seven shots are heard in quick succession. Because given the autopsy report we know only five of the 11 shots fire missed Brown, at least some of those had to have hit the teen. The next four shots came after an definite pause. Whether Brown had originally been charging or running away, it suggests he was no longer a threat. Why else would Wilson stop shooting? The next four shots – likely at least one of those being the fatal shot to the top of the head – came at a much more leisurely pace – hardly what you would expect if the officer’s life was in danger.
Here is CNN’s Don Lemon breaking the story, along with the 12 second audio: 

The Ferguson resident’s lawyer seemed to come to the same conclusion many others had: The pause is suspect.
“I was very concerned about that pause … because it’s not just the number of gunshots, it’s how they’re fired,” the man’s attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, told CNN’s Don Lemon. “And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up.”

Read more at Addictinginfo

Geraldo Rivera Earns Millions While Serving The Fox News Business Model

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Fox News, Fallacy, Entertainment and the Ridiculous!

Rivera forays into Occupy Wall Street protest and finds out he is not longer considered “Cool.”

Watch Geraldo Rivera among the Fox News “Legs and Thighs” couch as he provides a former progressive’s view of how the Mike Brown case will shakeout. I am certain his remarks are fruit for the ears of many white people. It is unfortunate, but Rivera is correct. The price for the life of the young black male, is a very low price and is often pro bono (without price or “charge”…pun intended). If you think the lede characterization of “Legs and Thighs” is hyperbolic, I must digress.  Check this out.

Fox News business model: “get the viewers at all and any cost and feed-em conservative propaganda and misinformation.”

Hence! Of course, do the feet while on camera with policy that prohibits pants on the set. Equals?

What is with the feet. Well, feet is not the point, is it?

And, here is how it is done. Why does this couch figure seem to be taking instruction for off camera?

Nicole Petallides
A Fox News secondary, mission and goal: sprinkle race in the segment to excite Fox Viewers who mirror the demographics of the GOP and Libertarian Parties.
So much for the Fox News business model digression: ” The Fox News Legs and Thighs” delivery method. Now, that we have that point behind us, let’s move to the salient point.

The former progressive, Rivera, embroiled in a reality based discussion with the Legs and Thighs. Rivera seems to have a personal mission against what he formerly called “thug dress.” I will admit to a great deal of disdain and contempt for the choice to dress with sagging pants and I am also not excited about the wearing of caps flipped to the side. However, I recognize personal choice to sag one’s pants is not only and indication of mentality, it is also one of those faddish adaptation from a music genre that many young people seem to love. Enough said on that topic.

Rivera and the impact of race on high profile murder cases.  We are also particular interest in depiction the fallacy of Rivera’s past comments about “thug” wear and supposed “thuggish” demeanor.  We all seem to forget, as young people not one of us is free of acts and decision indicative of being a young person. Now, take a moment an run through this illustration gallery from UPworthy.

Sample images of two sides of reality.
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
which photo would they use?
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
what picture would they use
View image on Twitter
Which picture would you use ?

More from UPworthy….

Yes, we profiled for camera shots, but profiling has little to do with how we grow and mature. In fact, the tendencies of the young are often shed as life develops and the mind grows and matures. If you need another example, check this out.


Let’s finish with more “race” Fox News style. I find it interest Fox News pays Rivera millions for a perspective that is accurate regarding racial divides, while entertaining viewers who relish and nurture the divide. How crafty and at the same time disgusting.

The “hired former progressive”…will travel.

Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.: Mike Brown, Cigarillos, And Murderours Overkill

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A re-post from “Friend of the TPI”….Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

To the victors, go the spoils!

Benjamin T Moore Jr 

There is more to the story than we’re being told. Again, engage the brain and fire up those neurons!
1.) *IF* indeed Mike Brown shoplifted/stole/robbed the store of Cigarillos… then his friend – Dorian Johnson – was an accessory to the crime. Why hasn’t he been charged??? If they wanted to make this ALL about this *supposed* robbery, what better way to throw additional Monkey Dust into the air, than to charge his friend as an accessory???
2.) Had the Cigarillos been stolen as they are now trying to allege in their smear campaign, why didn’t the both of them take off running when the Cop first took notice of them? Brown hands the Cigarillos to his friend and walks right up to the Cop car/SUV. Now his friend is *holding* the stolen goods. His friend, does *NOT* take off running.
3.) Dorian Johnson was interviewed at length – over 3 hours – by the FBI. The issue of the Cigarillos was fully explored.
4.) The Ferguson police department HAD *ALL* THIS INFORMATION ON *DAY ONE.* Why didn’t they *IMMEDIATELY* tie this to the shooting?
The same day they release the name of the Officer who murdered Mike Brown, they also release this information along with *STILLS* from the grainy surveillance video. Note the stills they selected, made it appear that Mike Brown was literally *CHOKING* the clerk at the store. When you actually see the complete video, what he does is push the clerk away from him. He does NOT strike him. They have some words and he leaves.
You don’t go into a convenience store to commit a robbery – as implied – and simply leave with a box of Cigarillos. You empty the cash register. Clearly, what happened was a dispute over those Cigarillos. Could have been an issue of the Clerk changing the price at the register after they were paid for. Could have been his failure to check their ID’s and trying to do so *after* the fact.
Look at the size difference between the Clerk and Mike Brown. What Clerk/employee is going to leave what little safety is provided by being behind the counter, come out and attempt to confront someone almost twice his size over some Cigarillos??? He certainly wouldn’t have done so if he’d actually felt threatened.
I’m at least the size of Mike Brown, I’m armed and I wouldn’t have done so over some Cigarillos. I would *know* he was caught on tape and I would simply have filed a police report.
Now, PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO THIS NEXT PART! Since we *KNOW* the store has surveillance, the area GUARANTEED to be covered is the cash register. IS THERE TAPE OF MIKE BROWN *PAYING* FOR THOSE CIGARILLOS???
We’ve all seen tape of shoplifters grabbing items and running out the door. This is NOT what happened. Dorian Johnson who was with him, didn’t run out of the store. When you look at the tape, he seemed surprised by the altercation. Mike and Dorian both simply walk out of the store.
I submit that people who commit crime have a certain demeanor. You don’t walk down the middle of the street – blocking traffic – as alleged by Officer Darren Wilson, with stolen goods in plain sight. When approached by the officer, you don’t hand the stolen goods to your accomplice and the both of you stand there while the one approaches the Cop for a discussion that would presumably end in the arrest of now both of you.
Use common sense! The reason they did not run is because WHATEVER happened in the convenience store… they believed themselves to be in the right! Your next clue to this is that the Ferguson police chief *admitted* that what happened at the convenience store had NOTHING to do with the shooting. Of course he then changed his story, what? Three times now?
*IF* I am in fear for my life, I can justifiably use deadly force. The problem? We have at least two, possibly three eyewitnesses who all have consistently stated that Mike Brown was attempting to PULL AWAY from the Cop who had grabbed him through the window of his own SUV. What was his plan??? Was he going to try and drag this kid into his car through his window? Think about it!
Police are trained to use certain phrases and explanations which are *trigger words* to justify shootings. “I was in fear for my life and the safety of others.” “He was reaching for my gun.” The reason these phrases/explanations are so popular is that they are DIFFICULT TO DISPUTE in open court. The first goes to the officers mindset. How can anyone dispute someone’s claim of being afraid? Hell, I’m in fear for my life and the safety of others every damn time I’m around a group of white people… my fear goes up exponentially if they’re wearing uniforms or have guns! Can I shoot them??? “Reaching for my gun.” How can you prove a negative – to wit: you were NOT reaching for the officer’s gun? Especially if you’re dead???
This is why these explanations to justify an officer’s actions are routinely given. They’re almost impossible to disprove. Years ago I asked two cops this same question. One was white, the other was Black. My question was, “why do officers shoot to kill?” If I’m less than 10 feet away from a person, I can hit them anyplace I choose. The white officer launched into the stock explanation that went as follows:
“We’re trained to shoot for “center mass” because we are less likely to miss. Unfortunately, most of the vital organs are clustered in that area and people rarely survive.”
Sounds reasonable and would certainly work well in court wouldn’t it? I then posed the same question to the Black officer. After looking around, he took me aside and said the following:
“We’re trained to shoot to kill because 1.) Dead people can’t give a contradictory version of the events. 2.) It is cheaper to bury a person than pay their bills should they be disabled for life.”
Which officer do you believe was giving me the most truthful answer… I’ll wait…
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